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kttv live

How Can I Watch KTTV Live Stream? Right Here!

You Can Watch KTTV Los Angeles Live Online (Public)

Short Introduction

KTTV, also known as Fox 11 or Fox Los Angeles, is a local TV channel owned by FOX. KTTV cooperates with KCOP and share broadcasting facilities in Los Angeles, California. The channel was founded in 1946 and had been affiliated with CBS, DuMont and Independent. In 1986, it became part of Rupert Murdoch's media imperium. In 2009, the channel swithced from analog to digital signal distribution. The channel is licensed by the FCC. Below, you can see the channel broadcasting live news (no commercial programming is available in this free stream).

Live Streaming Options for KTTV (Fox Los Angeles)

1) KTTV live stream through your service provider

KTTV is a local Fox affiliated TV channel that is accessable through Time Warner Cable, Directv from AT&T and Charter Communications. These TV providers might offer subscribers the ability to stream KTTV directly to any device of their choice, such as a Desktop, Laptop or Tablet PC or a smartphone. At the official site of FOX 11, a free live stream can be watched. This stream only shows news broadcasts.

2) Using a TV tuner

There also exist an alternative way to watch KTTV live stream on your PC if you already have a subscription and there is no live streaming offered by the TV provider. In this case, you should use a TV tuner on your computer and then connect it with the TV signal.

3) KTTV app

Using the KTTV (Fox 11) app, you can not only stay up to date with the latest news, weather and traffic information, but you also have the ability to watch streaming videos directly from the app. Please be aware that this might not be a live stream, but in stead a pre-recorded stream. The app can be downloaded free of charge.

Popular TV programs on KTTV

1) Modern Famlily

Modern Family is a popular sitcom that first aired on ABC in 2009 in which they follow the daily life of three American families living in suburban Los Angeles. Because the sitcom is in the style of a “mockumentary”, you can see many of the characters talking directly to the camera. The core characters of the serie are Jay Pritchett and his wife and children.

2) The Simpsons

Who doesn't know the Simpsons, right? Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson together with Marge Bouvier are the core characters of the most popular and longest airing animated sitcom in American history.

3) Family Guy

Family Guy is an animated comedy sitcom similar to The Simpsons. In stead, they are called the Griffins. Most people who like the humor of the Simpsons, do not appreciate the humor of Family Guy and vice versa.

4) TMZ on TV

A TV show dedicated to celebrities and gossip. On weekdays, the show lasts about half an hour. The weekend edition, on the other hand, last one full hour. The show tries to bring celebrity and entertainment news with a touch of humor.

5) The Wendy Williams Show

A talk show featuring the one and only Wendy Williams. As a popular actress, author and television host, she discusses a variety of topics in the daily life of celebrities.

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