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cnn live

Watch CNN Live Stream LEGALLY, Step-By-Step!

Alternative Live Stream for CNN

Short Introduction

CNN is a popular news channel (Cable News Network) around the world and was founded by American media tycoon Ted Turner in 1980. The channel broadcasts news around the globe 24/7 and is avaiable through cable and satellite TV services worldwide. CNN should not be confused with CNN International, a sister channel of CNN. Since 2007, it broadcasts also in 1080i HD, which is now the standard quality for almost all television providers. Besides the international edition, there also exist other editions like CNN Türk, CNN-IBN India, CNN Indonesia, HLN etc.

cnn newsroom

CNN Live Streaming

Let's first look into how we can stream CNN live online. People residing in the U.S. and who are subscribed to a cable or satellite TV provider are lucky. Some of the television companies in the U.S.A. have made an agreement with CNN so that their customers can watch the channel live stream on the official homepage. They first need to create an account by clicking here (see image below). You then have to select your current TV provider so you can continue to register. If you do not currently have a TV provider, you cannot watch CNN live online. Then, you can always choose an alternative way of viewing CNN. See next topic.

cnn live tv

CNN Video

If you are unable to watch CNN live stream (except breaking news), then you can simply consider watching a recently uploaded video. The CNN team uploads and categorizes news videos so that users can easily find and watch them online. There is also a mobile site and an app for your smartphone so you can watch news videos from CNN at any device you choose: Tablet PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Iphone etc. In certain situations, CNN might broadcast LIVE from their website to everyone worldwide, but this is only in cases of exceptional news events like 9/11. You can visit the CNN video section by clicking here. Also, streaming video of CNN can be watched on their official app. This allows people to stream recent news events on any mobile device of their choice.

Conclusion so far

CNN and it's International versio can be watched only on a subscriptions basis. There is at this time no legal way to watch these channels 24/7 live stream without paying for it. The American edition of CNN is only available (payed) to people reisiding in the US. Other editions (in other languages) of CNN might be streamed live online free of charge. There exist, however, similar channels who offer unbiased and quality live online broadcasting at no cost. Some of these channels can even be watched here on this site.

Some of the Most Popular Live TV Programs on CNN...

Larry King Live

Larry King Live is one of the longest talk shows Americans have ever had. The show was hosted by Larry King on CNN for two and a half decades, beginning from 1985 to 2010. It had a reputation of the most watched CNN program and the longest running program with millions of night viewers in the history of the network. The show was mainly aired from CNN’s Studios in Los Angeles but could also be aired from other locations such as the network’s studios in New York and Washington DC.

Larry King, the show’s host, gained national prominence out of interviewing prominent individual each and every night. These include the who’s who of the society featuring successful athletes, business personalities, celebrities, and politicians. The show was only one hour long yet it was aired for up to three times a day in some locations and it was also watched all over the world in CNN International.

cnn larry king

Larry King announced the end of his prominent show in June 2010 with the final edition of the program being aired on December, 10th, the same year. The show has since been replaced by Pierce Morgan Tonight. This is a British talk show hosted by Piers Morgan, a journalist and British television personality.


Crossfire is another popular TV show which aired on CNN but is no longer available. It was a nightly current events debate that aired from 1982 to 2005 then took a break until 2013 when it aired for two more years. The design of the show was to present and challenge the opinions of a politically conservative pundit and a liberal pundit.

After being off the air for close to eight years, the show was re-launched in 2013 featuring new faces such as the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, renowned political commentator S. E. Cupp, political consultant Stephen Cutter and an advocate Van Jones. The new version was aired until July 2014 and was officially canceled towards the end of that year.

The Hunt with John Walsh

The Hunt with John Walsh is a documentary series that debuted on CNN on July 2014. The format of the series is that of an unsolved and an active high profile crime story as told by the law enforcement officers, surviving victims and eye witnesses. It also features the re-enactment of how the events occurred including the photos of the persons involved and a number to call in case the viewers sights any of the suspects or has information that might be crucial to the investigations. If you liked shows like CSI Miami, Investigations Discovery or America’s Most Wanted, then you will find The Hunt with John Walsh to be appealing as well.

Watch the video below for an impression of this serie:

CNN Special Investigations Unit

CNN Special Investigations Unit is an investigative documentary program which airs on CNN during the weekends. The program focuses on in-depth investigative reports on the news stories being covered by the network. Most of the episodes feature interviews with witnesses and experts who had first-hand information on the stories under investigation. Most of the reports are long form, to give the network a chance to provide detailed information and in-depth coverage that would not have been possible during the five-minute reports typical of most of the CNN programs, like the CNN Newsroom.

When compared to almost similar programs like Presents, CNN Special Investigations Unit has adopted a slightly larger point of reporting being undertaken by the CNN reporters in the field. It entails the reporters going on the field and talking live with the people who witnessed the stories taking place. The reporters can be seen on the locations asking people questions. Additionally, the look and feel of the show are also somewhat different with more emphasis being placed on the graphics used in the presentation and the stories being covered.

Anderson Cooper 3600 

Anderson Cooper 3600 is another American television news show that is very popular within the CNN network. It is hosted by American journalist, Anderson Cooper and it is also available on CNN International. Anderson Cooper 3600 breaths of air every day from Monday through Friday from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST. The show is also rebroadcasted on Monday through Thursday from 11:00 pm to midnight. The show features different news stories of the day either via live or taped reports from the network’s reporters. In some of the coverage, experts may be invited for in-depth analysis of some of the various issues included in the taped or live recordings.

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

The Situation Room is an evening show on CNN which first aired on August 2005 and were hosted by Wolf Blitzer. The program currently airs on weekdays from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST from the network’s studios on Washington DC.

wolf blitzer

The show commences with a segment known as “Happening Now” which gives highlights into what viewers can expect during the rest of the show. Featured heavily in the show is breaking news, current events, political headlines, as well as extra ordinary reports with comprehensive discussions on each. The show also uses the experiences and services of polished CNN journalists and political analysts from the entire network including John King, Gloria Borger and Brian Todd.

Erin Burnet OutFront

Erin Burnet OutFront is another news program hosted by Erin Burnet on CNN. The show premiered in October 2011 as a replacement for John King during the 7pm and 11pm time slots. It is a live broadcast mostly from the network’s studios in New York though it can be occasionally broadcasted live on location during breaking news events. The show features a number of stories of the day presented in a count-up format. The show also has packages taped from CNN correspondents as well as analysis and panel discussions.

CNN Heroes

CNN Heroes is an award winning television program dedicated to honoring individuals who has made extraordinary contributions to make a difference in the community through humanitarian aid. The program premiered in 2007 and as of 2014, it was being hosted by Anderson Cooper. The heroes in the program are awarded with different amount of cash prizes so that they may continue doing the great work they have been doing for the sake of humanity.

Watch the video below for an impression of this program:

Find out more about the live streaming options for CNN by clicking here.

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