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Xfinity TV - Traditional Cable TV Going Streaming

Comcast Corporation, formerly known as Comcast Holdings, is a media production company from the United States that has reached the global scale, venturing further into the industry of mass media and technology.Now, it is the largest provider of cable television and cable internet access and the largest broadcasting company in the world. It operates behind many well-known brands, such as DreamWorks Animation, NBCUniversal, Universal Studios, and of course, Xfinity, their high-speed internet service operating under the company’s cable television division.

xfinity tv

A Brief Summary of Xfinity TV

Comcast’s Xfinity brand started way back in 2010, offering digital cable TV, cable internet and telephone services. Their digital cable service was renamed into Xfinity TV after upgrading the system into an online video hub where their cable TV subscribers can stream their favourite TV shows and movies. This feature is part of the company’s TV Everywhere program or TVE.

Xfinity TV allows their users to browse through a library of various videos on different channels, from documentaries and news to their favourite shows and dramas. The cable programming has been growing ever since. In the same year, this was followed by the Xfinity TV application for iPhone and iPad (and later on for Android), which lets their subscriber control and program their cable set top or DVRs (or Digital Video Recorder) using their mobile devices.

Also, one of its perks is that the subscriber can filter the channels he or she wants for a cleaner and more preferable interface. Soon, Comcast allowed mobile devices to stream different channels as though these smart gadgets were televisions themselves. This program was named Xfinity TV Go. This allowed users to gain access to television not just at home, but also anywhere as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection. All that the users need to do is to log in.

In 2013, Xfinity TV launched Xfinity TV X1. This set top and DVR allow users to record up to four different shows while streaming another one. In 2014, Xfinity on Campus was launched. Its market includes college students, giving them access to television shows and broadcasts on their laptops and mobile devices while inside their campuses

The following year, Xfinity TV DVR and Stream was launched and it lets the subscriber record his or her favourite shows on cloud, increasing memory space. This 2016, Comcast has made sure to enhance and innovate their cable service even more.

xfinity TV tablet

Xfinity Streaming Service

The Xfinity TV streaming service has improved ever since. From an in-home video hub for Comcast’s cable TV subscribers to an access-everywhere portal, indeed it revolutionized the idea of cable television services. Now, their subscribers enjoy many new features specifically designed for them.

Only this October, as posted on their official site, Comcast promises to deliver improved video quality to Xfinity users. What can be better than HD videos, right? Not only that, the new Xfinity TV also boasts of faster download speeds for those who want to download the TV series and movies they love. If you are a sports lover, then you will definitely love their new feature, which provides the latest and real-time NBA score updates. They also provide information regarding your favorite football team’s game schedule.

No subscriber is going to miss it, especially because it launches a window to give updates and reminders. The Xfinity TV also displays trending and recommended shows under the “People Also Watched” area, a “Watch Now” feature for a series that runs on different channels at the same time slot to let their subscribers choose with ease, filter programs that contain Closed Captioning (CC) or subtitles, Secondary Audio Programming (SAP), and Descriptive Video Services (DVS) with its additional quick access tools, and a “Custom Playlists” feature for those who wish to organize their shows. This can give them a better viewing experience.

If those weren’t cool enough, Xfinity TV X1 also developed using the human voice as a remote controller so that one can give voice commands on the TV receiver. What’s probably attractive about the Xfinity TV was that subscription can either be a no-contract or with contract service. Also, it lets you schedule the shows you’re going to watch—you set your TV time based on your preferred schedule. Being able to download shows and movies, get DVD rentals, record TV series on scheduled times, and use NetFlix are also great pros.

Xfinity TV Packages and Bundles

Xfinity TV offers a wide range of deals for their subscribers to choose from. Also, any user who subscribes on any of the following is allowed to upgrade to other packages, provided he or she will comply with the new package’s transaction deals.

  • Digital Starter – This ncludes more than 140 channels including FOX, CW, ABC, NBC, CBS, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, MTV, ESPN, Disney Channel, Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, E!, Food Network, and History, among many others. A preloaded list of the Top 100 shows is also ready to watch. Note, however, that not all are HD channels.

  • Digital Preferred – This includes more than 220 channels. This also offers channels not covered by the Digital Starter package like NBA TV, CBS Sports Network, Fox Sports, BBC World News, Nat Geo Wild, Disney Junior, NickToons. A preloaded list of the Top 100 shows is also ready to watch. Not all are HD channels, but HD channels are considerably higher in number compared to Starter. You can also upgrade to Digital Preferred Plus to add a few more of your preferred channels.

  • Digital Premier – includes more than 260 channels. Offers the rest of the channels not covered by Digital Started and Digital Preferred (and Preferred Plus): Cinemax, Cinemax West, NFL Network, SPIKE, KPRC Heroes and Icons, MoreMax, ActionMax, ThrillerMax, 5StarMax, Cinemax HD, Showtime HD, NFL Network HD, etc. Also, it comes with a preloaded list of Top 100 shows that is ready to watch. Additional features include a 24/7 sports coverage and Streampix.

  • Digital Economy – includes up to 45 popular channels like CNN, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, Food Network, E!, Animal Planet, History Channel, Comedy Central, and a choice number of HD channels.

  • Limited Basic – includes local channels only. Covers NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC, as well as home shopping networks, religious channels, local government and educational networks. No antenna needed.

  • XFINITY TV 150 Latino – This includes more than 130 local channels, 10 of which are English-language channels and 60 are Spanish-language channels: Telemundo, Univision Deportes, and Unimas.

  • XFINITY TV 200 Latino – includes more than 150 channels, 90 of which are English channels like CNN, Disney, History, A&E, Comedy Central, and Cartoon Network; and 60 Spanish channels like those listed in XFINITY TV 150 Latino.

  • XFINITY TV 300 Latino – includes more than 190 channels, 130 of which are English channels not covered by the XFINITY TV 150 Latino like Encore, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, MTV, and ABC; and 60 Spanish channels that are the same as covered by XFINITY TV 150 and 200 Latino.

  • XFINITY TV 450 Latino – includes more than 200 channels, 140 of which are English channels not covered by the XFINITY TV 300 like ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, and TBS; and 60 Spanish channels that have been covered by the Latino deals listed above.

Combo deals (TV and internet)

  • Internet Plus – download speed up to 25 Mbps plus the Limited Basic package deal, HBO and Streampix.

  • Digital Started and Performance Internet – download speed up to 150 Mbps (Blast! Internet rates apply after a duration of 12 months) and the Digital Starter package deal and 24/7 sports coverage on major channels. Or you can choose a download speed up to 25 Mbps and the Digital Starter package deal if the budget cannot avail Blast! Internet rates. Access to millions of hotspots nationwide. XFINITY X1.

  • Internet Pro Plus with Showtime – download up to 200 Mbps (Blast! Internet rates apply after a duration of 12 months) and the Digital Economy package deal apply plus Showtime and Streampix. Access to millions of hotspots nationwide. XFINITY X1.

  • Internet Plus Latino – download speed up to 25 Mbps and the XFINITY TV 150 Latino package deal.

  • XFINTY 2300 Latino – download speed up to 25 Mbps and the XFINITY TV 300 Latino package deal. XFINITY X1.

  • XFINITY 2450 Latino – download speed up to 25 Mbps and the XFINITY TV 450 Latino package deal. XFINITY X1.

What’s so good about Xfinity TV anyway?

Xfinity, on their site itself, has made it clear to their subscribers: they are not just about reliable TV service or good signal reception—they are so much better than that. Here is an analysis based on the list they have provided.

  1. The first to prove Xfinity’s worth is its library of wide range and varieties of videos available: 64,000 free TV shows and movies On Demand and 40,000 free TV shows and movies On Demand for mobile devices. This makes a huge difference with AT&T U-verse’s 75,000 free TV shows and movies On Demand but only 11,000 for mobile devices. DirectTV also couldn’t compare with its 42,000 free TV shows and movies and 14,000 for their subscriber’s mobile devices. DISH, meanwhile, comes short with its 43,000 and 25,000 TV-to-mobile ratio.

  2. Netflix integration is also an advantage for Xfinity X1 users. Only DISH Hopper can compete to this.

  3. Xfinity allows you to record up to 6 shows all at the same time. All its competitors fall short in this specific feature, except DIRECTV, which can record up to 5, and DISH, which can record up to 16.

  4. Xfinity’s DVR comes with the Xfinity X1’s cable service, while DISH and DIRECT TV come at $15 per month. Budget matters, you know?

  5. Xfinity also allows you to download DVRs, On Demand TV shows and movies on your mobile. Others doesn’t.

  6. Xfinity has a voice remote for easy access. Is there anything cooler than that?

Some Problems that Need Improvement

Though Comcast’s cable and internet service has been great so far, there are also things that they can improve to provide their subscribers with better and quality service. First of these is their internal signal, which can get even better with a few enhancements. As the biggest cable and internet provider in the US, its service runs across roughly 22 states, or at least 40 percent of the market as of 2011 according to Leichtman Research Group.

For these 22 states, a certain percentage of the population of each state receives Comcast’s services. This load sometimes causes downtimes in the systems of some subscribers. To better their service, Comcast should provide stronger signals through towers, so that subscribers will have a more satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Another thing that some subscribers see as a downside starts within the installation phase: the installation fee plus the set top rental, unless you can install the cable service yourself and also own a set top box at home. Otherwise, you need to pay for these two or choose to buy the set top or DVR if you want to be more practical.

xfinity screenshot

Also, depending on the device used, rewinding and fast-forwarding causes the video to lag for a few moments.

Comcast also uses data caps that they expanded to 1 TB. Beyond 1 TB, subscribers had to pay an extra fee of $10 per 50 GB. Many considered this unfair when the US actually implements a no-data cap policy.

Lastly, one thing that most subscribers agree that need a bit of improvement is the Comcast’s customer service. In the past years, there are several reported incidents of filed subscriber-versus-employee complaints. How employees treats customers is a reflection of the company. A better customer-to-employee relationship can boost any company’s market more than any package deal can.

Wrapping it Up

Truly, Comcast has revolutionized cable services with their Xfinity TV and TV Everywhere program. Though many of Xfinity TV’s features have changed since 2010, you can rest assured that Comcast can produce new and enhanced features for Xfinity TV and Xfinity X1. The company is willing to challenge impossibilities, build new ideas, and spearhead innovation. Comcast, for the years to come, will surely provide even better service for their Xfinity TV cable subscribers.

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