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VUDU®: Premium Entertainment Provider

Vudu is one of the top digital movie and TV shows service provider you will ever come across. Whether it is the holiday seasons or you just want to have access to a comprehensive library to satisfy your hunger for movies and TV shows, you are bound to get the ultimate satisfaction at Vudu. One of the admirable things about the Vudu library is that you can rent, own, stream or download movies and other TV shows from your Smart TV to other mobile devices so that you always have access to them. Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your Vudu entertainment:

vudu movies

Maximize your digital rights by connecting to a free UltraViolet account

The industry’s standard for TV shows and digital movies is UltraViolet. Due to this, titles which have UltraViolet rights can be shared and watched across other platforms, retailers and devices. It therefore implies that if you connect UltraViolet account, you will have more options to watch more movies and TV shows across several platforms thus enhancing your entertainment experience.

Don’t forget about your 5HDX Movies Starter Pack

When you first sign up at Vudu, you will be given a special welcome gift to kickstart your movie experience. You have a choice to pick from a collection of 30 HD movies in the 1080 HDX format. Depending on your eligibility, you can qualify for more offers and promotions when creating an account. It is sad to note that most of the Vudu users never claim these awesome gifts. Don’t become one of them. Ensure you pick all the freebies thrown on your way when you join as a member.

Add a credit card to make purchasing and renting seamless

Because Vudu is a non subscription, commitment-free service, you don’t have to worry about getting charged when you give your credit card details unless you make a purchase. It thus becomes a matter of convenience when you add a credit card to make the process of renting or owning movies and TV shows fast, simple and efficient.

Enhance your collection with the Booster Pack deal

With the Booster Pack deal, you get three great films for only $5. This is an awesome way to enhance your collection and increase the total number of movies you have in an inexpensive manner. To qualify for this offer however, you must activate your 5HDX Movies offer and claim the Booster Pack collection within 30 days.

Use the Disc to Digital Feature to store your movies in the cloud

Why worry about losing your great collection when you can safely store them in the cloud? Simply download Vudu-to-Go application to your computer, insert your disc and immediately get a digital copy which you can safely store in the cloud and have access to it from any location so long as you have a connection to the internet.

VUDU for Android and iOS

You can also have Vudu installed in your iOS or android phones so that you can download and stream your movies from any place. This introduces a great flexibility to your entertainment.

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