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Netflix Help: 5 Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Netflix is one of the best entertainment options online and has been hailed as an invention of the century. It makes it possible for millions of people around the globe to access non-stop entertainment on a variety of shows and genres. In as much as it avails a plethora of entertainment options, there are times when your use of the service may be hampered by certain inherent problems. It pays to know what some of these problems are and most importantly, how to solve them so that your entertainment experience is not affected in any way. Presented below are some of the common problems you are likely to encounter as a Netflix user and by having their solutions at your fingertips, you will be assured of a great entertainment at all times.


Failure to connect to Netflix

This is one of the most common problems with Netflix. A number of reasons may be responsible for your inability to connect to Netflix, but in most of the cases, it always has something to do with your connection to the internet or a crush in the application you are using to access Netflix. In some extreme cases, the problem could be with Netflix, in which case, there won’t be much you could do to resolve the problem.

However, for other cases, you should start by checking if your connection to the internet is okay and there is no interruption in the connectivity. If all is well with the connection, then you should check if there is a problem with your browser or if the application you are using to access Netflix has crushed. Normally, these two should be able to make you connect to Netflix if you have an active subscription.

Issues to do with buffering

Buffering can sometimes be a big bother with Netflix. It is very frustrating to wait for forty seconds for your content to be rendered. Most of the times, buffering problems do arise from connectivity issues. If you have a good internet connection, then you will not experience a lot of buffering problems. However, if the issue persist despite you having a good connection, then you should consider improving your internet speeds. With Netflix, a high speed connection is always recommended for a great streaming experience.

Regional Blocks

If you are travelling or you are in a train and you want to watch Netflix, you may run into certain regional restrictions. This is appalling to the very core of it since you should be able to access the services over the internet once you have acquired a subscription. However, there is a way you can use to go round such restrictions.

If you run into the regional blocks, the easiest way to navigate your through is by using  Virtual Private Network service which will let you access Netflix through a remote secure server using encrypted connection. With such, Netflix will not be able to tell your location to impose the blocks since your IP address will be masked and it will appear as if you are browsing from a location of your own choosing within the United States or any other country where the regional restrictions doesn’t imply.

Poor Video Quality

Poor quality Netflix videos will without a doubt ruin your entertainment experience and this is one of the very common problems cited by Netflix users. Just like buffering, poor quality videos is always a result of poor internet connection. It implies that all you need to resolve issues with poor quality videos is simply check your connection and ensure that all is well and that you have good internet speeds.

Strange activities on your account

There are certain when you may notice some strange activities in your account. For instance, you may get strange results from your recommendation section or you may find that Netflix is asking you to continue watching a show which have never even watched. These and similar problems may be caused if access to that account is allowed open to other people. If these are happening and you aren’t sharing the account with a friend or a family member, then there are a higher chances that your account has been hacked and someone else is accessing and using it illegally.

The solution in such a situation is to call Netflix immediately and inform them about the strange activities in your account. It will also be a good idea to change your account details, such as password. Have in a place a stronger password and one which can’t be easily guessed. At such times, you have to act very fast, or else you may lose the entire account, and this will come with a lot of bad problems.

Player Interruption

In some instances, you may find that the video stops early or you are being told that the movie is finished yet this is not the case at all. Sometimes it is behaving as if there are no more movies to download. This is may not be a very big problem, but will be very frustrating if you have no idea on how to solve it. More often, all you have to do to solve the problem is back out of the player and try again. Probably there was a problem with the initial load and when you start the player again, all should be just okay. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then the likely cause is from the Netflix side in which case, you will have to wait for some time for it to be resolved for you to watch the movie.

Suspicious Sign In Problems

You may receive an email requiring you to reset your password because they have detected suspicious sign in to your account. In most cases, such email are not from Netflix, but from scammers who want to steal your account. It is however good to be cautious and you should change your password the moment you get such an email. When doing so, don’t click the link given in the email, but instead, head over to Netflix and choose the forgot password option and do the reset.