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You Can Watch NBA Live Streaming 100% Legally!

What is NBA TV?

NBA TV is an American niche sports cable and television network dedicated to the game of basketball. It's owned by the National Basketball Association and its operations are directed by Turner Broadcasting System. The network is one of the main advertising tools for NBA and it focuses on covering purely NBA related content such as live games, games analysis and NBA documentaries. It will interest you to note that this is the oldest cable network in the United States, having launched way back in March 1999.

It is understandable that the penetration of the network amongst the American television viewers isn't that huge given that it focuses on a very tight niche. Even though it is the oldest cable network in the country, it has managed to reach only about 57 million viewers. This implies that only 49.1% of the households with access to television in the United States have subscribed to this channel. This is exclusive of those accessing the network via live stream in the internet.

Live Programs by NBA TV

As mentioned earlier, the programs offered by NBA are devoted to the game of basketball alone. It carries daily shows about the game including live games, documentaries about individual players and teams as well as archived broadcasts of interesting games played in the past.

In every season, the network carries about 90 regular NBA games. These games are typically aired four days a week - Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

But the network is not only restricted to the NBA games. It also carries content from international games which are usually aired during Saturday evenings. It mostly airs international games featuring Maccabi Tel Aviv team, Euro league and the Chinese Basketball Association League games.

Other than the games and the documentaries, the other adored program by the network in the recent times is the NBA Gametime Live. This is a program that focuses on news headlines regarding NBA league as well as other related leagues. The program is live six days a week through the network and including live stream in the internet.

Availability outside the USA

NBA programs are available outside the United States in many countries. For instance, there is a Canadian version of the channel known as NBA TV Canada. But this is dedicated to the Canadian League. NBA TV is also very popular in the Philippines, NBA is offered there through local television providers.

Furthermore, live NBA events are usually offered together with ESPN in the form of a "live streaming pass" or are available through various sports channels accross many parts of the world.

For more information, click here.

Live Streaming of NBA TV

nba live stream snapshot

The first option is to obtain a live streaming "pass" (monthly subscribtion fee) so you can watch NBA TV live on any device of your choice. It get's even better, there seems to be no geogrpahic restriction which means international users can watch the NBA channel live stream as well.

The second option to access the channel outside the United States is via live streaming on the internet. Unlike most of the network, streaming live NBA programs is very easy and does not require one to have an active subscription with any television provider. You can access most of the programs directly through their official website. Though this might not always be case during high valued NBA games, but recorded versions of such games will always be uploaded to the internet.

Live stream of NBA programs are also available via third party websites and applications, though this would not be very appealing if you can access the content directly from the official website of NBA. If you are an NBA fanatic and you want to keep yourself entertained in real time with all the events in the world of NBA, then this is the right channel for you. With only internet connection, you can immerse yourself into the sport as much as you want.

Alternative Live Stream to NBA TV

Some of the Most Popular Live TV Programs on NBA TV...

NBA Gaming Live

NBA Gaming Live is the flagship program of NBA TV Channel and it started airing way back in October 2008. The show is presented in a studio live with various studio analysts. It provides its viewers with a live look-in into the games where the viewers get a chance to see a team’s actual analysis, interviews, broadcasts and breaking news. The show airs each and every day of the week with the exception of Thursdays due to the commitment that NBA has for The NBA on TNT. Also featured in the show is the NBA Playoffs which is the post game edition and this airs every day, and it provides a comprehensive coverage of all the NBA playoff games.

Just as indicated earlier, the format of the game is Live Look-In’s, and this is aired throughout the night. It usually includes some live footage of the game that might currently be airing on the local television channels. NBA has the rights to provide look-ins into all the games with the exception of those that are being broadcasted by either ABC or ESPN. In addition to proving comprehensive look-in into the various games, the team at the studio also provides analysis on different kinds of news or answers various questions fronted by fans.

Occasionally, Ronnie Nunn, one of the show hosts can provide a shorter version of Making the Call with Ronnie Nunn, one of his former shows. During this short version, Ronnie will challenge his viewers both at home and in the studio to make a decision on whether a referee made the right call or made an error during particular instances of the game. The segment is named as such since it gives the viewers a chance to make the call.

nba game

The presenters in the studio also do other various activities in the studio for some games such as interviewing players after the matches and holding phone interviews with former players to get their opinion about their current teams amongst others. Edited versions of about thirty minutes to one hour are always throughout the night and during the early morning hours.

Some of the prominent studio hosts that have had the pleasure to host this show for a relatively longer time include Vince Cellini, Matt Winer, Rick Kamla, Kyle Montgomery, Bob Fiscella and Earnie Johnson.

Inside the NBA

If you are a fan of the NBA, then you are probably aware of this incredibly popular show on the NBA Channel – Inside the NBA. This is a post-game show that features prominent NBA hosts like Ernie Johnson and renowned panelists such as Kenny Smith, Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal. Sometimes, Grant Hill and Chris Webber join the show to spice up things and create the depths of analysis taking place on the show.

The popularity of Inside the NBA show has risen sharply in the recent years. This can be attributed to the quality of the show and a large number of fans that the game enjoys in the United States. However, you cannot ignore the good chemistry and banter displayed by the hosts, especially since Barkley became a part of it way back in 2001.

Barkley has a reputation for making outrageous comments and controversial bets. This is not bad in any way but has always made the shows be livelier and increase the viewers anticipation for the next episodes. He knows how to make professional jokes that aren’t neither very clean nor hurting at the same time.

These are some of the attributes that make him blend well with other hosts and make the show to be an interesting one all the times. Besides, he being a real fan of the game gives him the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm to give out unbiased opinions regarding various aspects of the game while he is in the studio.

Hardwood Classics

If you like to walk down the memory lane and understand more on how the NBA game has evolved over the years, then you should make a date with the Hardwood Classics on NBA TV. This is a television series that features most of the prominent and greatest NBA games which were recorded on film or tapes very many years ago. It is like diving deep into the history of the National Basketball Association.

When it initially began to air on the NBA Channel, the show would frequently come during different timeslots, including predefined times on Thursday afternoon. This has however changed, and its airing is more or less sporadic because the channel has put more emphasis on originality and prefers to provide more live game coverage. If you want to the best of the Hardwood Classics in the present times, then you can wait for it during NBA offseason since there isn’t much going on during such times.

When the Hardwood Classics was first launched, it used to air for two and half hours, but this has since been condensed to only two hours for every episode though there is sometimes episode that goes for as little as thirty six minutes. Such episodes air in this manner due to either lack of the complete footages or they were preserved as newsreels as was the norm way back in the 1950s.

Though there are also some episodes that still go for the full two and half hour length. For whatever length of show you will find, the Hardwood Classics remain to be valuable to those who would like the changes that have taken place and defined the NBA to what it is in the present times.

NBA Action

This is another show on NBA TV that is very popular among the NBA fans, and it focuses on news and highlights taking place in the NBA world. The show premiered in 1990, and it currently brings new episode on NBA TV every Thursday night from 6:30 pm EST.

NBA Action is an assortment of different show features. These include but are not limited to the Western Conference, Instant Replays, Eastern Conference, Sounds of the Game, Spotlight, Courtside Countdown and Timeout. Every fan of the game will find this show to be not only entertaining but equally addicting.

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