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How Can I Watch Nat Geo Live Stream? Legally?

Short Introduction:

Unknown to many people, National Geographic Channel is a South Korean premium subscription channel which airs non-fictional TV programs. The content for the entire channel is produced by the National Geographic Society, owned by NGC Korea Network. Before it was launched in South Korea, documentaries by National Geographic Society were distributed via terrestrial TV channels.

Alternative Stream For Nat Geo (Public Streaming)

National Geographic Channel is not just a source of entertainment but its quality content has been a source of great information for various interest groups. Whether you are interested in art and culture, animal kingdom, societies of the world, history, and any other kind of documentary, there is no other better place you will get comprehensive coverage as the one you find at National Geographic Channel. Due to the versatility and the quality of their programming, the content by National Geographic appeals to virtually all kinds of viewers, irrespective of the age, gender or race.

National Geographic Channel: Live Streaming Options Explained

With all the interesting documentaries and TV series brought by National Geographic, it is only proper that viewers all over the world be presented with a way of accessing the channel’s content without necessarily relying on cable television. The good news is that with the advent of internet, there are now live stream options which you can easily rely on to watch all the Nat Geo shows online. Here are a few of the options which make this to be totally possible:

Sling TV

Sling TV offers one of the most amazing experiences when it comes to streaming live Nat Geo content. It is a subscription service that will not only allow you to stream content, but also give you on demand services where you can watch shows that aired a while back as and when you want to. It is also interesting to note that the services are available at very affordable rates of just $20 per month.


Hulu and Netflix have always provided awesome streaming experience for lots of television series in the United States. If you wanted to get Nat Geo content, Hulu would be another great option, not just because of the slightly lower subscription fees, but it has a concrete collection of Nat Geo shows you can watch at any time.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another subscription service that will give you access to Nat Geo Programming. The only caveats to using this service are its relatively high rates and the fact that you must have PS3 or PS4 consoles in order to enjoy it. Those who lack the consoles therefore feel left out and prefer to use other alternative services.

National Geographic Channel: Most Interesting Programs

National Geographic Channel has lots of interesting shows and it would be unfair to rank them in any particular order, since they target different categories of viewers. But that notwithstanding, here are some of the best National Geographic documentaries you should make a point of watching:

Desert Flower – In this documentary, you will be moved to tears as you watch the struggles of a young Somali girl who was circumcised at a tender age of three and had to fight all the brutalities and atrocities taking place in the wore torn country so that she may have a brighter future.

Inside 9/11 – this is a documentary about when the world stopped running following the worst terrorist attack on US soil. It shows the planning as well as the execution of all the activities of that fateful day.

Inside the Vatican – through this documentary, you will get a sneak peek into Vatican – one of the most powerful buildings on earth. It features interviews with employees who served during the reign of Pop John Paul as they reveal the inner workings as well as the political intrigues of the Vatican.

The Wildest Dream – this is a documentary about the first man who attempted to scale Mount Everest and the other climber who discovered his remains almost three quarters of a century later. It is a film about obsession and ambition harbored by people who wish to climb the deadly mountain. This is one of the best documentaries you will ever watch in National Geographic Channel.

Grand CanyonThe Hidden Secrets – The Grand Canyon is one of the greatest national creations in our time. This documentary takes you to a trip deep into the Grand Canyon where you travel the depths of the creation and discover the secrets of its formation.

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