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What is Roku? A Popular Streaming Device Reviewed


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Online streaming of television programs and shows has made it easy for people to catch up with their favorite programs on the go. Gone are the days when you had to be in a specific place (usually your sitting) at a specific time for you to watch your beloved programs. With such streaming services, all you need to have is the right subscription and access to internet and you will never miss any show simply because you were not at home when it aired.

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With the popularity of such streaming services on the rise, so are also various providers of internet TV streaming services. For instance, consumers can choose to go with Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Sling TV amongst others. But recently, new entrants into the industry such as Roku has rocked the playing field and added more versatility and convenience to the already existing options. This is not to mention the fact that consumers are interested in more robust solutions, since the television sets being manufacture are having more SMART capabilities, making it convenient and less expensive for people to have lots of streaming options over the internet.

Why Should You Get Roku?

Whereas there are lots of options that can be used in stead of Roku, it comes along with distinct benefits that make it so attractive to lots of people. Here are some of the specific advantages you will be able to enjoy when you use Roku TV for online streaming:

Prices of Roku Players are affordable

The first thing you will admire about Roku is its price. They range from $49.99 to $99.99 depending on the quality as well as the functionalities you desire from the device. The cheapest model is the LT model and it also happens to be the cheapest model of all the available mainstream internet TV devices. With it therefore, you will have access to all the channels, besides it supporting even 720p HDTV.

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Huge Support for Internet TV Channels

Roku supports a humongous number of internet television channels. In addition to supporting Netflix, it supports over 600 internet channels, thus giving you the versatility to have a wide range of options when it come to viewing internet television channels. Whether you love reality, sports, fantasy, cult, movies, television series, technology, and documentary, you will be spoilt for choices when you use Roku.

Offers support for private television channels

Other than offering support for the regular television channels, Roku also has a great support for private television channels. With this option, you can put your own private channels or online television streaming options that are not necessarily vetted by Roku. This hands you the power to watch virtually anything that is available on any type of internet television, including adult only contents.

Roku is Easy to use

Connecting your television set to the internet used to be a nightmare a few years ago, especially before SMART TV hit the markets. But that notwithstanding, Roku makes it very easy for you to connect your television to the internet. You can do so in these four simple steps: Plug in you Roku, connect it to your network, log into your channels and start enjoying your favorite TV shows.

Advanced Search Functionalities

It is true that most of the internet television streaming devices will offer you with some basic search functionalities, what Roku offers is far much advanced than anything you have seen on the market. It makes it easy and simple to search for movies and TV shows based on different categories. You can base your search on content carriers such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU, Amazon Prime Instant Video, HBO, movie names, titles, directors, or by the names of the characters. With Roku, you will no longer struggle trying to find various TV shows and movies.

Disadvantages of Using Roku

As it is always the case, nothing will ever 100% perfect without any flaws, and Roku isn’t spared either. Despite the glossy things about it, it has certain shortcomings, though not as many as the pros. Here are a few of them:

Different versions offering different experience

The current Roku 4 has been accused of not being as better as its predecessor, Roku 3. It is claimed that it is quite slow hence takes a lot of time in loading apps, and ultimately affecting the overall Roku experience.

Uses Wi-Fi Only

Wi-Fi is the only option available for connecting Roku to the internet. It implies that if you don’t have Wi-Fi or you are using cable connection, then you will not be able to enjoy the Roku services. This is a major concern since the number of people who would like to use Roku but don’t have access to Wi-Fi is quite large.

No digital and analogue audio outputs

Most of the online television streaming devices usually come with analogue or digital audio outputs hence you don’t have to rely on the outputs on your television set. This is however not the case with Roku; it lacks the outputs and you will therefore have to use HDMI present in your television set at all times.

Roku Vs Apple TV Vs Android TV Vs Chromecast

The app selection is usually a major concern when buying a streaming media player. The aim is to get a player at an affordable rate and one which will offer you with the versatility you need in your programming. Below is a brief comparison between the above stated streaming media players:


App Selection

Apple TV and Android TV streaming media players are locked to the content of those specific companies alone and you can’t use them to access anything outside what their platforms offer. Roku TV on the other hand is not locked to any platform and you can use it to access a plethora of television channels. Roku also gives you ability to access private content and television programs that are not necessarily available in the general viewing options. It gives you a lot of control on what you can watch via online television streaming.

Roku Streaming Stick (See Video Below)

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