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Dish TV or Dish Network: Both are Satellite TV Providers. What's the Difference?

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Technological and service advancements in the last decades have allowed for an unprecedented expansion of both the quality and ease of a variety of entertainment options. Amongst these better-than-ever entertainment options is satellite television.

After years of research, planning, and adapting to better serve the needs of the customer, satellite TV providers have each improved in general quality, as of late. Among these benefits are stunning high-definition broadcasting, an outstandingly wide array of channels to choose from, live-event (pay-per-view) purchase options, and incredibly affordable prices. While each provider has once again improved the quality of their services, one brand name has been mentioned so often that it might lead to some confusion: DISH TV.

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american dish network tv

So this means that it’s important to note that the ultra-successful and highly reputable "Dish TV" does in fact have several variations that one must consider before purchasing (or researching), based upon his or her geographic location. Let's start with the first one. Dish Network is an American satellite TV provider that boasts nearly fourteen million television subscriptions! In addition to a variety of stunning HD channels, the company also offers on-demand movies and shows, live events, and much more. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a satellite TV subscription (while living in the US) should consider Dish Network.

An entirely separate company (based upon geographic location), Dish TV is an Indian satellite TV provider that has a similar number of Indian subscribers as its American cousin company (slightly less, but nearly fourteen million). The features provided by the company are similarly convenient and entertaining, and Dish TV boasts a similar number of channels, quality of programming, and live events. It truly is impressive that, despite being so far apart, two geographic locations in most every part of the world can enjoy the awesome entertainment provided by satellite TV. For as awesome as this is, the reality is that many consumers still aren’t sold on satellite television altogether, but are rather more interested in other types of entertainment. Let’s try and fill these individuals in on what they’re missing!

indian dish tv

First, satellite television is much more affordable than most other types of comparable entertainment—cable TV, for instance. Because the beams projected by the satellites that provide the signals for providers are much less costly to supply to customers, the general price of satellite television is considerably lower; the installation behind cable is more costly, and that is reflected in the monthly price. Anyone who is concerned with saving money—both in the short and long term—on a television subscription shouldn’t overlook how much more affordable satellite TV is.

Next, satellite television has the distinct advantage over cable TV of being available anywhere. As a space-placed satellite once again projects the signals for the entertainment, these signals are available everywhere; for those living in rural and non-heavily populated areas especially, there’s a good chance that cable TV isn’t available.

These benefits are certainly real, as countless worldwide satellite television subscribers can attest to. But, one may ask, why should Dish (Network or TV) be chosen in this crowded field of providers? There are a number of similarly real—and widely appreciated—benefits to choosing Dish as well! First, Dish makes good use of the most advanced recording tool in the industry—the Hopper. Live TV can be watched anywhere (on the go or in the house) with the Hopper, and a resounding eight channels can be recorded at once! Commercials can then be skipped, and one is sure to catch the show, event, or movie that he or she is anticipating.

Furthermore, Dish (once again both TV and Network) provides the most reliable and durable equipment around. The outer-home satellite is made of high-quality and incredibly strong materials, and can withstand even the most tumultuous of temperatures and weather patterns. The in-home boxes are slick, small, and truly eye-catching (this isn’t an exaggeration, either, especially when the competitors’ options are viewed!). The television remotes are similarly slick and easy-to-use—an even bigger positive for many customers and potential customers. The hardware provided by Dish is more durable—and reliable—than that of the competition. In short, anyone who is concerned with a positive hardware appearance—and reliability—has yet another reason to consider Dish.

dish tv logo

As an additional note, Dish has the easiest-to-use interface of any TV provider. Countless hours of research and effort have been put into assuring that the menus, guides, and general display of Dish hardware is simple, slick, and helpful; and the results speak for themselves. Countless customers appreciate and rely upon this interface, and it truly cannot be found elsewhere.

Finally, Dish has more HD and 3D coverage than any other provider, and is also generally more vivid and colorful. The wide selection of channels boasted by the provider is further enhanced by this; any type of viewer, looking for any type of content, truly will find something to appreciate and enjoy. The same simply cannot be said for other providers—cable or satellite. The aforementioned picture-quality factors are also very real and noticeable. It may take a scientist and/or a Dish employee to explain just why their (and satellite TV, generally) looks so much better than the competition, but the result of this explanation doesn’t require anything but a look for verification!

Dish is a great provider, plain and simple—hence the millions of customers that they satisfy. Moreover, even if for some (absolutely crazy!) reason, one isn’t yet sold on Dish, hopefully he or she sees the benefits of satellite TV in general, as compared to cable. Lower prices, more reliable coverage, a better chance of area availability, and several other benefits represent a valid argument in favor of satellite. Frankly, it’s difficult to provide an objective argument against satellite TV, while favoring cable. Accordingly, anyone interested in entertainment shouldn’t hesitate to subscribe with a satellite provider. The entertainment benefits themselves are great—the all-encompassing array of things to watch truly is something to marvel at! Moreover, the prices and convenience of the coverage make it a slam-dunk for most.

Every day that one waits to purchase a Dish subscription will be another day without an incredible catalogue of entertainment, so don’t delay!

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Dish Network now has it's own streaming service..

The streaming TV service is called "Sling TV " and offers live streaming TV and on-demand episodes. For more information on this live TV service, please click here.


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