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Discover Four Different Ways to Download Movies Directly From Youtube

The internet has made it possible for almost everyone to access streaming entertainment using a computer, mobile device or television. With music and videos being the most sought after forms of entertainment, surfers are always on the lookout for the best streaming sites (movies or music) demanding specific download options. YouTube is one such favorite spot where millions flock to on a daily basis to listen to music and watch all sorts of videos and movies.

Presented here are four different ways you can use to download and watch movies from YouTube:

download youtube movies

Using Download Software

The use of movie download software is the most common for people looking forward to watching or downloading movies from YouTube. The beauty of such software is that you can use them to download movies from multiple sites and not just YT alone. However, you might be required to purchase some of the download software since the free once may be very limiting. Additionally, you need to be very vigilant with the software you use because some may be dangerous and might harm your computers.

Downloading directly from the internet

Though it is not possible to download YouTube movies directly from the YT website, there are other websites that makes it possible for you to insert the movie link with slight modifications then give you a direct download link. For instance, adding double s (ss) before youtube in the url will give you a direct download link which you can use to download any music of video from YouTube. For example, if the movie url is http://www.youtube.com/movie_one, you simply add a double s so that it reads, http://www.ssyoutube.com/movie_one and you will have a direct download link for the movie.

Using Browsers

Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers also gives you a way to download any movie you want from YT. With Safari, you let the movie run for a few seconds until the video fills the grey progress bar, then you head over to the activity tab under the menu bar to locate the video url, then double click on it to start downloading it.
Firefox and Chrome browsers on the other hand will require you to have certain addons to make downloading movies from YouTube possible. For Firefox, you will have to download a plugin known as DownloadHelper and integrate it into your browser. Chrome on the other hand will require you to install an extension called YouTube Downloader to enable you download movies from YouTube. The great thing about using browser to download movies is the fact that they are safe and present no potent risk to the safety of your computer.

Using Media Players

Certain media players also allow you to download movies directly from the site itself. With such players, when you install them on your computer, every time you watch a movie or video from YouTube, it will present you with an option to automatically download the movie from YT. For example, a media player like RealPlay will instill RealPlay Downloader into your computer and with it, you can download any movie or music video you watch on YouTube.

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