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Hulu: Is Streaming TV Really That Convenient?


Hulu takes credit as the only place where you can get on demand streams of all the currently running shows from the top networks and a live streaming package of TV channels with premium channels as ADD ON. Hulu used to be completely free but has now transformed into a subscription based online streaming service. Hulu offers a free trial for new potential customers. As someone who is yearning to stream your favorite shows or channels, which option should you opt for? Here is a comprehensive comparison between the two to help you make your choice whether or not to get the content for free.


Content Offer (On Demand)

The amount of content is one of the major differences between Hulu Plus and Hulu.com. Both avail the same show titles and from the same networks but it is only at Hulu Plus where viewers are able to dig deep and get more information about their favorite programming. At Hulu.com, you can only access the last five episodes of the various shows while Hulu Plus gives you access to all the episodes, including the very initial ones.

It is true that Hulu’s prime focus is on television shows but it is also important to point out that it has a good number of full length movies. The difference between Hulu and similar content providers like Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix is that Hulu brings only movies which have been around for some time. You may therefore be disappointed if you go there searching for recent movies in Hulu.


Availability is another key difference between the two platforms from Hulu. Hulu.com, where you get the content for free is only available on computers via web browsers. You are strictly limited to accessing Hulu.com by using only computers. Hulu Plus, which is the paid version, is however available on a wide variety of devices. These include PCs as well as mobile devices such as iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Hulu Plus also has apps to enable you get its content on devices such as Kindle Fire, Barnes, Fire Phone and Noble Nook for those who wish to stream content through such devices.

On availability still, it will interest you to note that Hulu Plus is compatible with Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players and a myriad of streaming media players such as Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku.

Ease of Use

With regards to ease of use, both platforms have great designs with intuitive interfaces for ease of use. They both have search fields with advanced filters to enable you search for and locate the shows you want in the shortest possible time. You can search by actors, show names or titles, year of release, the genres amongst other filters.

Both interfaces also feature clear cut designs with well laid out navigations to help users find their way around the website. Also present is additional and relevant news on the film industry such as hot TV and movie listings, trending celebrity stories, popular trailers, short clips and introductory shows go get the attention of the users.

If you are interested just in modest amount of entertainment, especially with regards to TV shows, then Hulu.com would suffice. However, if you want to supercharge your entertainment so that you get all the shows and on any device, then you will be better off with Hulu Plus at a monthly subscription of $7.99.

The Pros of Having Hulu On Demand

Original Content

Hulu Plus has a rich collection of original content that has made it distinctively unique from other similar providers. This is not to say that the others don’t offer original programming, but the number of original content carried by Hulu is greater than the number of original content you are likely to find on Neflix or even Amazon Prime. Some of these programs have gone to become household names, making Hulu become more and more popular. They include but not limited to the The Housewives of Orlando, The Awesome, Saturday Night Live, East Lost High and Deadbeat amongst others.

Availability of Foreign Shows

For a very long time, the only way to catch up with your favorite UK shows was via BBC America. But with Hulu Plus, you can now have access to both old and new UK shows without having to rely on BBC America. For instance, you now have an easy way of watching UK hit shows like The Only Way is Essex and reality shows such as The Hills-Esque.

Weekly TV Viewing

Other than offering a humongous collection of original and exclusive content, Hulu Plus remains to be one of the top places to catch up on your favorite Network TV on a weekly basis. If you are a fan of Hulu, you have the liberty to catch up with the past seasons as well as all the current and on-going seasons of shows carried by other networks such as CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW, and ABC all from the comfort of your couch. So if you didn’t want to bother yourself with the respective network’s streaming pages, you can simply get on Hulu Plus for a great experience.

The Major Drawbacks of Hulu On Demand

Even though Hulu Plus is a great service and an awesome platform, there are certain cons that make it less favorable and convenient for some users. They include:

Hulu Plus Vs Netflix Vs Amazon Prime

Many people have found it challenging to choose between Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime. They all offer quality content and each and every one of them has its unique strengths that might be appealing to different kinds of people. Other than price, below is a brief comparison of the three so that you can find it easy when you need to make a choice on the one to go for:

Plans and Trial offers

Hulu Plus allow new users to have a trial period of just one week, where you can access all the premium content on the network, after which you will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee depending on the package you go for. Netflix and Amazon Prime on the other hand, offer a 30 day trial period during which you can have unlimited access to their programming. Once the trial period is over, you can then decide to choose any plan which you think fit for your needs.

Good Selection for your Money

Hulu Plus avails content from various providers such as Disney, NBC, Fox, Bevy Cable Channel and MTV. It also offers a more updated library of the shows than all of its competitors. Netflix also has an extensive selection, but it is not the best place to go to if you need more current content. Amazon Prime on the other hand has most of what you will find on Hulu Plus and Netflix, though the library may not be very extensive because Amazon Prime isn’t very old in the market.

Extra Features

Hulu Plus has limited commercials during shows and it also features movies and TV series aired by its competitors. Netflix has a commercial free platform and also allows users to rate shows and make personal recommendations based on the user’s past ratings. Amazon Prime also has a commercial free platform and this is not forgetting about the other extras that the subscription comes along with such as discounts and free shipping whenever you make purchases from Amazon.

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