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How Can I Watch Cinemax Live Stream? Legally?


Cinemax is another premium satellite and cable television network in the United States offering a wide variety of entertainment to the American people. Also known as Max, Cinemax is owned by Home Office Box Inc., an operating subsidiary of Time Warner. The main focus of Cinemax shows are theatrically released shows alongside original series, documentaries, soft core pornographic films and series, as well as special behind-the-scene features. With such diversity in programming, Cinemax has a humongous base of fans that cherish and adore the various shows it has. This is further confirmed by the fact that over 17.9% of households with pay television in the United States have Cinemax as their primary Channel.

Alternative Stream For Cinemax (Public Stream)

Cinemax Channel: Live Streaming Options

Cinemax is already making a name for itself for releasing some of the hottest series in the television industry. In the past few years alone, its popularity has increased due to stellar shows like Strike Back, The Knick and Banshee. And just like her sister HBO, Cinemax is keen on offering smooth streaming services for their fans.

As a matter of fact, the online streaming mechanism put in place by Cinemax is the envy of many other networks who also wish that they could stream their content efficiently as Cinemax does it. You will find it a breeze to watch Cinemax shows online, whether you decide to use the app, the website or the other available streaming options. Discussed below are some of the ways you can use to stream Cinemax from your various devices:

Cinemax on Netflix or Hulu

A while back, most of the television content was available in Netflix, but the television companies began to realize their content was more valuable compared to the peanuts Netflix was willing to offer. HBO was the first company to pull out its content from Netflix and this was followed immediately by Cinemax also withdrawing its content from Netflix. Presently, very few networks still have their content available in Netflix, with the majority having withdrawn. In other words, don’t expect to find Cinemax content or shows in Netflix and the same case is also true for Hulu.

Stream through the official app

If you have been using HBO Go for any length of time, then you are probably 100% familiar with Max Go. The two have been designed on the same platform hence they are identical in most of their features. You will be required to have an active subscription in order to log into Max Go before you can stream Cinemax series either from the app or the official website. Simply download the official Max Go App into your android or iPhone and you will have the ability to get clear streams of Cinemax series and other programs.

Download Full Episodes Online

The other way which you can use to access Cinemax series online is to own them by downloading them using your preferred digital retailer. All you have to do is to make either iTunes, Google Play or Amazon your best friend and you can always download whatever Cinemax series you are interested in and store it in your computer for offline watching or watching at another date.
If you don’t want to have them on your hard drive, downloading them from such places gives you the versatility to stream them at any time and from any place. However, you need to have in mind that this might be a slightly expensive route since you will be required to part with at least $2 to download a single episode.

Illegal methods of streaming Cinemax Series

We are aware that there are other options for streaming series through illegal avenues and we urge you to desist from these methods because they can land you into serious trouble. If you won’t go to jail if you are caught, then prepare to download some lethal virus or be ready to surrender your identity to online fraudsters who will then go ahead and mess up with you as they wish. Consider yourself warned and we still urge you to stick to legal means of watching Cinemax series online.

Popular Cinemax Shows and Movies

Cinemax is has been producing stellar series one after the other and presented here are a few of the top ones you should consider watching:


Hunted is a British television drama which premiered in 2012. The drama was written by Frank Spotnitz for the BBC as well as for the American cable broadcaster, Cinemax. Hunted is the story of Samantha, an espionage operative for a private intelligence agency. Samantha survives a horrific attempt on her life and she strongly suspects that the people who made the attempt might be from the company she works for. After returning to active duty, she goes undercover again as a nanny, not knowing who to trust any more. As the episodes unfold, it becomes clear that the attempts on her life are related to a sad childhood event.

Transporter Series

The Transporter Series is a direct spin off from the Transporter Movie. This series features Frank Martin, a freelance courier driver who will deliver anything to any destination provided that you pay the right price. He operates on three unbreakable principles, which funnily enough, he ends up breaking all the time.

Watch the video below for an impression of this serie:

Sex Chronicles

Cinemax is well known for its late night shows of erotic stories and Sex Chronicles is one of such shows which have gained immense popularity within the network. Sex Chronicles is about a group of women in modern day America, who goes through the challenges of life as well as the myriad of relationship problems affecting them on a day to day basis. The show is full of drama, passion, sex, breakups, romance, cheating and all types of lies you can ever imagine of.

Sin City Diaries

This is a hot sexy show that brings to light all the erotic adventures known only to those in Vegas. Get to know about Amber Smith, a proprietor of a concierge service who knows and understands how take good care of their customers. Remember, what happens in Vegas must always stay in Vegas.

The other shows and series aired by Cinemax and which might be worth your attention are Lingerie, Hotel Erotica, The Best Sex Ever, Max Headroom, Balseros and Bus 174.

For more information, visit the official website of CINEMAX.

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