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Some Alternatives to Watch NBC Live Stream

The ability to stream live content from the top channels in the world have made it so convenient for people from all walks of life to have access to their favorite shows on the go. Gone are the days when you had to be physically present in your living room for you to catch up with live news events as they happened. Currently, all you need is a subscription to a reliable streaming service and it will be possible for you to catch up with all your shows from virtually any place in the world, provided you can have access to the internet.

NBC is without a doubt one of the leading television networks in the United States, boasting of millions of viewers from all corners of the country. With its rich blend of programing, a good number of people are restricted to accessing the shows only through cable and this is pretty limiting. As noted earlier, it is now possible to live stream NBC and you don’t have to be restricted to cable unless you choose to. If you were looking for various ways to access NBC live stream, below are some of the popular avenues that millions of people are using around the globe to watch NBC live stream. Just find a method that works for you and enjoy all your favorite shows with the NBC live streams.

Stream NBC Live with Sling TV

Sling TV has always been a favorite choice those looking forwards to cutting cable as well as those in need of a robust solution to stream NBC Live. As a matter of fact, Sling TV is reputed for having the largest library of live TV channels as well as a good number of add-ons that will definitely revolutionize how you view live TV streaming.

It implies that with a Sling TV subscription, you will have access to quality NBC streaming experience in addition to having access to other great shows such as Blind Spot, The Blacklist, Timeless and This is Us. The channel is also well endowed with quality sports channels from where you will be able to get lots of sporting action. For instance, you will find it easy to catch shows like NHL Playoffs Live streaming live on the network after you get a Sling TV subscription.

The basic package from Sling TV is available from $25/month, and streaming is possible from almost all the devices, including your smartphone, tablet, and laptops. Before subscription, you will have the choice of trying out the services for seven days after which you can choose to go ahead with the subscription or simply abandon it and search for another streaming service.

Watch NBC Live on DirecTV Now

The next best alternative to live streaming NBC live is through the streaming services offered by DirecTV Now. This is a relatively new streaming service, but one which has already demonstrated that it has what it takes to offer quality streaming services and as such, it has gained a lot of admiration from those who desire quality in online streaming. When you sign up for DirecTV Now streaming services, you will not need a dish, a cable box or even sign a contract is always the case with those who rely on cable to get live streams. It is thus a good place to get catch all your NBC live shows and enjoy great streaming services.

Watch NBC Live on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a product of Sony and it is also one the streaming services available at your disposal when you need to watch NBC live stream. With their basic package, you will have access to a horde of exciting channels including NBC available for live streaming. Though PlayStation Vue is a great service, it comes with certain inherent limitation which makes it to not be admired by those who cherish flexibility and versatility. For instance, the service is available only in certain selected cities or regions across the United States, though they are expanding their reach. Additionally, PlayStation Vue is not compatible with a number of players and it also comes with mobile restrictions for streaming content.

Watch NBC Live on the official website

The other place you could turn to when you need NBC live streams is head straight to their official website. Thought the website will not offer you very robust solutions when it comes to live streaming, you will still catch up with video segments which will be equally entertaining. In some occasions, you may find current shows being aired, but mostly, they maintain a huge library of past shows and events which you can always access on demand within a certain period of time. You may also not enjoy live streaming NBC from the website due to the large number of advertisements which will show from time to time to interrupt your viewing experience.