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Everything You Need To Know About Sling TV - A Premium Live Streaming Solution

General Information

Sling TV is one of the latest products that Dish Network has added to its internet based streaming television services. It is available on a monthly subscription from $20. Though this sounds like the normal rate for such services by other vendors, is the subscription really worth your time and money? Find out more about Sling TV from the points highlighted below:

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What the subscription has to offer..

The basic subscription to Sling TV content is at $20 a month. With this subscription, you get a package featuring a list of cleverly selected 12 channels including Disney Channel, CNN, TBS, Food Network, TNT, ESPN and ESPN 2. It is almost similar to what you get from the popular cable subscriptions.

There is also a $30 per month option, which is incredibly tempting, given the rich variety of programs it has. It is a good alternative to paying a $50 month subscription to get a box with hundreds of channels yet you only need to watch just a couple of them. If you have any experience with a-la-carte cable television services, then you will find a similar experience with Sling TV.

Sling TV however doesn’t include broadcast network and you will be compelled to use an external antenna to access networks such as CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX. You will also be disappointed not to find premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax as well as Showtime.

How Sling TV Works...

Sling TV is just like any other video streaming service and it works via an app which can be downloaded and installed in various devices to allow access to the content. All you have to do is to download the app and install it on whatever device you wish to view Sling TV content.

The Sling TV app also works with streaming media players such as Amazon Prime Instant Movies, Roku, Google Nexus Player and Xbox One. It is also compatible with certain smart TVs, especially those from LG and Samsung.

The navigation you find at Sling TV is slightly different from what you are probably used to with the other kinds of cable and satellite TV. With Sling TV, the channel guide has no numbers but instead they have been grouped by the type of content they have e.g. Family, News, Kids, Sports etc. This kind of organization makes it more logical as composed to giving arbitrary numerical numbers as is the case with most cable and satellite televisions.

Sling TV Vs Cable and Satellite

There are definitely certain differences when Sling TV is compared to cable and satellite TV. For instance, there is a noticeable degradation in picture quality for Sling TV in comparison to the optimum cable and satellite televisions. On Sling TV, the images seemed to be heavily compressed making them look softer and less sharp. There is also a lot of banding and jagging along the edges of text and other round shaped objects in Sling TV.

But picture quality is a known concern affecting many streaming services. Whether or not you ignore this will depend on how keen you are on your HD picture quality. But since Sling TV uses Adaptive Bitrates Streaming technology, where the image quality adjusts automatically to adapt to the internet traffic and broadband connection, picture quality should not be a grave matter of concern when deciding to subscribe to Sling TV packages.

Sling TV Pros

Relatively affordable monthly subscription

With only $20.00, you can get to the basic Sling TV subscription which allows you to access the basic package known as “Best of Live TV Package”. This is relatively affordable, given that there other similar services are available $29.00 per month. However, it is also important to note that you can access better option at far much lower costs than what Sling TV is charging.

Several Ways to Watch Sling TV

There is a plethora of ways you could use to watch Sling TV and you are in no way restricted to any single method. Sling TV has support for Roku, Amazon Fire TV Players, PC, iOS and Android devices, and Snow Leopard. Apart from these streaming devices, Sling TV can also be watched via Xbox One and Nexus Players. This offers a lot of conveniences since users are at liberty to use either the streaming devices or the various players.

High Quality Streaming

With other streaming services, when you have a poor internet connection, you are bound to face certain challenges in the quality of the images and graphics as well as a lot of buffering that usually ends up affecting the overall viewing experience. But with Sling TV however, all you need is minimal but stable internet connection and you will be sure of a great streaming experience.

Sling TV is subscription based

Subscribers don’t need to sign any contracts when accessing Sling TV. It is a subscription based service and users are always free to cancel whenever they no longer want to continue with the services.

Sling TV Tested Out (Watch Video Below):

Sling TV: Drawbacks

You can’t stream on multiple devices concurrently

It is not possible to stream Sling TV on more than one device for the same account at the same time. If you wanted multiple streams for Sling TV, you will be compelled to have individual subscription for each streaming you want. This is unlike cable or other subscription service which allows you to stream from more than one device at the same time.

Doesn’t offer good Support for Roku App

It is possible to use the Roku App to access Sling TV, but the problem is that the support isn’t the best. Though it works perfectly at times, there are occasions when the app crushes and when this happen when you are in the middle of your favorite show, then you are likely to get a poor viewing experience.

Expensive Add-on

Sling TV offers only sixteen channels and if you needed to access any other not included in the basic package, you will be required to pay additional $5 for every extra package you want to access. This can be very expensive in the long run should you decide to have lots of add-ons to your basic package.

Presence of commercials

Even though you pay for the premium content, you will still be bogged with lots of commercials in the middle of shows. It is so annoying for this to be happening, yet you spend money to access quality shows and not for companies to advertise to you.

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Sling TV Vs Amazon Prime Vs Hulu

Subscription fees

Of all the three, Sling TV is the most expensive in terms of monthly subscription. You will have to part with $20 per month while Amazon Prime and Hulu are available at $8.25 and $8.00 monthly subscriptions.

Free Trials

Hulu and Sling TV have free trial period for new members of about seven days, while Amazon offers a free trial of thirty days for their new members.


The content offered by Sling TV is limited to only sixteen channels. This is a drop in the ocean compared to the kind of programming you find available on other streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. It simply implies that if you wanted a great viewing experience, with lots of choices, the Sling TV may not be a very appropriate choice.

Commercial Free Platforms

Of all the three, only Amazon Prime offers a commercial free platform for viewing shows and movies. Both Sling TV and Hulu has limited commercial showing during the programming. These can lower the viewing experience for the users.

Visit the Official Homepage of Sling TV by clicking here

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