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Spectrum TV: A Look into Live & On Demand Streaming

Short introduction

Since 2013, Charter Communications has used the brand “Spectrum TV” to present cable TV and online streaming to it’s customers. The wider Spectrum brand offers a range of services such as internet, telephone and television. In this publication, we will be looking into the online streaming service and it’s features offered under the name “Spectrum”.

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Spectrum live TV

All customers (subscribers) can use the online TV platform on SpectrumTV.com to watch live TV online. This platform is very user-friendly and allows you to switch between live streaming TV channels with the click of a mouse. Additionally, you will have access to a variety of settings to control the volume, see relevant TV listings, closed captioning, etc. You will also have the ability to watch live TV programs at a later time (only for selected shows). If you don’t have the time to watch it live as it streams, you can save the relevant program on a watchlist. Over 130 TV channels can be watched live online using their platform. However, full channel lineup depends on your location and your subscription package. The cheapest package is Spectrum TV Select which offers at least 125 TV channels. If you are in need of premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and NFL, you should opt for the Spectrum TV Silver package. If you need even more premium channels like NFL redzone, Starz and Starz Encore, you should choose the Spectrum TV Gold package.

Live TV programming can also be recorced using the Spectrum DVR serivce. Only customers who have this option as part of their subscription plan can do this. Under PPV (Pay Per View), specific live events such as college sports, boxing and wrestling can be watched.

Spectrum TV Channel Offer

As stated earlier, channel availability depends on your location and subscription package. Let’s assume you live in Maryville, Illinois. In this case, the Spectrum TV Select package would offer you 163 channels in total, whereas the Silver package would offer 246 channels and the Gold package 326 channels. The cheapest (Select) package would not have any premium or sports channels. Also, TV channels like Animal Planet, BBC World News, BET, Comedy Central, Disney Junior & XD, DIY Network, ESPNU, MTV, Nat Geo Wild & other channels for specific audiences are not available. People interested in spanish language TV channels should opt for a SILVER or GOLD package. There also exists a separate package for Latino TV channels called “Mi Plan Latino”.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum On Demand & Pay Per View

There are over 10000 titles available , including HD, that can be streamed on demand. Some of these on demand titles can be streamed for free! For instance, there are a variety of movies, music videos, kids shows, sport events, previews and more that can be watched on demand without paying a fee. On demand videos can be selected from the Spectrum online TV platform. You can choose from featured titles, networks, movies, kids programming and TV shows. You can also watch them later by adding it to your watchlist.

If you are interested in watching brand new movies hitting the screen for the first time, you can choose the PPV services offered by Spectrum TV. PPV movies can be viewed unlimited times within a 24-hour period. This is not the case for special events. In order to use the Spectrum TV Pay Per View service, you need a subscription and a receiver. Whether you are looking to watch a live concert or a wrestling game, PPV will get you started! The fee associated with each program is mentioned next to the title of the event.

Spectrum TV App

You can watch live TV and on demand using the Spectrum TV app. Also, you can plan ahead any DVR recording of your choice. This app can be downloaded and used on popular streaming devices like Roku, Smart TV’s, Xbox, etc. Please check beforehand whether your streaming device is compatible with the Spectrum TV app. You will need a Spectrum internet connection and username in order to use this app. The spectrum TV app can be downloaded free of charge in the store of your device. Installation is quick and easy.

Prices & Packages

The cheapest Spectrum TV package is called “Select” and the cost depend on whether you take this subscription as part of a bundle. If you decide not to take the bundle, and want only the TV service including online streaming, you will pay $64.99 per month in a 1 year contract. If you choose the bundle, the price will be $29.99 per month for the “Select” package. In this case, you will also need to pay $29.99 per month for the internet and the telephone package seperately. This implies a 1 year contract. Please note that this is a limited time offer. After 1 year, the standard rates apply! The silver package costs $84.99 and the gold package $104.99 per month. Both can be bundled with telephone and internet.

Please note that termination fees may apply and can cost over $100. Unlike most TV providers, Spectrum TV allows for a 12-month contract in stead of a 24-month contract. However, Spectrum TV does not offer free DVR with it’s packages. It is possible to use your own digital video recorder.

Visit the Official Homepage of Spectrum TV by clicking here

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