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How Can I Watch NBC Live Stream (Legally)?

Watch NBC Network Live Online Streaming!


The National Broadcasting Company, commonly known as NBC, was the first company to offer full radio services in the United States. Not only that, but NBC also offers various services within the broadcasting industry and these include but not limited to network television services to affiliated stations, TV and radio program production, and it also owns and operates seven different television stations.

NBC offers a wide range of programs, designed to suit the needs of virtually every audience type. Their daily news covers a wide range of topics, not just on matters affecting the American people, but also topics of global concern. Their feature coverage is always comprehensive, with professional reporting and detailed interviews on the various subjects.

On entertainment, NBC isn’t left out either. It is the host to some of the most viewed television shows in the United States. This implies that it attracts millions of viewers each day to watch the plethora of the interesting shows it has available. Remember that hit shows like The Blacklist, Law and Order, Chicago Fire, and Saturday Night are all carried by the network.

NBC Sports is another broadcasting service offered by the National Broadcasting Company to take care of all the sports need for their fans. It brings live coverage, reports, analysis, predictions as well as other useful content on a myriad of sporting activities taking place in the United States and across the globe. Some of the sports covered include NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, Golf, Motor, Horse Racing, amongst others. It virtually has current information on the national leagues as well as other lucrative leagues in other countries.

NBC Network Live Streaming Options

With the advent of the internet, it is always a joy to know that you can catch up with your favorite shows and sporting activities without necessarily being within the precincts of your living room. With the internet and enhanced technology, access to streaming services is now possible and this makes it possible for viewers never to miss their favorite shows simply because they were not home when the shows aired. Here are some of the streaming options at your disposal if you want watch NBC programs online:

1) Watch NBC on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon

NBC Programs are available in Hulu, just one day after they are aired. Hulu is a company owned by both Comcast and NBC and this makes it an awesome avenue for NBC to distribute most their content to their viewers.

Netflix and Amazon also has programs by NBC, but not as many as you will find in Hulu. It might require you to do a bit of searching if you in these two if you wanted to have access of NBC programs. With all these three options, you must have an active subscription in order to access the premium content.

2) Live Stream through the official NBC App

NBC has a free application that gives you the ability to stream all their shows in real time. All you have to do is to download the NBC Official App to your device and you can use to access NBC content at any time, provided that you have an active internet connection. Click on the video below for a demo of this app:

3) Watch programs via the official website

The other way to watch NBC programs in real time is to watch via the official website. Through the website, you will access full shows, though with lots of commercials. The site also allows you the pleasure of accessing the archives to watch episodes of older NBC shows.

4) Download full episodes and watch offline

NBC allows you to download full episodes of their shows from Amazon, Google Play as well as iTunes. This makes it possible for you to download the shows for later viewing. Sometimes you are rushing to the plane and you don’t have the whole time to watch the episode in one sitting. Simply down it and watch it during your flight. But if you are an Amazon Prime customer, you will definitely love the streaming options available for NBC programs and shows.

Most Popular Shows on the NBC Network

Law & Order – Law & Order is a TV serie featuring detectives from NYPD’s Special Victims Unit whose mandate is to investigate crimes committed against the vulnerable. Though the cases primarily focus on murder cases, it sometimes goes after rape and assault cases where the victims help the detectives with their investigation. Law & Order is one of the most popular shows in the NBC Network.

Watch the video below for an impression of this show:

The Blacklist – The Blacklist is the story of an FBI fugitive who has eluded arrest for twenty years and now he comes back to the bureau with an offer the FBI can’t resist. Raymond Reddington agrees to help the FBI bring down some of the most wanted criminals in the world, but only on the condition that he works with a freshly minted Quantico graduate, Elizabeth Keen. For Red, Keen must think like a criminal in order to see the big picture and bring the other criminals down.

Watch the video below for an impression of this show:

Chicago Fire - Chicago Fire is a show based on the rewarding and exhilarating experiences that firefighter, rescue squads and paramedic go through at the Chicago Firehouse 51. Despite the inherent dangers, they still go out and save lives, even in instances when one thought that all hope is gone. It is a show of relentless courage and effort by the firefighters to make a difference in the most difficult situations.

Watch the video below for an impression of this show:

Seinfeld – Seinfeld is not among the current shows aired by NBC network, but it remains to be one of the most popular television series ever aired by NBC. It was first aired in the network way back in 1989 with the curtains being drawn on the last episode in April 1996. Seinfeld was the story of four single friends, Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elain Bernes and Cosmo Cramer. This comic show depicts the absurdities and challenges the four friends have to deal with during their daily lives.

Watch the video below for an impression of this show:

Other popular shows you will find on the NBC Network include: The Voice, Grimm, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Nights, America’s Got Talent, The Office, Parenthood, Community, Blindspot, The Biggest Loser, 30 Rock and many others.

Visit the official site of NBC for more information.

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