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msnbc live

How to Watch MSNBC Live Stream Online? (Legally)

Alternative Live Stream to MSNBC

Short Introduction:

MSNBC is an American television channel that specializes in providing news, business and political coverage on current events. Owned by NBC Universal News Group, the channel was founded in 1996 and has grown to be the premium hub for anyone looking for current news on politics and businesses. In as much as it majors its coverage on American affairs, it also has a wide chunk of its coverage focusing on major happenings across the globe. This is the favorite channel to tune to if you want to stream live the daily news of the political events in the United States and across the world.

msnbc tv studio

Popularity of the channel in the United States

MSNBC is unlike the other channels that appeal to a wide demographic of viewers. Since it's predominantly a news channel, it mainly appeals to those that are interested in politics and business news of the day. But despite the tight niche it's serving the channel if fairly popular in the United States. It is approximated that nearly 81.2% of the households with access to television usually watch MSNBC. This is not to mention the number of people who access it via live streaming in the internet.

Availability outside of the United States

Outside the United States, the channel is available through its subsidiaries in selected countries or regions. For instance, there is MSNBC Canada and MSNBC Africa to cater for Canada and Africa respectively. Unlike in the United States where there MSNBC is shown on dedicated channels, this is not the case with most of its viewing outside the US. For instance, MSNBC Africa is distributed as free to air channel and is shown during particular times of the day. The same is the case for Europe and Asia. It is also important to note that the same content is aired across the network even in the foreign countries. Except for Canada, there is no customization of the content to revolve around the interest of the viewers in those particular countries. The same content aired in the US channel is the same one to be aired across the other channels.

Streaming MSNBC Live

msnbc live screenshot

There are basically two ways to stream live programs by the channel on the internet. These include free methods and paid methods.

1) Free streaming - it is possible to stream live MSNBC programs for free via third party applications or websites. The only problem with this option is that such carriers may not have the license to do so hence they do it illegally and without the permission from MSNBC to distribute the content. And they are also never reliable. They may live stream just a few but not all the programs. For reliability and consistency, the paid method is the best. Click here to visit.

2) The paid method - with this option, viewers can access MSNBC programs live on the internet via their various TV content providers. All you need is an active subscription with the provider to access all the programs through live stream. This is a very reliable means since it enables you to stay tuned even if you are outside the country. All you need is an active subscription and connection to the internet then you are good to go. Click here to visit.

*Sling TV subscribers will be able to stream MSNBC live on all supported devices.

You will find MSBNC interesting if you love business news and political events happening in the United States and across the world. But if you need other forms of TV programs such as movies, drama, sports, etc, then you'd be better off with another channel.

MSNBC now offers an app compatible with most mobile devices (supports Android®, Iphone®, Ipad® and Windows Phone® ) that will allow you to watch shows and episodes streaming. Real-time live streaming is only availbabe to those who a subsciption with a major American cable/satellite TV provider.

Some of the Most Popular Live TV Programs on MSNBC...

Morning Joe

Morning Joe is a weekly talk show program on MSNBC, which started airing on May 2009. In the show, Joe Scarborough takes you through comprehensive and detailed analysis of the various news of the day. To help dissect the news and present it in different perspectives is Willie Geist and Mika Brzezinski. The Morning Joe show was a replacement of the Imus in the Morning which was canceled way back in April 2007. If you love news and you love to stay with the current affairs happening in politics and in the business world, then you will have every reason to be a fan of Morning Joe on MSNBC.

The Rachel Maddow Show

This show is also abbreviated as TRMS, and it is one of the daily news and opinion programs being aired by MSNBC. The program runs from 9.00 EST and is hosted by Rachel Maddow, who rose to fame following her frequent appearances on another MSNBC show known as the Liberal Pundit. The show first premiered in September 2008 and had since grown to have a fanatic following amongst those who cherish honest presentation of news and opinions. It is a must watch for those who can spare some time for TV during the times when it is airing.

Rachel Maddow show

Hardball with Chris Mathews

This is another TV talk show program that is immensely popular within the MSNBC network. It broadcasts weekdays from 7 PM ET with Chris Mathews as the host. It is primarily a political talk show where the moderator advances various opinions touching on a wide variety of topics including the current political issues affecting the country. The topics advanced the by the moderator are then discussed by a panel of guests comprising of political analysts and sometimes politicians. If you have a keen appetite for politics and its effects on the people, then this would be a great program since you will always get opinions from the experts as well as politicians in some cases.

The Ed Show

The Ed Show was an hour-long weekday news program that aired from 2009 to 2015 in MSNBC. The programs were hosted by Ed Shultz, the same host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show program known as the Ed Schultz Show, which aired for ten years, running from 2004 to 2014.

Politics Nation with Al Sharpton

Popular shows and programs in the MSBNC network cannot be discussed without the mention of Politics Nation by Al Sharpton. This is an hour-long political talk show hosted by Al Sharpton. The show premiered in August 2009, and it has been airing during weekdays at 6 pm ET until September 2015 when changes were made in the network, and it was decided that the show would now air just once on Sundays at 8 am. This shows talks about everything politics. It not only discusses the political situation of the country but also brings on board politicians and political analysts to put into perspectives the various political topics. Al Sharpton is knowledgeable about political issues and he can bring objectivity to the discussions, making the show one of the top political talk shows in the network.

Lockup TV Series

Lockup is one of the popular TV series on the MSNBC network. It is essentially a prison documentary series exploring prison and jail facilities in the entire United States. It presents profiles of notable inmates, incidents, as well as prison operations that the bulk of the public may not be aware of. A typical episode of the show would feature one or two inmates going about disciplinary hearings, being visited by their family members or as they interact with fellow inmates. Some of the episodes may also see some inmates given personal cameras for recording their thoughts and activities while there are in their cells.

The Cycle

The Cycle is another popular TV program that used to be popular on the MSNBC network. The Cycle featured political and news talk show hosted by four different commentators or analysts. These include Abby Huntsman, Toure Neblett, Ari Melber and Krystal Ball. During the presentation of the show, each of the hosts appeared at designated time to lead the commentary on specific segments of the show.

the cycle msnbc

The show debuted on June 2012, and it aired until July 2015 when MSNBC President announced the cancelation of the show so as to give way to more daytime programming. The aim was to reduce political commentaries and opinions so as to create more time for breaking news reporting. It was an all-round political commentary talk show, and it covered detailed topics, both past and current ones which had a significant political bearing on the people.

Way Too Early

This is another immensely popular American morning news show airing weekday mornings on MSBNC. The show premiered in July 2009 and was initially hosted by Willie Geist. Since then, it has been hosted by various hosts including Ayman Mohyeldin and Thomas Roberts. The show is currently being hosted former Fox News anchor Amy Holmes.

The original executive producer of Way Too Early was Chris Licht, who also doubled as the executive producer and co-creator of the Morning Joe before he quite the network to join CBS as the producer of This Morning as well as the Vice President of Programming in the same network.
If you like the Morning Joe, you will find a lot of similarities between it and the Way Too Early. This is because the two shows are themed similarly and is this is depicted in the graphics packages, and also, they are broadcast from the same set.

The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell

The Last Word is another hour-long weeknight news and political talk show that is very popular amongst the MSNBC fans. It airs live at 10:00 pm ET from Monday through Thursday, and it is hosted by Lawrence O’Donnell. The concept of the show is to provide the last word on the biggest news as well as the leading stories of the day. The show originally premiered on September 2007 and to date, it remains one of the freshest political talk shows on the network.

Find out more about (live) streaming options for MSNBC here.

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