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digital video recorder

Learn How to Record (Live) Streaming TV From Your PC or Mobile Device

Watch The Video Below and Learn More About Recording Streaming Video in 1080p:

Here are Some of the Most Common Features of a Digital Streaming Recorder (Software):

The Normal Mode:

This feature allows you to submit the URL of a webpage which has a video on it and the software downloads the video very quickly without compromising the quality and saves it at your preferred location.

The Stream Catcher:

This feature helps you save any videos that are being streamed on any browser running on your computer. Once you turn this feature on, it will search all your browsers and check if there is any streaming video loading on any of them and if there is, it begins to save it. The software captures all streams that are in avi, swf or mp3 formats.
To use this feature, you will be prompted to download WinPCap if you do not have it installed already.

Screen Record:

This is a simple feature which lets you record whatever you do on the screen. It's great for creating tutorials. It even lets you record your voice with it so you can speak instructions while your on-screen activities get recorded.

Video Converter:

Convert videos from one format to another. For example: avi to wmv.
The best part about this feature is that you can insert several videos together for conversion and just check a box called "Join files". The software will then not only convert all the videos, but it will join them all together into one single video.

DVD/CD Creator:

Simple CD/DVD Burner. The software burns rapidly.

Audio Recorder:

With this audio recorder which can record your voice and create the file in mp3, wave or wma formats.

For more information on streaming recording freeware, click here