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How Can I Watch Comedy Central Live? Legally?


If comedy makes you tick, then you will be delighted to become a fan of Comedy Central. This is an American television channel owned by Entertainment Group and Viacom. Just as the name suggests, the channel’s main focus is comedy programming, featuring both syndicated and original series, as well as standup comedy and feature films.

From the early 2000, the channel embarked on an ambitious expansionist program and this has seen it spread its tentacles to borders outside the United States where it has localized channels such as in Germany, Hungary, Israel, Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland, India, Brazil, New Zealand, Romania, Latin America, United Kingdom and Serbia amongst others.

Alternative Stream For Comedy Central (Public Stream)

Streaming options for Comedy Central

The following are some of the options you could use if you wanted to stream central comedy content:

1) The official Comedy Central websites

The first place ideal for streaming Comedy Central shows and videos is their official website – comedycentral.tv. The website has a great deal of content including the popular shows on the network as well as funny videos, gifs and images that will keep you laughing all day long. It is, however, regrettable that you may not be lucky to catch live streams from the website, but the videos, the clips and the shows included therein will keep you updated on most of your favorite show from the network.

2) Comedy Central App

In a world that is highly connected with the internet and with lots of mobile devices, catching up with favorite shows and episodes has been made easy through various mobile apps. Comedy Central also has a mobile app, both for android and iOS devices. With the app, you get the versatility and convenience to access your favorite comedy shows as well as stand-up specials at anytime and anyplace. To access the Comedy Central app, you will pay just a small fee and all your favorite shows will be at the palm of your hands.

3) Comedy Central on Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the leading streaming services in the United States and it is a nice option for anyone interested in streaming Comedy Central Shows. With Sling TV’s subscription available from as little as $20, you will not only access your favorite shows from Comedy Central, but also from other premium cable networks and you will literally have more content than you can care to watch.

4) Comedy Central on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime may not be necessarily for live stream, but you can use it to purchase specific titles of Comedy Central shows you might have missed in the past. Amazon Prime has a vast collection past Comedy Central shows and the beauty of it is that once you purchase them, they become yours and you can download and watch them at your convenience.

5) Comedy Central on Hulu

Hulu is another streaming service ideal for watching Comedy Central shows. With Hulu subscription, you will access other premium channels in the same manner as Sling TV and you will never run out of entertainment.

Top Shows on Comedy Central

Here are a few of the popular shows on Comedy Central:

The Night Show With Larry Wilmore
– The Night Show features award winning comic, Larry Wilmore, as he uses humor to put a spin on the current events, news and the pop culture.

The Daily Show – In the Daily Show, Trevor Noah steps in the shoes of John Stewart where he provides his insightful take on the current news cutting across different niches and topics, in a very ingenious and comical manner. Trevor Noah is “wickedly funny” and you will surely enjoy the show.

Inside Amy Schumer – Comic Amy Schumer is the creator and the star of Inside Amy Schumer. The show features her funny stand up clips, vignettes, man-on-the-street interviews and much more.

Comedy Central Roast – In this series, celebrities are placed right on the cross hairs of comedic barbs. A panel made up of celebrity peers is selected to professionally and personally trash their “honored guest” comically.

Drunk History – this is a half hour series featuring the re-enactment of famous events in history as narrated by inebriated story tellers. Each episode in this show takes a tour of a city in the United States and explores its people and stories from their rich past. It essentially shows how time flies and the changes that have taken place through the years.

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