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LEGALLY Watch Live Streaming
Cricket Events Online

Short Introduction:

Cricket originated from England and is now the third most popular sport in the world. It is essentially a bat and ball game played by two teams of eleven players each. During the game, each team take a turn at batting trying to score a run while the other team fields. A ball is delivered by a bowler to the bats man who tries to hit the ball far away from the fielders so that he can outrun the fielders to score a run. The batsman will continue batting until they are out and each team will also continue batting until ten of the batsmen are out. At this point, the teams will switch roles with the fielding team now becoming the batting team.

Why cricket is popular in India

live cricket player

Cricket as a sport is synonymous to India as a country. Though it has its origin miles away from India, it has so many fans and receives an incredible amount of attention in the country. There are a number of myths that try to explain the popularity of cricket in India and whether or not they are just mere hearsays, the popularity of the sport in India is comparable to none in the world at the moment.

In one myth, it is believed that the Indians were looking for non violent ways to defeat the British when they were fighting for their independence. Since cricket initially originated from England, the Indians caught interest in the game and they took it upon themselves to defeat their colonial masters in the field. Since then, the game has been growing in popularity with each passing year.

Another myth yet asserts that the popularity of cricket in India began during the world cup of 1983 when India was considered as the underdogs but managed to lift the trophy. At this time, TV sets were just starting to get their way into Indian homes and live telecast would be aired on the TV. With this new development and the world cup euphoria, the game became the default choice for most kids. The result was a new generation of cricketers who went ahead to escalate the game in the country.

How and where to watch cricket legally live stream

Every cricket fan would love to be on the pitch and watch as their favorite team battle it out with their opponents. However, a match may be happening oceans away hence making it difficult to attend in person. But this is not a condemnation that you can't follow the match live. With the current advancement in communication technology, it is possible to still enjoy the action through live streams and never miss the thrill.

To begin with, there are various subscription services that exclusively stream live cricket games. A subscription is however needed to access to such services. If you don't want to subscribe to such services, the providers will in most cases offer live text commentary of every turn of events during the matches. You will thus be able to follow what is happening though without audio and visuals.

cricket players

Another alternative to watching live cricket is through cable and satellite television service providers. Such carriers will allow their subscribers to stream live certain programs from their websites. In order to access such a facility, an active subscription to a legitimate digital television content distributor is also needed.

There are other third party websites and applications that usually stream live cricket matches without permission of the match organizers. Kindly note that these are illegal and subscribing to them may not just give you poor viewing experience but also can harm your computer through viruses and malware that are installed remotely.

Click here for more information on streaming live cricket.

Alternative Live Stream for Watching Cricket

Some of the Most Popular Live TV Events Concerning Cricket...

Champions League Twenty20

Champions League Twenty20 is abbreviated as CLT20 and it is the biggest domestic tournament in cricket. This tournament takes place every year with participants drawn from the various cricket playing nations. The event is however owned by three countries: Cricket Australia, BCCI and Cricket South Africa. During this event, all the domestic teams, featuring both young and experienced players battle it out with each other with the same formatted teams. It usually offers a good exposure for the young and less experienced players since they get a platform to demonstrate their skills by playing against national teams from other countries.

NatWest Series

The NatWest Series is an exclusive one-day international cricket event that started in 2000 under the sponsorship of National Westminster Bank. It normally features a tri angular series of cricket games where each teams meets with one another for two times and best two overall teams square it out at The Mecca of Crickets Lords. One of the most historical matches that ever featured in the NatWest Cricket Series was in 2004. This match was between India and England, and India had to chase a huge target of 324 against their opponents. Most of the qualified cricket teams in the world have had a chance to participate in this tournament. Ever since its launch, it has been a prestigious tournament for the cricket fraternity in England and also a challenge to other nations as well.

cricket natwest

The Asia Cup

The Asia Cup is another giant event in the cricketing world. The event is organized by the Asian Cricket Council and it only for the Asian nations including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, UAE, Bangladesh, etc. The tournament started way back in 1984 and had since grown to be one of the most followed cricket events in the world. This is not to mention that it is the biggest cricket tournament among the Asian nations. Even though other countries don’t take part in the tournament, it has always been a source of great inspiration for other player and a well-endowed source of entertainment for the millions of cricket fans around the globe.

T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is the most popular and the most viewed tournament played over the shortest time, but it comes with great excitement and entertainment. The first T20 World Cup was held in 2011 where Indian emerged as the winners making it a cherished tournament in India. The excitement then spread faster to other cricket playing nations thus creating an astonishing competition amongst the cricket players and cricket lovers alike. Unlike other types of cricket competitions and events where the ultimate winner is determined by the technique and the class of defense, the T20 World Cup cricket places a lot of emphasis on the strength and the selection of the shots.

Common Wealth Bank Series

The Common Wealth Bank Series was initially known as the Benson and Hedges World Series. It was later on changed to Carlton and United World Series before finally settling on the current name. This is an official Australian cricket event, and it takes place between the months of December and February. The event has been of immense benefits for the hosting team as they have managed to win 19 times out of the 33 times that the tournament has been held. During the initial stages, however, West Indies staged the best performance that has never been witnessed in the history of the competition. As with other major cricket events, the Common Wealth Bank Series is very popular with the players as well as the fans due to its display of high quality games, passion and opulence during the games.

Champions Trophy

The Champions Trophy is an initiative by the ICC and it is one of the most important cricketing events in the world. So competitive is the event that the participants are drawn only from the top 8 ranked cricket playing nations in the world. It is sometimes considered as a mini world cup though it comes with a lesser number of matches. However, it has never failed in terms of the excitement and the entertainment value. 

champions trophy


The Ashes is always the clash of two titans, as far as cricketing is concerned. The event brings together two great cricket giants and ignites a great rivalry that has been existing between Australia and England for years now. One of the most intriguing things about the competition is probably in its name – Ashes. The origin of this name can be traced back to 1882 when the Aussies gave England a beating that is remembered to date. One of the journalists who were covering the game wrote an obituary titled, “Affectionate Remembrance of English Cricket, which Died at The Oval.” He further went on to say that the body would be cremated, and the ashes would be sent to Australia. This in effect was to mock further England for their embarrassing loss to the Australians.

As a result, the Australian supremacy in the game was accepted, but England was not willing to maintain the status quo for long. They, therefore, pledged that they will be taking back their ashes that were taken to Australia for the cremation. And true to their words, they beat Australia in the very next competition and won the championship. The event thus remains of the cherished activities within the sporting calendars of the two countries, and it has also managed to have a substantial following across the globe.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League is a popular cricket extravaganza cherished by every fan of the game, especially in India. Other than having an enviable international following, the IPL is also the most viewed and followed the sporting event in India. In this tournament, all the youngsters in the adorable game get a chance to come together and interact with each other during the various games held during the season. Most of games featured in the IPL are usually filled with adrenalin and are also nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time. The event takes place for two whole months during the summer and is always a time to display glory, glamour and glitz both by the fans and the players.

indian premier league cricket

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