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For a full, comprehensive review of the most important differences between the largest satellite TV providers in the USA, please click here. (Full review of DirecTV® and Dish Network®)

directvversus     dish

For a Complete Overview of The Differences Between
Satellite and Cable TV, click here

cable tv     versus       satellite tv

Discover why Satellite Direct is the only PREMIUM Live Streaming TV service on the web! Our comprehensive analysis shows:

online tv screenshot 1

Everyone knows Youtube. Although not much like Satellite Direct, it provides a positive experience to users who are looking for some online entertainment. Videos are uploaded by users from around the globe, live streams are very limited or non existing.

Advantage(s): most popular video website, huge selection of videos that can be watched online including paid streaming

Disadvantage(s): almost NO live streaming, most videos are of low entertainment value, annoying advertisements, paid streaming options are not always cheap

online tv screenshot 2

In the united states, Hulu offers an online video library that can be streamed directly via their site. Since this is a commercial site, advertisements will be displayed. There are no live tv channels broadcasted through this site.

Advantage(s): no recurring payments, mostly live stream, auto channel update system, quick and easy setup.

Disadvantage(s): not free, otherwise annoying ads

online tv screenshot 3

Netflix is a service that offers films over the internet, which means they can be streamed online. This can also be done on your tv, at least if you posess an internet tv. The service is only available in North America.

Advantage(s): relatively affordable, substantial collection of movies and tv shows

Disadvantage(s): not free, oblied to subscribe = recurring fees, no live streaming tv channels are available, only on-demand selection of shows