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How Can I Watch Starz LEGALLY Live Stream?


Starz is a satellite television and premium cable network launched way back in 1992. It is a flagship service of Starz Inc. and it is focused in offering theatrically released motion pictures as well as some first run original television series. The network is headquartered in Meridian International Business Center complex in Meridian, Colorado. By July 2015, approximately 30 million television households with pay television services in America had Starz as part one of their primary channels.

Alternative Stream For Starz (Public Streaming)

(Live) Streaming Options for Starz

Whenever you think of premium cable services, rarely do you think of Starz as a top choice. It is no doubt that Showtime and HBO call the shots when it comes to premium cable services in the country. However, this should not be a deterrent to stop you from exploring other premium cable services available in the country.

For instance, Starz has proven that it can also carry some worthy shows and this is evident after the airing of Spartacus, which millions of viewers fell in love with. If you need to watch more of such shows from Starz online, or you are wondering about the best streaming services to use, here are a few options for your consideration:

1) Starz on Netflix of Hulu

Netflix and Hulu are known to be some of the places where people run to whenever they need to watch shows online. However, most the companies pulled off their content from Netflix and it is no longer a major carrier for most of the television networks. It implies that you will not have a lot of Starz shows present on Netflix. The same case is also true with regards to Hulu, though you may be lucky to find a couple of old Starz shows still present in the archives.

2) Watch Starz online with the official App

Starz has their app, just like HBO Go, which you can use to access all their premium content online. For you to do this however, it is imperative to have an active cable subscription, which you will use to log into the app before unlocking all the premium content. The use of the official app is so far the best way you can stream Starz shows online. It is convenient, affordable, and efficient and you can also use it on a number of devices. Check the video below for more information:

3) Other streaming options for Starz

You are always free to purchase individual episodes of Starz shows through your digital retailer. These include Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu amongst others. With this option, you have the freedom to own the particular episodes and you can stream them live or download them to your hard drive for offline viewing. You however, need to be informed that this might be a slightly expensive route to take given that you will spend at least $2 for purchasing each episode.

Finally, there are lots of other websites which offer illegal streaming of Starz shows. Whereas you may find them convenient because you don’t have to pay a dime to watch the shows, remember that they have inherent dangers that might cause you lots of harm. You risk going to jail due to piracy or you can download a lethal virus which might end up grounding your computer. This is not to mention that you risk losing your identity and crucial information to online fraudsters who might then go ahead and use your information for malicious reasons which mind end up being very costly for you. Therefore, stick to the legal and recommended streaming options for Starz shows.

Popular TV shows on Starz

Here is a list of the popular, current and cancelled shows that aired on Starz Network:

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Spartacus Blood and Sand was a television series that premiered in January 2010 on Stars Network. It was the first and the most adored season of the Spartacus series. The series was based on a Spartacus, a gladiator who was the leader of a major slave uprising against the reigns of the Roman Republic.


This is a British-American TV drama series inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s novel, Outlander. The first season of the episode tells the story of a married WWII nurse, who is taken back to Scotland where he meets the elegant highland warrior by the name of Jamie Fraser. She is later on dragged into the Jacobian risings and the series begins to really hit up from there. The second season had thirteen episodes and all were based on the Dragonfly Amber.

View the video below for an impression of this show:

Spartacus Vengeance

Spartacus Vengeance was the second season of the Spartacus television series. It premiered on the 27th of January, 2012 and just like its predecessor, it managed to captivate the hearts of many viewers, making it one of the highly rates shows back then. It is the story of how the events turned out after Spartacus and his fellow gladiators killed Batiatus, their master and escaped from the gladiator training school, also known as ludus.

Black Sails

If you have read Robert Louis’ novel of Treasure Island then you will notice a lot of similarities between the novel and this dramatic television series. The settings of The Black Sails television series it is in Providence Island and it will interest you to note that this series actually debuted for free in YouTube as well as other streaming platforms on January 2014. It went ahead and became one of the popular and highly rated television series in the history of Starz Network.

Da Vinci Demons

This is a historical fantasy drama giving the account of the early life of Leonardo Da Vinci. The series is modeled after Da Vinci’s implications on the political schemes of both Pazzi and Medici families as well as their radical relationships with the Roman Catholic Church. All these happens while still Leonardo has an undying quest to get the Book of Leaves as he finds himself embroiled in the Sons of Mithras cult. This is one of the few television series by Starz to be distributed in more than 120 countries.

View the video below for an impression of this show:

Other popular programs by Starz include Party Down, The Pillar of Earth, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Boos, Torchwood, Head Case and The Bronx Bunny Show.

For more information, visit the official website of Starz.

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