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How Can I Watch CNBC Live Stream Online? Legally?


CNBC is one of the top business news networks in the United States and it is known primarily for carrying business day coverage of the financial markets both in the United States and in the international markets. The network also has a sizeable chunk of its programs featuring financial and businesses themed documentaries as well as business reality shows. CNBC was originally established in April 1989 and it is owned by NBC Universal News Group – a subsidiary of Comcast.

By February 2015, the network was accessible to approximately 93.6 million Americans, accounting for about 80% of households with access to television in the United States. The network is also ranked as one of the top twenty most valuable cable channels in the country, with an estimated worth of about $4 billion. Other than having presence in the United States, CNBC also has localized versions which operate in different countries and regions across the globe, with NBC Universal being the owner or a minority shareholder in most of the localized versions.

Alternative Stream For CNBC (Public Stream)

Streaming options for CNBC

If you desire to maintain constant contact with your favorite CNBC programs such as the financial news and international economics on the go, then you will be happy to learn about the various streaming options available for CNBC. Some of the options include the following:

1) CNBC Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is one of the options available for watching CNBC online. It is comforting to know that CNBC live stream is part of the basic package for PlayStation Vue hence you don’t have to worry about getting higher packages if your interest was only to access CNBC content. The basic package is available for about $30 per month, and in addition to getting CNBC live stream, you will also access over fifty other cable channels, including Comedy Central, CBS, ABC, AMC, and Syfy.

2) CNBC on SlingTV

Sling TV has always been a favorite option for people looking forward to cutting the cable and streaming shows online. If you wanted to live stream CNBC, Sling TV will be one of the highly recommended options available at your disposal. But unlike PlayStation Vue where CNBC Network is included in the basic package, Sling TV does not have it with basic package. However, you can still go for the basic package which costs $25 per month, and then add the Worlds News extra package for an additional $5 and you will have access to CNBC amongst other world news channels.

3) Watch CNBC from the official websites

It is not possible to live stream CNBC shows on the official websites at CNBC.com, but you will find video clips on current news and reports on the financial markets, which will be enough to keep you updated of the current happenings in the markets.

4) Use the CNBC App

You can also get access to CNBC lives streams using the official CNBC app. This gives you the versatility to access your favorite programs and shows right on the palm of your hand using the various mobile devices. But for you to enjoy this versatility, you will need to have a cable or a satellite TV login credentials.

5) Watch CNBC on External Website

Finally, you can have CNBC live stream on certain external websites which might not have any associations with CNBC. A lot of caution is, however, recommended when accessing these sites because some of them may be illegal or have malicious content which might end up hurting your computer. Some of the sites include-: freeintertv.com and stream2watch.cc amongst others.

Popular shows on CNBC

The following are some of the popular shows on CNBC:

The Profit – In this show, Lemonis tries to help struggling businesses by pumping in his cash as well as providing the leadership to bring back the businesses to profitability for a share of the profits.

Squawk Box – this is a morning talk and news program which airs just before the stock markets opens. It features discussions around different relevant topics, ranging from politics to latest breaking news in the markets.

Mad Money – In Mad Money, manager Jim Cramer help the viewers trade along the treacherous path of Wall Street trading, helping them to identify trading opportunities and also avoid potential pitfalls on the way.

Closing Bell –this program follows the two last hours of the day’s trading. It takes a deeper look into how the markets are moving, what’s making them move and the investor’s reactions to the moves.
The other popular shows in CNBC include Power Lunch, Squawk on the Street, Street Signs, Cleveland Hustles, American Greed, Worldwide Exchange, Billion Dollar Buyer, West Texas Investor’s Club and Blue Collar Millionaires amongst others.

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