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How to Stream Football Live Online..

Football is one of the most popular games on the planet. So passionate are the fans that they are willing to travel miles upon miles to offer the much needed moral support whenever their teams are playing. For those who are not able to make the travels, they take solace in the presence of their television where they can follow live game events. But with the advent of the internet and live streaming, more options are now available to football fanatics who can neither make it to the stadiums nor watch the games live on television.

watching live football

There are various websites which offer either free or paid live streaming services for football and they have given people the flexibility needed to watch their favorite matches on the go. All you need is a computer and a connection to the internet and you will be able to watch all the games live. Presented here are some of the best places where you can get quality football live stream services in the internet. Some are free while other will requires subscription fees.

1) WatchESPN

ESPN is a renowned sports channel in the United States. To watch football live stream on WatchESPN however, you will be required to have an active cable services from the traditional cable providers. Without that, streaming anything live from this website is technically impossible. But if you can have access, it should be at the top of your list for any sports streaming needs you have.

Other than offering quality HD football live stream, WatchESPN also offers every conceivable sport you may think about in the United States. Being a paid subscription, the viewing experience is on top of the world with the versatility to access the live streams not only over the web, but also over other devices such as mobile and game systems. Users outside the United States will be disappointed because this is available to users in the United States only.

2) Sport Lemon TV

Sports Lemon TV is without a doubt one of the biggest and the most dependable places for streaming sports in the internet. The website has all the major sports and it provides you with multiple links just in case you find a link to a stream that is either broken or not working. Football live stream is thus made easy with Sport Lemon TV and you will also enjoy the fact that your streaming will not be interrupted by annoying ads or the need to download any piece of software before you can enjoy the live streams. In addition to live football streams, you will find other sports such as hockey, cycling, golf, basketball, tennis and baseball among others also available for live stream from this website.

3) Stream to Watch

Stream to watch is another awesome option for people looking for reliable football stream. One beautiful thing you will love about this website is the fact that it is a one-stop-shop for online sports streaming. Available in the website are multiple links to various streams so that you are never worried that one link never worked.

Additionally, Stream to Watch offers links to live sports TV stations and this is a cool inclusion for those in need of commentaries, reviews and previews of matches. Just like with most of the other football live stream websites, Stream to Watch also gives you access to stream other sports including rugby, hockey, basketball, baseball and many others. The only thing you might find annoying with this website is the huge number of ads and these might hamper the streaming experience.

However, this is expected given that the services are available on the internet absolutely for free.

4) Bet365

Bet365 is one of the leading betting websites in the world. It comes with a stellar reputation of also being the sponsor of some the football teams in Europe. Due to this, they offer streaming service for a wide variety of sports. These include but are not limited to football, hockey, table tennis, Volleyball, tennis and many more.

If you are a fan of European football, commonly known as soccer in the United States, you will be pleased with the streaming options available for you at Bet365. The streaming is not free and only available on subscription, but they are of good quality and you will also enjoy the variety of the content available once you have a subscription package.

5) Wiziwig TV

If you are a fan of college football in the Unites States and you are looking for the best place to catch all the actions live online, then you need to be aware of the presence of the Wizwig TV. This is a top class website which gives you access to fast, quality and reliable football live stream for various matches taking place within the college football games. The interface of the website is very clean, with clear navigations thus making every user to have a great experience with it.
This is not to mention the fact that it offers not only football live stream but also you can have access to other sports including cycling, tennis, rugby, baseball, basketball and cricket amongst others. The fact that streaming football from this site is absolutely free is one of the reasons which make the website incredibly popular amongst American football lovers.

sample streaming 1

6) BetFair

BetFair is another top choice betting website where you can satisfy your appetite for football live stream. Being a premium betting website with quality HD streaming of various live games, you will be required to have an account in order to access all the live stream events offered in the website. Once you sign up and your account is approved, you will gain access not only to football live stream but also others sports such as hockey, baseball, volleyball, darts, cricket, ice hockey, Rugby league, handball and bowls. It is an awesome if you are looking for a centralized place to get all your sport action in one place.

7) Stream Woop

Stream Woop is a relatively new sports streaming aggregator which provides users with multiple links to live streams of virtually every popular sport in the United States. If you are a fan of American football, this would be a nice place to find endless football live stream for your favorite games. But it is worth noting that Stream Woop is ideal not only for American Sports lovers. As a matter of fact, the services have been praised for being on a class of their own when it comes to streaming live sports across the entire globe.

European soccer lovers therefore also have a chance to watch their favorite teams battle it out live in the top leagues in Europe such as the Premier League, League 1, La Liga and many more. Also, it is a good place to catch the action in other sports such as hockey, golf, basketball, cycling, rugby, tennis, volleyball, cricket, handball, ice hockey, racing, swimming, boxing and many more.

8) First Row Sports

First Row Sports is another popular sport streaming website you can always turn to for football live stream. It has been around for a number of years, during which it has been providing the public with multiple streaming sports links to various sports including American Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, handball and golf amongst others.

Though you might find some links that aren’t working in the website, and this may be very irritating, the site is still very popular because you don’t need to have an account or pay regular subscription fees in order to access the live streams. The layout is also clean and intuitive thus making it very friendly to use for a wide range of users. It has ads, but they are not as annoying as those found in the other free streaming sites and you also won’t have to worry about downloading any software in order to use the site.

9) LS Hunter

LS Hunter is not a very popular football live stream website and this is where it gets its competitive advantage. It doesn’t command a large user base as the rest but it provides are awesome streaming experience, especially for those interested in football. The content is presented in a clean and clear interface, giving links to all the categories of sports available for live stream. Other than football, you will be delighted to find other sports available and these include volleyball, baseball, basketball, rugby, hockey and many more.

sample streaming 2


BOSSCAST carries all the sports streams you can ever imagine of. The website seems to be tailored towards the major sports in the United States hence you are guaranteed to find streams to the most popular sports available. The design of the interface is very friendly, with clear cut navigation to help you choose on the sports you would like to stream. Against each sport, there will be a blinking arrow to show that the sport is currently available for live stream and if it had been played in the past, you will get a link to the replay. BOSSCAST also gives access to Sky Sport and this is ideal for users interested in European football.

For legal reasons, we do NOT link to certain of the aforementioned websites.