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Don't Get Caught Up in the Common Myths About Satellite TV!

While there was a time when satellite TV was hit and miss in some places, technology has advanced to the point where many of the concerns people once had about it are not a problem. In fact, aside from a few positioning concerns in areas, there really is no reason why a person cannot take advantage of a satellite TV service.  So take a moment to get the scoop on some of these myths.

Bad Weather Will Destroy Your Signal

While it was possible in the past to experience some disturbance in certain types of weather, the technology has advanced enough that those problems are going to be pretty much obsolete. This is in thanks largely to the innovations made in the ICT field.  That means you are always able to enjoy your favorite shows, no matter what the weather looks like outside.

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You Will Pay a Fortune for Satellite TV

This is a rumor that has gone on for a long time. For satellite service, some people believed they needed to spend thousands of dollars in equipment just to establish service. Today, most providers will include a dish and some boxes into your package at no cost. All you need to do is have a technician drop by and have it installed in your home, usually at no cost. Then you can choose the package that works for you and only pay for the channels that you actually want to watch.

I Can’t Watch Local Television with Satellite

Depending on your provider, it may be possible to get a signal from a local affiliate in a neighboring city instead. However, most providers use your local station’s feeds to handle the CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC feeds that you are looking for. That means you can watch the local news and still catch your favorite prime time shows at the same time.

Everyone Has to Watch the Same Channel

With older satellite TV, it was true that the same channel had to be watched by all televisions in the home. Modern technology now allows everyone who has a receiver box to watch any show they like. That means everyone in the home can watch the shows they love and that will mean that this is one of the best services that you are going to find.  To handle everyone’s needs it can be a good idea to have a box in the main living room and a separate setup in each of the bedrooms.

There Are Almost No Channels

It used to be only a handful of channels were on satellite TV, now the major providers not only have more channels available, but the quality of the pictures if in high definition. With packages available that exceed 200 channels there will always be something on that you and your family can enjoy watching together. Just keep in mind that your local market may impact some of the viewing options that you are going to have.  

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