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How Can I Watch Lifetime Network Live? Legally?


Lifetime Network is part of the Lifetime Entertainment Services owned by Walt Disney and the Hearst Corporation. The channel’s main programs are geared towards women, with several of them featuring women in leadership roles. Ever since the channel was launched in February 1984, Lifetime has made an enviable reputation for airing a mixture of original broadcast content including reality shows, films and a blend of dramatic programs such as Witches of East End and Devious Maids. As per the network’s broadcasting policy, it is clear that it is dedicated to offering the highest quality programming which advocates a wide range of issues that affect women, especially those in leadership roles and their families.

Presently, Lifetime has lots of programs attached to its name and it is also the home to the incredibly popular reality show, Project Runway. And it still maintains nice touch with the original movies, something it has been doing ever since its launch.

Alternative Stream For Lifetime Network Channel (Public Streaming)

Lifetime Network Streaming Options

There are quite a number of options at your disposal for streaming Lifetime content. It seems as if streaming is the in thing and you no longer have to rely on your cable subscription to continue getting your dose of entertainment. If you were interested in streaming this network, the following are some of the various methods you could use to do so:

1) Lifetime on Sling TV

With Sling TV streaming services, you can access a wide variety of popular cable channels delivered to you over the internet. With the basic package, you will have access to over 25 channels, including Lifetime, AMC, ESPN, Travel Channel, Food Network and much more. Sling TV will give you the versatility to watch Lifetime and the other channels on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, Android TV and many others. It is also possible to access Sling TV through your computer of mobile devices.

2) Purchase Lifetime shows online

At this particular moment, there are no other legal ways you could stream Lifetime programs other than through Sling TV. It is believed that this will last just for a short while as the network is working on more ways to make their content available to as many subscribers as possible.

However, you can still access Lifetime’s shows on demand after they are aired. For instance, you can use next-day services such as iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon Instant Video to get some of the Lifetime shows, such as Project Runway. With this method, you can pay for each episode you are interested in watching, but you should take note that this method will be expensive if you want to watch many shows over time. The only benefit it has is that you get to own the episodes and you can download to your PC and watch them at the time of your convenience.

3) External Websites

There are also a couple of external websites where you could catch up some of Lifetime shows. Most of these third party websites have no association with Lifetime and they also carry content of other channels. You should thus not expect to find all the Lifetime shows, though you can find a sizeable number that will keep you entertained for a while. Some of these websites include sidereel.com, nowwatchtvlive.com, and freeintertv.com amongst others.

Top shows on the Lifetime Network

Below are some of the top shows available on Lifetime television network:

Dance Moms – this is a show about a dance company in Pittsburgh and it highlights the lows and the highs of competitive dance seasons and the dancers’ quest to win the ultimate National Dance Title.

Unreal – Unreal has been airing on Lifetime Network for slightly over a decade now and it is a reality show, highlighting the kind of drama and the manipulations that happens behind the scenes before the final product is arrived at.

Project Runway – Project Runway is one of the signature shows of the Network. It is a competitive show where budding fashion designers are given a chance to launch their careers in fashion by displaying their design skills on the runway. The winner gets up to $100,000, $25,000 in cash, a fashion spread in Marie Claire Magazine and a car.

Devious Maids – Devious Maids aired on the network from 2013 to 2016, where it gained so much popularity and became one of the show’s top networks. It is a show about the life of a group of maids in Beverly Hills and how they turn to each other to offer support whenever they are experiencing bad times.

The other popular shows on the network worth mentioning include Little Women, Preacher’s Daughter, The Rap Game, Witches of East End, Drop Dead Diva, The Client List, and Pitch Slapped amongst others.

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