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Netflix: Overview

General Information

The popularity of Netflix comes from the fact that it is so simple and easy to use. Queuing up movies in your laptop, mobile devices or video game console can be done in a matter of seconds then you will be ready to start enjoying uninterrupted entertainment. Because Netflix is simple to use, it implies that it has lots of features that most of the average consumers are not aware of. Presented here are some subtle tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your Netflix experience:

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Use your Mobile Phone as a Remote Control

With PS3, Netflix customers can use tablets or phones to control Netflix instead of using the video game controllers. To do this, you mobile device and your Play Station 3 must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then simply boot up the app on both devices and you will be able to use your mobile devices to control the movies or the games on the big screens. It is also possible to use your mobile devices to control Netflix when you are watching via Google Chromecast.  

Find out about what Movies are Coming and Going

Getting to know which movies are coming or going can help you a great deal when deciding what to watch and what to pass. Netflix constantly changes their lineup of movies and TV Shows as it gains and losses licensing rights of its content. Netflix App won’t give you a full picture of the entire library but you can use third party applications to know which movies are going to be removed from the lineups and which new once are coming in as well. This is possible through sites like What’s New on Netflix and Instant Watcher.

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Do Away with Buffering

Nothing annoys like watching your favorite movie only to be met with a huge buffering screen. But the good news is that you can use a hidden menu functionality to do away with the buffering in Netflix. To do this, press Shift + Alt + Left Click for Windows or Shift + Option + Click for Mac users while streaming a movie. This will bring up the diagnostics screen where you then head over to the “Screen Manager” and check the “Manual Option” box. It will alter the stream bit rate where you can choose a lower number to reduce the image quality but allow for faster streaming in case you are experiencing a slot connection.

Get Better Search Options

The search option presented by Netflix is very limiting and makes it difficult to sort out the quality movies from the vast content of the network. A website like Instant Watcher will give you the ability to conduct advanced searches like filtering the content by categories, year of release etc. And suppose your favorite movie is not currently present in on Netflix, you can use WheretoWatch or Can I Stream It to locate other legal places where you can download or watch the movie legally.

Netflix: The Pros

DVD Rental

One of the reasons why Netflix is still loved by many is their DVD rental service. With this service, paid members are allowed to browse the database of their DVDs after which they can add them to a digital queue and have the DVDs shipped to them once they become available. Once you are done with watching the movie, all you have to do is to send it back on a prepaid package provided at the time of shipping.

Blu-Ray Rental

Netflix is also offering Blu-ray rental through their DVD rental system. If you love watching movies in HDTV and Blu-ray players but you don’t want to pay for the slightly expensive Blu-Ray movies, this will be an awesome option for you. You will, however, be charged an additional $2 per month if you activate Blu-ray on your Netflix account.

Video on Demand

Initially, Netflix was known for its rental services, but it has continued to gain lots of popularity when it started offering video on demand services. These services allow users to access a vast library of movies and televisions shows which they can then stream instantly on their mobile devices or computers. This is a great addition for the Netflix subscribers since they don’t have to rely on other video on demand services unless they want to.

No Commercials

It is always disgusting to be interrupted when viewing your favorite movies or television shows by commercials. If you have been using other television streaming services, then you will agree that commercials are one of the greatest shortcomings for most of the streaming platforms. However, with Netflix, you will be pleased to know that your viewing experience will never be affected by commercials. You get to enjoy full length shows without any interruptions, whatsoever.

Available on multiple platforms

Wherever you go, you can always carry along Netflix with you. This is because it is available on a number of devices including PC, tablets, Xbox, PS3, Wii, Mac, mobile phones and many others. It is also interesting to note you can access Netflix on multiple devices at the same; hence you are not restricted to using just a particular device to access your shows. This gives you the versatility to always be just a few clicks from your favorite Netflix shows.

Netflix: The Cons

Takes long to update their database

It is true that Netflix has a humongous database of TV shows and movies but it is regrettable that they take long to update the database with new movies and television shows. Therefore, if you wanted to catch up with your current favorite shows, Netflix would not be a very good choice for you.

Consumes a lot of data

For you want to stream shows and movies on Netflix, be prepared to use a lot of bandwidth. Typical videos and shows on Netflix can consume up to 1GB of data every hours and this is dependent on the quality of the movie or TV show. If you are operating on a capped data connection therefore, you will be disadvantaged when using Netflix.

No content ownership

When you rent DVDs from Netflix, you will be required to ship them back once you are done watching them. Essentially, you spend money yet you don’t get the ownership of the shows so that you can review them on a later date. This is unlike Amazon Prime where you can purchase episodes of the shows you want.

No live TV

At this moment, Netflix has no plans to offer live TV channels, unlike other streaming services like Hulu which offers live and on demand subscription packages.

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Vs Hulu


Netflix and Hulu Plus costs approximately $8 a month while Amazon Prime charges $99.00 yearly or $8.25 per month. Based on the rates, all the platforms are more or else the same rate compared on a monthly basis.

Plans and Free trial

Netflix and Amazon Prime offers a trail period of 30 days, during which you can access the premium content, provided you supply them with your credit card details. Hulu Plus on the other hand offers the shortest trial period of only seven days.


With Netflix and Hulu Plus, you will only be getting the subscription services alone. But for Amazon Prime, you will be entitled to further benefits such as discounts and two day free shipping whenever you make purchases on Amazon.

Visit the Official Homepage of Netflix by clicking here

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