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Why is Directv® the Biggest Satellite TV Provider in the USA?

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dish      versusdirectv

There is no doubt that Directv® enjoys the lion’s share when it comes to the total number of subscribers of satellite television in the United States. But its dominance as a leading satellite television service provider did not just come overnight. Most of the subscribers will attest to the quality and the convenience they have achieved from the services of the company.

Again, the fact that the company puts its subscriber’s needs as a #1 priority has also contributed to them being the most loved satellite TV provider in the country. Here are some of the reason why Directv leads and will continue to lead, at least for some time in the satellite TV industry in the United States:

High Definition Programming

Every subscriber has a desire for clear and sharp resolutions when it comes to television signals. High definition tv-viewing is in fact considered the new standard as it enables present day viewers to watch programs with higher resolutions than evern before (1080p and ULTRA HD in the future) on bigger TV screens. Directv offers a wide range of (digital) high definition television channels and thus giving their viewers exactly what they want!

DVR Capabilities

With DVR services, consumers are able to schedule and record their favorite programs even when they are away from home. All you have to do is to log in into your account then locate the program you would like to record before they play. In this manner, you will never miss a show because it aired when you were a way. Directv offers DVR capabilities depending on the package you choose. This is simply exemplary and not many satellites TV service providers have such a capability, making Directv to be the best.

digital dvr recorder from directv

Click here to visit the official Directv® website.

Great Deal of High Definition Channels

One of the pleasures of subscribing for satellite television services is so that you have a lot of options for your entertainment. Whereas other providers also avail a lot of programming, they are unable to do so in high definition. Directv on the other hand provides several high definition channels so that you can have a wholesome entertainment package right at your living room. These channels include sports, reality shows, movies, television series, comedies, documentaries and many more.

directv coverage

Good Customer experience

The customer experience at Directv is very encouraging. This is a very important issue when dealing with subscriptions services since there are certain times when you may run into trouble and you need to get in touch with the contact center to help you in troubleshooting the problem. With Directv, they are prompt in their responses and will always respond to your issues with a lot of professionalism. They know how to make their subscribers smile and keep them happy whenever they encounter any problems with the services.

Flexible pricing options

Flexibility in the pricing options is another reason why Directv is the leading provider of satellite television services in the United States. They have made it so affordable that you don’t have to pay very expensive subscription fees in order to access quality HD channels. Besides, they allow bundling for those who would wish to have telephone as well as internet services together with their satellite television package. This even provides more varieties to the consumers.

DirecTV now has it's own streaming service..

The streaming TV service is called "DirecTV Now" and offers live streaming TV and on-demand entertainment. For more information on this service, please click here.


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