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How Can I Watch NHL Legally Live Stream?


The NHL Network is a cable television network jointly owned by NBC Universal and National Hockey League. It is a channel with the sole dedication to ice hockey, featuring live game telecasts from the National Hockey League, college and professional hockey leagues and other NHL related content, including specials, documentaries and analysis programs.

Alternative Stream For NHL Network (Public Streaming)

NHL Network Streaming Options

Early October every year marks the beginning of the NHL season and hockey fans all over the country start to get excited. This is also the time when fans in their thousands scour the internet looking for various ways to catch the live action. Perhaps you have just cancelled your cable subscription or you need more convenience and versatility in your viewing experience and you are considering the best ways to stream NHL live. Well, we have some good news for you and below are some of the nice options you have for getting NHL live stream without necessarily having an active cable subscription:

1) Watch Live NHL over-the-air-with an Antenna

AN over-the-air antenna allows you to watch network broadcasting channels like CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC and many others for free and without the need to have a cable. With an over-the-air antenna, it will be possible for you to catch the regional NHL games in your area as well as a few national games which might be airing on NBC. You will also have the pleasure of enjoying NHL Live stream during playoffs, besides watching every Stanley Cup game, because they are normally broadcasted on NBC.
In case you needed more convenience and flexibility with your streaming experience, you can use your over-the-air antenna in conjunction with a quality DVR so that you record all the games you are interested in so that you can view them at your won convenience.

2) Live NHL Streaming with NHL GameCenter Live

Through the NHL GameCenter Live, hockey fans can access live stream actions without the convenience of a cable. This is an online streaming service coming directly from NHL and it provides live streams of all out-of-market games throughout the entire season. With a subscription to the NHL GameCenter Live, you will watch NHL live streams of all the games that are out f your local broadcasting area.

3) Watch Live NHL Stream on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a relatively new streaming service from Sony and it is one of options available for streaming live NHL games. With plans starting from $29.99, you can have access to the NHL Network and catch all the games live, in addition to other great content from other networks. The only caveat to using PlayStation Vue streaming services is that it is yet to be available throughout the country. It implies that if you are in an area not covered, then you may not be lucky to enjoy the streaming services.

4) NHL Live Stream on Sling TV

Of all the options currently available for NHL live stream, Sling TV offers the best streaming experience. To enjoy the streaming services of Sling TV, you will need to subscribe to one of the packages, with the basic one going for about $20 per month. For hockey lovers interested in NHL live stream, the channels you should go for with a Sling subscription is NHL Network and NBCSN. These channels are not available with the basic package, but you can catch them on the Sling Blue Package which goes for $25 a month. Additionally, this package will entitle you to over 40 additional channels with awesome sports content.

5) NHL App

If you have an iOS or an android device, you can catch all the live action on you devices when you install the NHL App for android or iOS. The NHL Premium app goes has a recurring monthly fee of $2.99, but it will give you all the conveniences you need as far as catching the NHL live action on your mobile devices is concerned.

Top Shows on NHL Network

Some of the top shows on the NHL Network include hockey telecasts such as the National Hockey League, NCAA Hockey, World Junior Championship, Minor League Hockey, and the Memorial Cup. The other programs include NHL Tonight, HNL on the Fly, HNL Now, Top Ten, Frozen in Time and Vintage Games.

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