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How Can I Watch Syfy Live Stream? Legally?


Syfy was formerly known as Sci-Fi Channel and is a satellite television and basic cable channel owned and operated by NBC Universal Cable, which is a subsidiary of Comcast. Just as the name suggests, the main focus of the channel is movies and show based on science and fiction. If you are the kind of viewer who enjoys science fiction, horror, fantasy, paranormal, supernatural dramas and shows, then you will be delighted by the rich menu you will get at Syfy.

By February 2015, close to 94.8 million American households had Syfy and this indicates just how popular the network in amongst the American people. Such a popularity can be attributed to the fact that the channel is dedicated to offering a specific genre of shows, hence it has highly targeted viewers are extremely passionate about the shows. They know and understand that instead of wandering in other channels in search of science fiction movies or horror movies, they simply head over to Syfy and they will get whatever they want.

Alternative Stream For Syfy (Public Streaming)

How to Watch Syfy Network (Live) Online

Most of the target audience for Syfy comprises of the young techno-savvy individuals who are well conversant with the internet and are comfortable using all manner of gadgets. This group is usually a very busy one, hence it makes a lot of sense to have them access their favorite Syfy shows online. There are a number of legal ways through which this can be achieved and they include the following:

1) Syfy Shows on Hulu and Neflix

Hulu has a page dedicated to Syfy shows, but if you click on the link, you will not have any content displayed, but rather be greeted by “Page Not Found” message. It implies that at the moment (the time of writing this), Hulu does not offer any live stream options for Syfy. But this could potentially change in the future due to public demand.

Netflix on the other hand might have a few older shows by Syfy. You can use the search tool in Netflix and find whatever shows might be available. If you are interested in more recent shows, however, it would be a good idea to focus your efforts elsewhere since you won’t get new Syfy shows on Netflix instant.

2) Watch online at Syfy.com or use the official Syfy App

The best way to watch Syfy shows and series online is to head over the official Syfy website and choose the shows you would like to watch. But it is important to understand that not just anyone is allowed to do this. When you click on the shows you want to watch, you will be transferred to another page which will require you to log in with your cable subscription details. It implies that you must have an active Syfy subscription with either Comcast or your favorite cable company in order to watch Syfy shows online.

Other than using the official website, you can also use the Syfy official app to stream Syfy shows and series online. The app can be downloaded to any device and start to use it in streaming your favorite shows in no time. But just like with streaming with the website you will have to log in to your cable account order to prove yourself. Otherwise, the app will be of no use to you if you don’t have an active subscription.

3) Download full Syfy episodes on your favorite digital retailer

The other way to access Syfy shows and series is to download the full episodes to your digital retailer. If you prefer to own the full episodes, you can head over to iTunes, Amazon or Google Play and download all the episodes of the shows you want so that you watch them at any time of your convenience. Going this route will cost you a little bit of money, but you will have the shows forever and you can watch them without necessarily being online.

Popular Programs on the Syfy Network (Past and Present)

Syfy has produced major hits in the past and it continues to do so even in the present. The programming have always been of great quality and it blended well with the target audience, which in most cases comprised of the young professionals who are very comfortable with science and technology and so they found the shows to be very relevant. Here are some of the popular programs by Syfy Network:

Total Blackout

This was a show hosted and filmed in a corner of a dark bungalow of a shopping mall. The contestants were brought into the room in total darkness and told to guess the various items in the room based on their four remaining senses. If you made the wrong guess, you would be dropped through a door to your death.

View the video below for an impression of this show:

Dark Matter

Dark Matter aired for about four episodes and it proved to one of the best scripted shows ever done by Syfy. It is the story about a crew of spaceship who wakes up one morning to find out that they have no recollection in their memories at all. It is about starting over again, regaining identity or perhaps cloning to bring the crew back to reality.

Being Human

Initially, Being Human was not considered as a perfect show but it later on became one of the most popular shows in the Syfy Network. Perhaps this was the case because it featured already known casts from already successful shows like Supernatural’s Jeremy Carver.


Eureka is one of the longest running shows in Syfy and over time, it has continued to win the hearts of very many viewers. It aired a total of five seasons which comprised of comedy and drama hybridization revolving around a small town attacked by geniuses. How then does live go if such a small town can have so many geniuses? Find out more by watching Eureka on Syfy.

View the video below for an impression of this show:


Alphas is the best series Syfy ever produced since its rebranding in 2009. In Alphas, normal people with unique abilities are chosen to form a team of badass government sanctioned deadly crime busters ever formed in the history of the country.

Visit the official Syfy Website and find out more about their shows, including the big ones that aired in the past.

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