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How Can I Watch ESPN Live Stream LEGALLY?

Short Introduction

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, abbreviated as ESPN, is the undisputed leader when it comes to sports programming in the world. It is a US based global satellite and cable television channel owned by ESPN Inc. and headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut. So popular is the channel, such that it has become synonymous to almost every sport in the country.

ESPN is also available in the UK, watch the video below for a fragmen of ESPN UK:

It is one the one sure place you can head to whenever you need to catch up with your latest sports activities and it is also the top choice place to stream live sports as they occur. Let ESPN be your ultimate sports companion and you will never miss any of the actions.

ESPN: Overview of Live Streaming Options

It is only logic that a network such as ESPN gives all their fans and viewers a variety of options to access their favorite shows and sporting actions in the most favorable manner. There would be no other way to achieve this other than the provision of live streaming services, so that you don’t miss any sporting activity simply because you were not at home, or close to a television set when the game has just begun. The good news is that this is never the case, since there are awesome ESPN live stream options you can use at any time of your convenience. They include the following:

ESPN Live Stream with Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most affordable and reliable options for live stream ESPN. Sling TV works just like Hulu and Netflix in the sense that it will let you watch TV programs using your computer, mobile devices or any other streaming device like Roku, Apple TV etc. One additional benefit you get from Sling TV and which lacks in the other options is the ability to get live streams of most of the cable channels. For only $20 a month, you can get clear and stable ESPN live stream as well as other cable channels any time of the day or night.

Watch ESPN Live on Your TV

Since many people may not be comfortable staring at their computers or phones for hours watching ESPN live, it is possible to watch ESPN live on your television set at home. The easiest option to achieve this is to use a streaming box like Amazon Fire TV, Roku 3, or Apple TV. To start streaming ESPN live with your TV using these devices, you will have to connect the box to your router through either a wireless network or via Ethernet. After that, all you have to do is to connect the box to your TV and you will be good to go.

Watch the video below for watching a demo on how to watch ESPN using Roku:

Watch ESPN Live on PlayStation Vue

Just like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue is a new live streaming service which you can use to get ESPN live streams. If you are a subscriber to PlayStation Vue, you can include ESPN channel as part of your bundle and you will be able to access live streams without any hassles.

ESPN Online for Free

There are certain websites which offer live ESPN streams for free, but this is a very dangerous route and one which we strongly advice against. Apart from exposing your computer or mobile devices to lethal malwares, you also run the risk of revealing crucial information about yourself which might be used by fraudsters for a number of reasons.

If you want to watch ESPN online for free, you may opt for the seven day trial period offered by Sling TV. With that, you can access all the live streams without spending a dime, but your access will end once the seven days are over.

Alternative Stream For ESPN (Public Stream)

Some of the Most Popular Live TV Programs on ESPN...

Sports Center

Sports Center is a daily broadcasted television program airing on ESPN’s primary channel. In the past, the program used to air just ones but now airs up to twelve times a day. It features updates and highlights, review scores from the day’s major sporting events, analysis and previews of upcoming games, new stories and feature segments from around the sporting world.

Sports Center has been around for close to three and a half decades, having premiered on September 1979. Ever since the show began, it has aired more than 50,000 unique episodes, and this is more than any other program in the history of American television. The show broadcasts from ESPN’s studios in Los Angeles, California and the Bristol facility in Connecticut. Apart from airing network-exclusive episodes on sister networks such as ESPN News and ESPN2, the show also produces short in-game updates for the sports events aired on ABC.

Sports Center airs daily on weekdays from 7:00 am to 1:30 pm, 11:00pm, 12:00 am and 1:00am EST. The early evening broadcast usually runs for between 60 and 90 minutes while the late editions run for 60 minutes each. The program’s broadcast at 1:00 am is usually repeated 7:00 am in the morning EST. The show also airs on Sundays for one hour from 8:00 am with another edition airing at 10:00 am.

espn sports center

If there is any live coverage of a sporting event in the network, the show may be delayed or potentially moved to a sister broadcaster such as ESPN News or ESPN2 if there are no live shows taking place during those times. The program may also at times start early and run long, especially in instances when there is a live game on schedule or when there is breaking the news that warrants the delay of the broadcast. Ever since 2009, the show has been airing the 1:00am edition live from Los Angeles, and the edition is repeated multiple times during the overnight hours.

In addition to showing game highlights as well as news on the day’s sporting activities, Sports Center also features live reports and sporting events that are yet to be held or those that have already been concluded. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive analysis of already completed events as well as the upcoming ones from sports-specific experts and panelists. This is also the segment that features interviews with players, franchise managements, coaches, managers, etc.

Pardon the Interruptions

Pardon the Interruptions, also known as PTI, is a sports television program that airs on various ESPN channels, including ESPN3, ESPN America and TSN. The show is hosted by Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser. The focus of the show is to discuss and sometimes argue the top stories of the day making headlines in the sporting world.

If you have had the pleasure of watching Siskel and Ebert, then you will notice a lot of similarities in the format of PTI. In most of the cases, the show is humorous and comes with characteristic loud tone and a rundown graphic on the right hand side of the screen to tell the viewers the list of topics that will be discussed. It is due to the immense popularity of the show among sporting fans that has led other television networks to create similar shows like the PTI and air them almost at the same time to try and “hijack” some of the viewers. However, despite the imitations, ESPN still reigns in the rendition and prediction of the show which has captured the hearts of many sports lovers drawn from different disciplines.

Mike & Mike    

Mike & Mike, formerly known as Mike & Mike in the morning is a popular American sports talk show hosted by Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic on ESPN Radio. The show is also simulcast in various ESPN televisions. If there is any live sporting event being broadcasted by the network as the timeslot for this show, then it will be carried by Sports Center on ESPN2. Suppose both ESPN and ESPN2 are covering a live sporting event, then the show will be moved to ESPN Classic and ESPNU. Mike & Mike has become a compulsory ESPN radio program that all networks affiliated to ESPN are expected to carry.

The focus on the Mike & Mike Show is on the biggest sporting topics of the day presented in a jovial and humorous manner by the two Mikes. The duo recently celebrated fifteen years of working together in presenting the show, and this was a major feat, not just for the individuals but also for the fans and the network since it is not every day that you find presenters who can stick together and do such a stellar job for that long. Another exciting news for the show and its duo presenters came in late December 2015 when ESPN president hinted that Mike & Mike would soon be inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame in early 2016, probably in April.

mike and mike


This is a sports-related television program which airs on various ESPN channels including ESPN, ESPN News and ESPN 2. The show is based on the poll section and fan forum of ESPN, SportsNation. The bulk of the content for the show is primarily user generated and it includes videos from the internet, tweets by athletes as well as an online polling on a wide variety of topics. Before being fixed on the ESPN3 weekday afternoon block, the show occasionally aired on segments of ESPN and ESPN2.

The scheduling and the presentation of the program are in such a manner that it carries a wide variety of topics that will be of interest to different people within the sporting world. Some of the notable segments include Winners and Losers, The A Block, Did you Hear That, Collin’s Pictures, Fake Calls from Real Fans, Game Time, Power Rankings and Pulse of the Nation. Also included are special episodes to capture various not-ordinary activities that might be taking place in the sporting world.  

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