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A Contemporary Analysis of TV Viewing

In the “information age”, the future of most forms of communications make an interesting topic . However, not all communication technologies will change rapidly. The Internet will essentially absorb some technologies and begin to accommodate others. The scope of television is rapidly changing in proportion to similar changes in related technological sectors, many of which will influence one another and the surrounding culture.

It wasn’t long ago that most people relied on satellite or cable television. The alternative was having virtually no television channels at all or some limited standard television programs. People who didn’t spend a certain amount of money for satellite or cable television more or less would not have access to enormous swaths of decent entertainment. The days where everyone had the same limited number of television channels and watched them together were long over, even then. Hierarchies could form based on who had a satellite dish or who had more than basic cable channels available at home.

satellite tv home

New developments all over the Internet are making it possible for some people to find alternatives to satellite television and cable. Even at the best of times with the best deals, people will often spend a considerable amount of money paying for television access. These very same people will frequently find themselves with access to channels that they will never watch. Bad economic times often make people reevaluate their home expenses. Expenses related to entertainment will often be closely scrutinized, and conventional cable and satellite television packages can begin to look extravagant. Many people depend on home access to the Internet for their jobs or for social reasons, and it becomes a non-negotiable expense.

Even if people could manage to pay for the television channels that they want, few people watch everything that any given network has to offer. People usually have favorite shows that they watch, and they end up paying for the entire network just to get semi-regular access to it. These very same people can now watch every single episode of a show they like on websites like Netflix, with a comparatively small monthly fee attached. Netflix is quickly adding its own original programs to the mix, to immense acclaim. Many of the most popular shows can be found and streamed on-demand on Netflix. Many people will lose their incentive to pursue older media providers.

antenna and dish

An increasing number of young people will be more accustomed to watching television using their computers than watching television using the traditional platforms. Going from one channel to the next looking for something to watch may be a foreign practice to many people in the new generation. The future of satellite television and cable television is somewhat uncertain in this environment, particularly with some changes going on all the time.

Radio is significantly older than television as a medium and tool. There were concerns that television would replace radio at one time, but it just became more of a niche medium after television grew in popularity and scope. It is possible that something similar will happen to older television formats. Then again, it is also possible that websites like Netflix will signal a major transition in the development of new and old media programming and distribution. 

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