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I Really Want to Watch High Quality Movies Online Without Much Nonsense, So What Are My Options?

Advancements in online technology and better internet connections have led to a wide array of entertainment options to be available for the average online user. Gone are the days when you had to wait for days to enjoy the latest release of your favorite movie or television show in your local store. Thanks to current technology, all things happen nearly instantly. In fact, people can watch movies online just hours after they have been released in cinema’s.  This is not, off course, always a legitimate way of watching movies, but still.

watching online movies

As much as you want to get the most out of your entertainment options, either at home or on the go, it is very important to consider that not all options will be legal. You need to be vigilant in your search so that you don’t risk getting arrested and prosecuted for accessing content without the necessary permission. This might also depend on the jurisdiction you are currently in.

Presented below are some of the entertainment options that are at your disposal. You can use them to access tens of thousands of movies and televisions shows. Kindly note that these sources are not exclusive in any way, but they are some of the best you can use at the moment. When time goes on, new ones are bound to be found, and we will keep you updated should there be any major change.

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Watching Movies Online via Streaming

If you have a good internet connection, and you know where to find the right websites, you can watch as many movies as you want through online streaming absolutely for free and without worrying about any subscriptions. There are four distinct methods through which you can stream movies and television shows, and they include: Streaming videos legally, streaming from third parties, accessing movies and shows from torrent sites and watching movies directly on your computers.

Streaming Video Legally – there exist many different video sharing platforms with lots of videos and television shows. One popular place to find a plethora of shows for free and without any legal restrictions is YouTube. There are also other similar sites to YouTube with best ones at the moment are Vimeo and Hulu.

The beauty of using these sites is that they tend to have lots of collection of movies and television shows. However, it may not be easy to find the popular shows and other well-known properties since the owners usually prefer other commercially friendly outlets other YouTube and such similar websites.

Streaming from Third Party Sites – the other way to stream videos legally from the internet is through the use of third party websites. There are plenty of such websites on the internet, and a simple Google search of your movie’s titles + Streaming will reveal to your several places where you can stream the content. Using a third party for streaming videos is not illegal and will not land you into any trouble but be careful when you want to download movies, or you want to submit a movie for others to stream.

You may not be allowed to download, and it may also be illegal for you to submit movies for others to stream unless you have the rights to do so. Again, you should be careful about downloading movies from such third party sites since there are malicious users who pack files with viruses and name them using the names of popular movie titles. Downloading such content and opening them on your computer may cause unspecified damages to your machine.

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Using torrent sites – Torrent sites are not accepted and not recommended for watching movies online. But that notwithstanding, there are millions of people around the globe who use such sites to find and download movies, and the televisions show they want for free.

torrent logo

To be safe when using such sites, you need to be very careful with the sites you decide to use as well as the particular files you decide to torrent. This begins by installing the right torrent client on your computer and finding an appropriate torrent tracker website that appears to be legitimate with genuine user submitted comments.

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The Good Old Movie Rentals

You may have thought that the period of movie rentals was over, but, unfortunately, that is not the case. Movie rentals are evolving to accommodate the needs of people who would like to watch movies and are not willing to pay the full price of owning the movies. Most of the movie rental solutions are available on a subscription basis, where you pay a certain amount of regular fees, and you get access to thousands of movies and television shows.
One admirable thing about online movie rental is the fact that they avail a wide variety of shows, and they are also current, implying that you can find the latest releases of your favorite movies and television shows soon after they are aired. Some of the options you have in this category includes:

Amazon Prime Instant Video – Amazon Prime Instant Video provides unlimited video streaming capabilities with additional benefits such as unlimited two-day shipping for every purchase you make, add free premium access to movies and television shows, photo storage amongst others. Once you pay for the membership of Amazon Prime, you will have the liberty to access the content via different devices such as Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Fire TV and selected versions of Android phones.
The only disadvantage noticed by most users of Prime is the rather confusing interface as compared to those of competitors such as Netflix.

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Apple TV – With the Apple TV Console, you get to stream HBO, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Hulu, and YouTube. You also have the pleasure to buy or rent movies and television shows from the Apple Store. The console can also allow you access to the various content on your iPad or iPhone thus introducing a great deal of flexibility in your entertainment.
With the Apple TV, however, you will have to pay extra more, which makes it slightly expensive if you want to get streaming services from the various content providers. If you are a loyal fan to the Apple brand, you will appreciate the convenience, ease, and the sleekness of Apple TV.

Google Chromecast - With Google Chromecast, you get a cheap, small and easy to install gadget that is fully loaded with YouTube, ESPN, Google Play, Netflix, Hulu Plus amongst others. The big advantage of Google Chromecast is that it has everything Apple TV has, and it is available at half the price of Apple TV. However, you will have to contend with its lack of Amazon Instant Video or iTunes library, and you will be compelled to pay more if you needed such streaming services.

google chromecast

The other solutions you can use to rent movies of television shows online include Vudu, The Library, Netflix, Hulu and Hulu Plus, Redbox and Roku amongst others which are yet to be known by the majority of the consumers. The basic principles behind the operations for such movie rental services are the same and variations may only come in from the content type offered as well as if they have streaming services. The price is another major difference likely to be noted with others charging a lot more for membership while others charge slightly lower yet offer almost similar services.

TV Tuner Cards as an Alternative to Using an Internet Connection

The other option which has provided a lot of convenience and flexibility when it comes to watching movies and television shows online is the use of TV Tuner Cards. These cards allow you to turn your computers into robust televisions sets with additional capabilities that might not be present in most of the online streaming options. Some of the specific benefits you get from TV Tuner Cards include but are not limited to the following:

  • You can watch and record shows from two channels simultaneously
  • They are easy to install and may not require any subscriptions once you buy the set
  • Have great room for extensibility in the sense that they can accept TV and Audio inputs, set-top boxes, etc.
  • Have internal splitters to allow a single cable to supply more than one channel at the same time
  • High quality pictures and clear audio

There are currently four different kinds of TV Turner Cards, the choice of which will depend on the particular applications you want them to do. These include Video Capture TV Turner cards, Mobile TV Turner cards, Hybrid Tuners and Combo TV Turners. Also depending on your choices, you can decide to go for digital or analog Turner cards with the majority of people preferring to use the digital cards due to the flexibility they have.

As internet and technology, in general, continue to expand, we can only expect to have more choices and solutions for watching movies online. Even movies in superior HD quality can now be streamed using the internet, while just a decade ago, people would already be happy if they could stream a mediocre quality video. We'll just have to wait and see what the future will bring!

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