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Crackle - Online Streaming Provider Reviewed

The internet has led to endless possibilities when it comes to watching movies and TV shows with the click of a button. With high speed internet connections and lots of streaming options, gone are the days when you had to be present in your living room so that you catch up with your favorite shows. Currently, all you need is a device that can connect to the internet and a subscription to your favorite streaming service and you will never miss a show again.

crackle tv

Whereas the majority of online entertainment enthusiasts are well aware of streaming services such as HULU, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sony’s PlayStation Vue amongst others, the world is coming to the realization of another entrant who is already giving the industry streaming giants a run for their money - Crackle TV. Most of the streaming services are subscription based, implying that you must have an active subscription to the services for you to access the content. But this is not the case when it comes to Crackle TV, and this is where a whole world of difference begins.

About Crackle TV

Crackle TV is an online distributor of original Hollywood movies, web shows, and TV Shows. Crackle was founded in the early 2000 as Grouper and was later on rebranded to Crackle in 2007. Sony Pictures Entertainment is the owner of the service and it is free with commercials on all the platforms it’s got support for. Since it is owned by Sony Pictures, it has a continuous flow of programming and new movies which keeps it fresh all the times.

If you have been on the lookout for a great way to enjoy movies and TV shows without worrying much about subscriptions, then Crackle is one of the best options available to you. Just like any other streaming service, it has its upsides and downsides, though we can authoritatively say that the upsides are far much better than the downsides. One of the reasons why it is an outright winner for most of the people is that you don’t have to pay a dime to access it.

Crackle Service Features

Crackle has comes it to fill a niche that is currently not filled by any other streaming service. It is a fact that already there are plenty of options for individuals in need of movies and TV shows online, but most of them will demand you pay for what you watch. Other than just being free, the real gem with Crackle streaming services lies in its original content. This is admirable and at the same time enviable since you will never find some of its content in any other place.

The interface

Though it may not be hailed as the best interface for an online streaming service, Crackle comes with an above average interface, and if you are conversant with Netflix, you will agree that they are almost similar. Access to the shows and the movies is fairly easy, since they appear on a row. It thus makes it easy for you to scan through and see what is available. The interface also has a search functionality which is fairly intuitive to use and this makes searching for shows and movies a real breeze.

Not lots of brand new movies

In as much as Crackle is an awesome place for original content, it lags behind the likes of Netflix when it comes to content. You won’t be lucky enough if you are keen on brand new movies, but you will get a good library of the older films. This is also the same case when it comes to television shows. You may not find most of the brand new shows, but you will be pleased with their collection of the older gems they have in their library. They even have a decent volume of anime titles, unlike most of the subscription-based streaming services.

One thing worth pointing out about the movies and the television series available at Crackle is that the service will keep a movie or a television show for a particular time frame then remove them. It implies that you may watch a section of a television series today and when you come back at a later date, you find that it has already been removed.

Crackle Video Quality

It can be said that the video quality in Crackle is good, but definitely not the best. With fluctuating internet speeds, you have the option to adjust the quality of the movie or TV show you are watching so that it works best with your current internet connection. The video resolution at Crackle is capped at 480p, though this may not be considered the best if you were interested in superior video quality. It is, however, comforting to note that the poor video quality will only be noticed if you are watching movies or television shows on high definition screens, but for normal screens and normal viewing, the experience will be satisfactory enough.

About the Ads in Crackle

Crackle is free and as such, it displays ads in both TV shows and movies. One of the ads will appear at the beginning of the show and as you continue to watch the show, more and more ads will keep on appearing. Shorter movies have fewer ads and longer movies have more ads. One thing you will like about the ads is that Crackle shows you the exact time during the movie when the advertisement will appear. Viewers thus have the ability to progress the video where the ads are so that they can enjoy their viewing without having to watch the ads.

Crackle Mobile App

Through the Crackle mobile app, you now have the pleasure of accessing the service on your mobile devices. The app’s main page has featured shows and movies, with the next two sections having categories for television shows and movies. As you go down the app, you will find most popular videos for either category, including the recently added ones and all the content is classified in respective genres.

With such a great organization, using the app is quite intuitive, with easy navigability. The app also allows you the chance to share your favorite movies and shows with your friends on the social media directly from the platform.

Crackle Supported Devices

It is refreshing to note that the Crackle app has support for a lot of devices, thus making it available to as many people as possible. Some of the supported devices include but are not limited to: Chromecast, Fire TV, Toshiba Connected TV, Bravia Connected TV, Visio Connected TV, LG Connected TV, Samsung Connected TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The app is also available for LG Blu-ray players, Sony Blu-ray players and Samsung Blu-ray Players.

Crackle compared with other streaming services

One of the major differences between Crackle and the other streaming services is that Crackle is free, whereas the others are available on subscriptions, though some have free trial period during which you can access the content for free.

On content and programming, Crackle may be lagging behind a bit, especially when compared with services such as Hulu. It is true that you will find lots of original content on Crackle, but it may not be the best place to check out if you wanted brand new movies and shows.

Another glaring difference between Crackle and the most of the streaming services is that it doesn’t offer on-demand content. As a matter of fact, some shows are pulled off the service ones they have been availed for a given duration. You thus cannot rely on it to catch up on your favorite shows.

Again, Crackle is not the best when it comes to showing new or brand new movies and television series. But if you are a fan of the golden oldies, then you will be delighted by the kind of collection you will find at crackle.

Final thoughts on Crackle online streaming service

If you are a fan of free movies and televisions shows online, then Crackle will definitely work for you. The quality of the movies is decent, the ads are not that bad and you always have the options of progressing past the ads so that you don’t watch them.

The interface of the service is quite intuitive and the menus at the top make it very easy to use and to select movies and television shows. With one click, you can view all the genres together and sort them by release date or sort them alphabetically.

You can also share your favorite shows and movies with your friends on social media platform through the social sharing features of the service.

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