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Legal Ways to Watch NFL Live Stream on PC or Mobile

There are a number of options you can use to watch NFL games and live streaming seems to be one of the favorite for many fans at the moment. This is because people just love the versatility they have when it comes to watching the games over the internet.

All you need is a device to connect to the internet and you will be assured of catching up with all the live games, irrespective of you location once you have got the right service or subscription. With more and more live streaming options being made available with each and every passing day, here are some of the options you have at the moment to catch up with live NFL games on your PC or mobile-:

DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV has a deal with NFL which gives it exclusive rights to air NFL Sunday Ticket games. This is not only available for their cable subscribers, but also to individuals who are unable to install the satellite dish and subscribe for the football package through the streaming service. This also include individuals who are living in a townhouse, an apartment, a condo or a private home where there are obstructions which may block satellite TV reception.

For you to use this method to live stream NFL games on your PC or mobile, you will need to have an active subscription of DirecTV to Go package which goes for $199 and allows you to stream NFL Sunday Ticket directly to your PC, phone or tablet.

Sports apps and game consoles

The other great way you can use to live stream NFL games on your mobile or PC is through the use of game consoles and mobile apps. And to your convenience, there are quite a number of these and you will be literally spoilt for choices on which ones to use. Below are some of the options you have at your disposal-:

  • Xbox One – Microsoft is no stranger to the Nation Football League and its console has a deep integration with the NFL app and this brings very good results as far as live streaming NFL is concerned. If you have the console as well as a subscription to the NFL network, then you can always catch up with Thursday Night Football actions via live stream. Additionally, you can have the local broadcast pinned on the screen as you check on the live scores, stats and other information to enable you stay on top of the events.
  • PlayStation 4 – Sony’s PlayStation Vue has a streaming service available from $30 per month. This is the basic package and it will avail to you over 70 channels, including sports channels where you can always catch live action NFL. If you happen to be markets with local channels, then you can use the console to live streams the games on networks such as CBS, NBC and Fox broadcast channels.
  • NBC Sports Extra Live – If you desire to have access to NBC streaming services so that you can catch shows and sports such as NFL on the go, you may consider the NBC Sports Extra subscription. With this subscription, you will have the ability to live stream Sunday Night Football games, Super Bowl, and four playoff games through your tablet, phone, computer or Apple TV.
  • Fox Sports Go – Though Fox has free over-the-air broadcasts, you will have to prove that you have a pay-tv subscription for you to use the Fox Sports Go app to live stream NFL games on your computer and mobile devices. The only problem with this app is that you will be restricted to streaming just the local market games, despite the fact that Fox streams a total of 104 games in a season.
  • Twitter – Twitter may not be a sports app, but it can allow you to stream up to ten Thursday Night games directly to your computer or mobile devices without you having to sign-in or imposing any restrictions on your device. These games are the ones being shown on NBC and CBS, but not the ones that are exclusive to the NFL network.

NFL Mobile on Verizon

If you are Verizon customer, then you can take advantage of this deal considered as one of the best in the history of football in America. With this service, Verizon customers can now stream many local and NFL games on their computers and mobile devices. These include Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football. If you decide to include the NFL Red Zone package with this subscription, you will save $2 and you will have very touch down from every game played on Sunday.

Sling TV with ESPN

The ability to access sports channels like ESPN is one of the reasons why very many people find it difficult to abandon cable services. But this is no longer the case. Sling TV has a package dubbed Orange Package available at $20 per month and it includes ESPN and ESPN 2. With this, you can live stream Monday Night Football in addition to the games airing on NBC and Fox.

With the Blue package, you will have access to NFL Network’s Thursday Night games and with additional $5 per month, you can add the Red Zone package which will feature all the Sunday touchdown plays. Sling TV is available on both PCs and Macs, iOS and android devices, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, and Roku streaming devices. With all these, streaming NFL games will be a breeze once you get the desire package.