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How Can I Watch TBS Live Stream? Legally?


Turner Broadcasting Systems, also known as TBS, is a satellite and cable television channel in the United States. The network is owned by Turner Broadcasting System’s division of Time Warner. TBS offers a variety of television shows and programs, with their main focus being on comedy, alongside sporting events featuring major league baseball and sometimes basketball championship.

Turner’s penetration amongst the USA cable and satellite television customers is so huge, such that by 2015, 96.5 million pay television households had access to Turner programs. This translated to about 82.9% of all the American families with access to at least one television. This immense popularity of the network is a clear indication that most of the viewers are happy with the content they access from the network, and we can only hope the interest in TBS will continue to rise as the company strives to give better quality and more culturally appropriate content.

Alternative Stream For TBS (Public Streaming)

TBS Live Streaming Options

Live stream has become an integral part offered by most of the television networks. It is necessitated by the fan’s desires to have access to their favorite shows without necessarily having to be present in their living rooms. With the advent of the internet and improved connectivity, most television networks have made it possible for their fans to get content on the go, thus making it more accessible and convenient. If you love shows by TBS and you are wondering how you can access them over the internet, here are some options at your disposal:

1) Legal Streaming through Sling TV

The first option to have access to live streams by TBS is through Sling TV. Sling TV offers streaming services and it operates in the same manner as Hulu and Netflix. It gives you the ability to connect to the internet and have access to shows either on demand or live as they are streamed from the broadcast house. With this service therefore, all you will need is a stable connection to the internet then an appropriate device to access your favorite TBS programs. This can be a computer, desktop or mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

2) PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another option you have at your disposal for streaming TBS content online. PlayStation Vue is a relatively new services and it operates on the same premises as Sling TV, in the sense that it allows you to stream most of the popular pay TV channels without necessarily having a contract. But if you want to use PlayStation Vue to access TBS channels, you may be limited due to a number of reasons.

To begin with, since the service is relatively new, it is still not available in most of the places. You will be disappointed to know that you can only use PlayStation Vue if you are in some select cities. These include California, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago. It means that if you are not within these cities, you won’t manage to benefit from the services of PlayStation Vue.

Secondly, the services are slightly expensive than what is offered by other companies for same services. You will be required to part with about $50 monthly in subscription and this is very high compared to what you would have paid if you subscribed for similar services like Hulu, Netflix or even Amazon Prime.

Finally, you will use PlayStation Vue only if you have PS3 or PS4. This is limiting to a good number of people given the fact that not everyone in need of such services would fancy the idea of having a PS in order to use it.

Other than PlayStation Vue and Sling TV, you can also have access to TBS programming using iTunes and Amazon Prime. However, these won’t offer you any live stream services. You will only be able to access shows that aired at least a day earlier.

3) Watching TBS Online For Free

There is no express service or website that will allow you to watch TBS content for free in a legal manner. If you need to watch TBS for free online, the best option would be to sign up for the seven day free trial of Sling TV. In this manner, you won’t have to pay a dime and you will have access to premium content, but only for seven days. After that, your account will be deactivated, unless you decide to pay the full monthly subscription.

Best TBS Original Shows

Here is a list of some of the best TBS original shows. These shows were created and aired on TBS and they have remained to be some of the most adored shows by the company. They include the following:


Talk Shows are very popular in the United States and you will find that virtually every network has their own signature talk show. Conan is one such show which airs on TBS each Monday through Thursday in the US. The show first premiered in 2010 and it was hosted by comedian, performer and writer Conan O’Brien. This is one of the typical traditional talk shows you will ever encounter.

View the video below for an impression of this show:

Sullivan & Son

If you love comedy, then you have every reason to watch out Sullivan & Son, a comedy television series created by Rob Long and Steve Byrne and aired on TBS. It is the story of a son who surprises his family by leaving a high flying career as a corporate lawyer to take control of a bar owned by his dad.

Ground Floor

This is an American comedy series that aired on TBS from November 2013 to February 2015. It is the story of how a successful banker falls in love with an intelligent maintenance supervisor whom they work with in the same building.

Men At Work

This is another intriguing American comedy aired on TBS. Though it aired for only three months before its cancellation, it will be remembered as one of the most amazing comedy shows that captivated the hearts of Americans back then.

View the video below for an impression of this show:

The other great shows which aired on TBS and had a major impact on the fans include The Bing Engvall Show, My Boys, Wedding Band, King of Nerds, Are we There Yet, The Pete Holmes Show, and Meet the Browns amongst others.

For more information, visit the official website of TBS.

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