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Is it Possible to Watch HBO Streaming Online? Why Should I Watch HBO?

Home Box Office (HBO): Introduction

Home Box Office is the oldest and the longest operating pay television service provider in the United States. It has been operational since November 1972 and it offers premium cable and satellite television services to Americans. The network is owned by Home Box Office Inc., a subsidiary of Time Warner.

Popularity in the United States

Being the oldest pay television network in the country, HBO enjoys a large viewership from people across all ages. This is due to its rich blend of programs that feature movies, television series, boxing, documentaries, concert specials and standup comedy. It is estimated that close to 68 million households in the United States have access to the primary HBO channels. This accounts for about 70% of the total subscribers of pay television in the US having access to this network. With such a massive viewership, it is the second largest premium channel in the United States.

hbo go logo

HBO TV Programming

The success of HBO as a network can be attributed to the quality of its programs as well as the manner in which the programming has been designed. Within the network, there are various channels that are dedicated to serving just a particular group of people. In this manner, subscribers only pay for what they need and not just making blanket subscription for everything offered by the network. For instance, the various channels available include HBO Family, HBO Zone, HBO Latino, HBO Signature, HBO2 and HBO Comedy. Such a customization is not common with most of the cable and satellite television providers.

Click here for a full schedule of HBO.

Availability outside the United States

Unlike the other cable and satellite television service providers, who only cater for subscribers in the United States, HBO has an extensive subscriber base in over 150 countries worldwide. This adds an additional 122 million subscribers to the network.

Streaming HBO Live

Other than providing content through cable and satellite services, HBO also offers its content through digital media and this is why the network is able to be accessed by millions worldwide. This has been made possible through HBO Go - a Video on Demand streaming service. The service is available via a website as well as a myriad of mobile apps but exclusively to those who have active subscription to the HBO linear channel suite.

Live stream of HBO programs is also available through HBO Now services. The HBO Now Services is a standalone service launched in April 2015. It is a subscription service that offers a live streaming platform without the need of subscribing to the parent HBO television services. With the presence of HBO Now, the potential reach of the network is larger in the foreign countries as compared to the United States. Besides, the live stream services are relatively cheaper in other countries as compared to the cost of accessing the same services in the United States.

HBO will continue to serve as one of the premium pay television service providers in the United States. With the innovations and inclusion of new services like HBO Now, it is only expected that the network will increase its foot prints all over the globe. As a result, there will be more entertainment options via live streaming for many people living miles away from the United States.

HBO GO now includes a streaming app that supports Android®, Iphone® and Ipad® devices.

Alternative Live Stream to HBO

Some of the Most Popular Live TV Programs on MSNBC...

Game of Thrones

Talking about the popular programs and television shows in HBO, Game of Thrones is certain to feature as one of the most popular shows. Ever since its debut in 2011, the television series has continued to attract more fans, and this has made HBO continue ordering more series. Currently, Game of Thrones has been renewed for the sixth season, with the first episode scheduled to premiere on April 2016.

Game of Thrones is based on George Martin’s best-selling book series named “A song on Fire of Ice”. The story features a medieval fantasy as two powerful families play a deadly game in order to gain dominance and control over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. It is a story with both extremes in life featuring queens and kings, liars and honest men and renegades and knights. The incredibly addictive and entertaining Game of Thrones television series is filmed in Malta and Northern Ireland.

The Sopranos

This was another popular television series not only in HBO but the entire United States. It is an American crime drama that revolves around the fictional character of Tony Soprano – Italian-American mobster based in New Jersey. The show debuted on the premium cable network HBO in January 1999 and aired the first six seasons which featured a total of 86 episodes until June 2007. The Sopranos was commended for being some of the greatest television series of the present times. This is not just about the warm reception it got but also the numerous awards it bagged during its prime time.

In The Sopranos, you treated to the story of a man and the difficulties he faces as he tries to juggle around between his home life and the criminal organization which he is running. He seeks the services of a therapist to help him find a solution to his personal and professional problems which at times make him experience panic attacks. His life is that full of constant dealings with professional and personal power struggles, violence, affairs, as well as the fear of betrayal and exposure.

the sopranos hbo


Veep television series was created by Armando Iannucci featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The set is in the office of Selina Meyer, a fictional character playing the role of Vice President and the future president of the United States of America. Veep first premiered on HBO in 2012 with an eight-episode season which was later followed by a second ten-episode season that debuted on April 2013. Due to its warm reception and the number of fans it gathered with time, HBO renewed Veep for a third season featuring ten episodes which began in April 2014. The first season of Veep is scheduled to premiere on April 2016.

Veep is the story of Vice President Sen. Selina Meyer and her struggles as she tries to put out political fires, balance her busy public schedule with the equally important private life, and also try to everything within her powers work on her dysfunctional relationship. Meyer also has to deal with his aides, some of which cannot be trusted and who would be happy to see her downfall so that she doesn’t ascend to the top seat as the president of the United States of America.

True Detectives

True Detectives is another popular American anthology crime drama within the HBO network. The True Detective television series was created and written by Nic Pizzolatto. The series first premiered on January 2014, and it is structured in a manner that each season is a self-contained narrative with a new cast and follows different sets of settings and characters.

In True Detective, the detectives try to weave out a sophisticated web of conspiracy and instances of betrayal revolving around a weird murder in Southern California. For instance, when a city manager is murdered in cold blood by unknown assailants in season two, Ray Velcoro is in a dilemma whether to choose to serve his job or his masters in the Mafia. What about Frank Semyon, who is a criminal entrepreneur on the verge of losing his business empire and there is also Ani Bezzerides who displays unpopular resolute ethics.


This is an American Western TV series that aired on premium cable network HBO between March 2004 and August 2006. It had a total of three seasons, each with 12 episodes. The show was produced and written by David Milch. The setting depicts the 1870s in Deadwood, South Dakota before the region was annexed to Dakota Territory. In the series, you see Dakota transformed from just mere campsite to a fully fledged town with a wide range of themes.

The characters in this television series were primarily historical figures, and the cast included people such as Sol Star, George Crook, Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, Charlie Utter and George Hearst amongst others. The plot of the Deadwood television series involved a lot of historical truths as well as a fair amount of fictional elements. In its production, the writer made references to actual diaries as well as newspapers in Deadwood during the 1870s to create characters, events and the overall look and feel of the show.

deadwood hbo

In this television series, you encounter a huge number of people trooping into Deadwood after the post-civil war years to mine gold and strike it rich. While this happens, there is also a good number of persons who want to capitalize on the absence of organized law in the area to commit crimes. It is an interesting walk back into the past, with a lot of historical relevance mixed with fiction for pure entertainment value.

The Wire

The Wire is an awesome crime drama television series produced in Baltimore, Maryland. The television series premiered in June 2002 and ended six years later in March 2008, having aired a total of five seasons comprising of 60 episodes.

The Wire’s popularity came about due to its literary thematic which involved acute exploration of political and social themes as well as its realistic depiction of the city life. Though the show had average ratings for its entire duration, it never managed to win any major television awards but was still regarded as one of the best and the greatest television series of all times.  

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