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How Can I Watch OWN Legally Live Stream?


The Oprah Winfrey Network, commonly known as OWN, is a television channel by The Oprah Winfrey Network LLC, Discovery Communication and Harpo Production. The channel is named after Oprah Winfrey, one of the most famous and reputed day time talk show hosts in the United States. The channel’s main focus is to take care of the interests of Oprah Winfrey’s audiences, targeting mainly women, though most of the shows are enjoyed by many demographics. The channel is now considered a mainstay in many households in the United States, despite its humble beginnings to take care of the interests of fans of a TV talk show.

Over the years, the channel has formed a strong reputation for integrity and solid programming for the women niche and especially for people of color. Some of the shows remembered for this channel include Oprah: Where Are They Now, Super Soul Sunday, For Better or For Worse and Greenleaf.

Alternative Stream For Oprah Winfrey Network (Public Streaming)

Oprah Winfrey Streaming Options

There are quite a number of options available for streaming OWN online. These make it easy for the network fans to have access with lots of conveniences irrespective of their locations, so long as they can have access to the internet. Below are some of the options available for streaming OWN:

1) Watch OWN through the official mobile app

If you have an android or an iOS device, you could catch up with most of the OWN clips and episodes using the Watch OWN app. With the app, simply log in using your online TV account details use your cable provider login credentials to access the content.

2) Watch OWN on the official website

Though streaming of live shows is not possible from the official Oprah Winfrey website, you will find lots of past shows and video clips which you can easily watch over the internet. The website is a nice place to get reviews and previews of the both the past and coming shows and to get highlights of some of the shows you might have missed.

3) Watch Own on PlayStation Vue

OWN is also available for streaming live using Sony’s PlayStation Vue. With PlayStation Vue, you can access OWN content using streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast amongst other similar streaming devices. It will interest you note that OWN is included in PlayStation Vue’s basic package, hence, you won’t have to worry about paying for extra add on channels or going for the more expensive packages.

4) Watch individual shows on Amazon Prime

If you are interested in just a few specific shows or episodes, you can use services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime to purchase the specific shows for viewing at your convenience. This is, however, not the best route for the long term since you will end up spending more than you would if you had subscribed for a streaming service like PlayStation Vue. On the upside, you will get to own the titles and you can download them to your computer and watch them anytime you want.

5) Watch OWN on external websites

You may find some OWN content in external websites such as sidereel.com, stream2watch.cc and YouTube amongst other for free. However, there are no guarantees that you will find all of the episodes or full episodes on such websites. Additionally, some of the content might have been uploaded illegally, making this route to be not a very nice one.

Top Shows on OWN

Here are a few of the most popular shows on OWN:

Greenleaf – This is the story of a family-run world ministry. On the surface, everything seems to be okay, but beneath the surface, the family is struggling with sibling rivalry, adultery, deep suspicions and all manner of challenges which threaten to tear the family apart.

Queens Sugar – Queens Sugar is the story of estranged siblings who are compelled to set aside their differences and the complications they have in their own lives to take control of their clan’s struggling sugar cane plantation.

The Haves and the Have Nots – this is a story about a rich family living in full opulence, but beneath the surface, they have to deal with all kinds of struggles, suspicions, betrayals etc so that they can ensure their survival.

Super Sunday Soul – Super Soul Sunday is an inspirational Super Soul program and one of the popular shows on OWN. It is a program for the body, mind and Spirit, exploring issues such as afterlife, spirituality and personal fulfillment.

Other popular shows on OWN include If Loving You is Wrong, Love Thy Neighbor, Iyanla: Fix my Life, Livin Lozada, Oprah’s Master Class, and Flex & Shanice amongst others.

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