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Tips For Finding Movies on Itunes®

When it used to be just a music store, finding different kinds of music was very easy with iTunes. But since its expansion, iTunes now has a great deal of content and going through all of it to find what you want may be a challenge. As a movie enthusiast, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge on how you can navigate the store and locate all your favorite shows without feeling lost as if you are in a movie store. This is the only way you will appreciate the lots of movie content the store has for you and also have an awesome experience as a user. Presented here are a few tips to help you get lots of movies from iTunes and enjoy visiting the site each and every time.

itunes movies

Always be alert

If you have preferences for a particular genre of video or actors, you will always be interested in their new works and follow the particular developments they may be having. iTunes gives you the ability to create alerts so that you can always know whenever there is anything about the movies or the artists whose shows you are interested. Simply log into your account and create any alerts you want under using the Alert Me Option. The other admirable thing about creating such alerts with iTunes is that you can always receive them via email notifications so that you don’t have to log into your iTunes account to know if there is any news on what you are interested in.

Make the Power Search Tool your Friend

iTunes Movies has a very powerful search tool that is heavily underutilized by many users. It is an awesome tool to search for movies and get everything you need from iTunes. It enables you to search for movies based on titles, actors, directors, years of release, genres, description etc. With the various pop up it has, you also have the ability to search for movies with the various ratings as well. Suppose you want only the movies that you can rent, it becomes pretty simple with this awesome search tool provided by iTunes.

Learn how to use iTunes Preview

The iTunes preview is another great feature you can use to get the most out of your movies from iTunes. The beauty of this tool is that you don’t need to have it installed in your computer but you can simply access it via your web browser. With the iTunes Preview, you will get all the relevant information you need about a movie or television series you are interested in, including the user ratings and reviews. It is also a good place to find out if a newly released show or movie is worth your time depending on the reviews and previews you get about them.

Use the Genius Feature

The Genius Feature came with iTunes 8 and it offers an awesome way to find different kinds of media you are interested based on the content that you have developed in your iTunes library. All you have to do is to submit your genius information to Apple, select a movie then take a gander at the genius sidebar to see the wealth of information you can get from there.  

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