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How Can I Watch Discovery Channel Live? Legally?

Short Introduction:

Formerly known as The Discovery Channel, Discovery Channel is a satellite and basic cable channel owned and operated by Discovery Communications. According to statistics collected in 2012, Discovery Channel emerged as the third most widely distributed channel in the entire country, after The Weather Channel and TBS. Close to 410 million households across the world have access to Discovery Channel, making it a monstrous entertainment source for millions of people across the world.

Alternative Live Stream For Discovery Channel (Public Stream)

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Discovery Channel (Live) Streaming Options

With the popularity of Discovery Channel across the world, it is gratifying to note that there are various ways to watch their shows and programs online. This effectively takes away the need to constantly be in front of your television show if you needed to watch your favorite shows. Listed below are some ways through you which you can catch up with your favorite Discovery channel shows using your computer or mobile devices:

Watch Discovery Channel on PlayStation Vue

Not long ago, PlayStation Vue was available in just a couple of USA cities and was restricted to PS3 and PS4 consoles alone. But now we are happy to inform you that the streaming services by PlayStation Vue are available throughout the whole country and you don’t have to use the initial consoles for the streaming. At only $29.99 per month, you will have pleasure to stream a lot of premium cable content, including your favorite shows on Discovery Channel. In addition to PS3 and PS4, you can also access Discovery Channel through other devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and iPad.

Some interesting facts from Discovery:

Watch Discovery Channel on Hulu TV

A lot of people across the country are replacing regular cable services with on-demand services like Hulu or even Netflix. These on-demand services are convenient, easily accessible and affordable and they also present a lot of flexibility and versatility when it comes to the viewing experience. With Hulu therefore, you are able to get any Discovery Channel you need on demand. It makes it easy for you to watch popular Discovery Channels like Mythbusters, Gold Rush, Man Vs Wild, Deadliest Catch, and Naked and Afraid so conveniently.

Buy Episodes for online and offline watching

Even though PlayStation Vue is one of the most efficient way to stream live Discovery Channel programs, you can still decide to purchase the individual episodes through your preferred digital retailers like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu. If you decide on this method however, be prepared to spend some cash since each episode goes for at least $2.

Discovery Channel: Recommended Programs

It could be frustrating to start rating all the shows by Discovery Channel in a bid to find the best and the worst ones. This is because the channel has invested a lot in its programs and they appeal with equal measures of passion to the particular target groups. Here is a list of the some of the highly rated Discovery Channel shows that’s worth checking out:

Naked Truth – This is a survival-skills reality show, where strange men and women are paired and exposed to some of the world’s most extreme conditions. Each pair will then be left without any supplies, i.e. water, clothing and food. The objective for them is to survive for 21 days on their own.

Shark Week – this is one of the longest running programs in Discovery Channel. It has been around since 1988 and up to date, it continues to draw in more fans. Through this show, viewers are able to have a closer look at the world’s greatest predators.

Moonshiners – Moonshiners premiered in Discovery Channel in 2011 and has since grown to be one of the most favorite programs of the network. It is the story of illegal moonshine producers who ply their trade in The Appalachian Mountains of the Carolinas and Virginia.

Amish Mafia – This is the story of the Amish Community from Lancaster County, Penn. It is a show of the struggle as the mafia attempts to protect the community from all forms of external influence. But as this happens, Lebanon Levi, together with his three assistants also have to deal with their own power struggles.

Gold Rush – this is a series on the Discovery Channel which has been running since 2010. It’s all about gold mining in Alaska, Guyana and the Klondike by various miners.

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