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How Can I Watch Bravo Live Stream? Legally?


Bravo Media, commonly known as Bravo, is an American satellite TV and basic cable network. It is owned by NBC Universal and it was first launched in December 1st, 1980. The headquarters of the network is in Comcast Building in New York.

The initial focus of Bravo’s programs was on fine arts and films and is currently broadcasting several reality television series targeting audiences within the age group between 25 years old and 54 years old. For the last three decades, Bravo has continued to grow its subscriber base and by July 2015, approximately 90 million American households had access to Bravo programs.

Alternative Stream For Bravo (Public Stream)

Bravo is predominantly an American channel and it has very little presence in the international broadcast industry. In Australia, the Arena Channel rebranded its presentation to align itself according to an agreement between them and Bravo Media. As of the moment, Arena has adopted Bravo’s slogan of “Watch What Happens” and it also has access to a variety of Bravo-produced programs.

There also exists a Canadian version of Bravo launched by CHUM Limited. The Canadian version aired the same programs as those aired in the United States. However, the American version has shifted its focus towards showing reality shows, while the Canadian version is keen on continuing to air drama shows. Soon enough, there will be no connection between the two, given that the Canadian version has also changed its logo and has very little semblance with its American counterpart.

Bravo Live Streaming Options

Bravo’s rise as an important network in the United States cable history was a unique one. When it was launched, it was a commercial free premium network dedicated to showing performing arts shows. Over the years, the network has rebranded and now takes care of the entertainment needs of various interests in the industry. It is now considered a popular reality television which brings a wide variety of reality competitions, including some famous and very successful ones like Project Runway as well as the Top Chef.

If you wanted to do away with your cable, being unable to access Bravo programs online would not be very good news to you. Luckily, there are a number of ways through which you can access all your favorite Bravo shows online. As a matter of fact, some of these methods allow you to live stream various Bravo shows. They include the following:

1) PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers similar service such as Hulu and Netflix and with an active subscription, you can have access to most of the programs by Bravo on PlayStation Vue. A while back, PlayStation Vue was available in just a couple of cities in the United States and it was very expensive. However, it is now available nationwide, hence you are free to subscribe irrespective of your location. The subscription has also been lowered to just $29.99 per month, the same price range charged by most of the other similar service providers. The only caveat to using PlayStation Vue is that you must have PS3 or PS4 for you to use it.

2) Watch Bravo Online with Hulu

Most people cutting cables are in need of more on-demand content, therefore if you needed to access Bravo content, Hulu would be a very good choice for you. With Hulu, you will have access to a number of hot Bravo shows including Project Runway, Top Chef, Flipping Out, Real Housewives Franchise, Tour Group, VanderPump Rules and many more. Bravo shows on Hulu are always available just after a few days after airing, and there are others that will be available after only 24 hours.

3) Own Bravo Content Online

If you don’t feel like going the PlayStation Vue or the Hulu way, the other option for watching Bravo shows online is to actually own them through your digital retailer. You can decide to purchase the individual episodes you are interested in and watch them later on through your devices. The common options for you include iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and Amazon Instant Video. This is however, an expensive choice since you will have to pay a minimum of at least $2 dollar for every episode you acquire.

Popular TV Shows on Bravo

Here is a list of some of the most popular shows on the Bravo Network. Some are still airing at the moment while others aired in the past:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This is an American reality TV series that first aired on October 2010. The series has aired for four complete seasons it is based on the personal and professionals stories of various women living in Los Angeles, CA. Please note that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the sixth installment of the Real Housewives Franchise.

Watch the video below for an impression of this serie:

Top Chef

Top Chef is another American reality competition that almost became a trademark of Bravo Media due to its immense popularity. It was first aired in 2006 and it featured chefs competing against one another as they displayed their culinary skills. The contestants were judged by a pane of other professional chefs as well as other experts in food and wine industry. A contestant was eliminated in each episode.

Watch the video below for an impression of this serie:

Project Runway

This is a reality television series hosted by Heidi Klum for Bravo Network and its main focus was on fashion and design. The show featured contestants competing against each other to create clothes under limited time, materials and theme. The designs were the subjected to scrutiny by the judges and one or more designers were eliminated in each episode.

Watch the video below for an impression of this serie:

Queer Eye

This is another popular American reality television series that premiered on Bravo Network in July 2003. The show’s name was later changed from Queer Eye to Straight Guy so as to broaden the scope of the content. This was done after the filming of the third season so that the subsequent shows would have some flexibility and accommodate more appropriate content for the viewers.

Watch the video below for an impression of this serie:

Some other popular shows you will find at Bravo Media include Inside the Actor’s Studio, House, Top Chef Masters, Million Dollar Listing New York, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Flipping Out, The Real Housewives of New York and many more. Visit the official website today and discover more about the various shows by Bravo Network.

For more information, visit the official website of BRAVO.

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