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6 Greatest Episodes of the Flash

There is no denying that The Flash is one of the best television shows at the moment. Though it may not be befitting for pop cultures since this may as well be in the era of superhero, but most of the TV talk currently features prestige shows such as Game of Thrones, The Americans and Better Call Saul. But none of these shows is as joyous as flash. With so many episodes already aired and a lot more still expected, here is our compilation of the six greatest episodes of the already aired seasons:

The Flash

Fast Enough

This is one of the most acclaimed episodes of The Flash, being that it was the one where Kelvin Smith cried, and I guess a whole lot of viewers too. It can be described as a final that gives the perfect definition to the usually overused word- epic. Barry takes a trip back to the night when his mother lost her life and whereas he had the powers to change everything, he simply refuses to do so. As he makes his final goodbye to his mother, the sky is ripped open with the Reverse-flash and Barry is consequently forced to be the true hero of the Central City. From this episode, a few glimpse into the future was an indication that The Flash was just getting started.

Flash Vs Arrow

It sounds strange to celebrate The Flash with an episode that overlaps with The Arrow, however, Flash Vs Arrow came during the first season while the show was still in earnest gear to develop its own identity. As a matter of fact, by this time, Barry had stopped his trips to the Streak like two months prior. Flash came out fully formed with its identity after the first season crossover and it was an epic sci-fi everyone was going to love watching. The difference between Flash and Arrow become so clear and from this point, defining the show and giving it meaning was not as confusing as when the show started.

The Man in the Yellow Suit

This was when The Flash was racing towards its first midseason finale and we encounter the first showdown between Barry and the Reverse-Flash, where the lighter super hero was given an opportunity to feel real with high stakes. The episode of The Man in the Yellow Suit became a perfect illustration of just how serious The Flash can be.

Out of Time

In this episode, fans are treated to the revelation by Dr. Wells that his Eobard Thawn is nothing but an onslaught of disaster and heartbreak. After the death of Cisco, Barry tells Iris that he is The Flash, after which a Tsunami wipes out the Central City. However, Barry undoes all that the Tsunami did by going back in time. This was instance of the show when Barry’s ability to go back in time and space was revealed. This was a key element in the show as it opened the endless possibilities in the development of the story. At the end of it, everyone will agree that the episode was not a cheap one and it came with a befitting ending that portrayed the Flash as a different plane in the realms of superhero sci-fi shows.

Rogue Air

A lot of good moments in The Flash happened between Out of Time and Rogue Air. The most memorable ones included Tricksters, which in addition to adding wrinkles on the Reverse-Flash, reintroduced Mark Hamill from the 1990 The Flash series. Then there was also the All Star Team, Who is Harrison Wells, and Good Lives.

But Rogue Air was a different kettle of fish. In as much as it lines up with Arrows together with its muddled mess, it was an exciting team that showed just how huge the DC Arrowverse has become. The chilling substitution of the opening prologue by Dr. Wells made the show even more interesting as season 1 Final neared.

Flash of Two Worlds

When Jay Garrick was introduced, the scope of the series expanded tremendously with the blending in of The Flash Mythos and Teddy Sear’s recurring roles of a speedster from Earth 2. This was a great episode which saw the constant teaming up for the first time of Jay Garrick and Barr Allen and this changed the comic book universe forever. This particular episode was not only affectionate for the source material, but also it was bold enough to forge its own materials.

Enter Zoom

This was one of the most intense and world threatening episodes of The Flash. In this episode, the goals of Reverse-Flash were more personal and this made the fans to keep on guessing on what course of action he is likely to take. When we encounter The Flash and Zoom for the first time in this episode, we realize just how dangerous Zoom can be. This is also when we learn about the heart-stopping new of Barry’s paralysis.

Shameless: 10 Greatest Episodes Ever

Shameless, as a television series, has had its high and low points through the episodes, but it remains one of the most adored television series at the current times. For instance, season five was considered by many fans as disappointing but the sixth season came as a redemption for its predecessor and it came with lots of raving reviews. But such is the case with most of the television series, since may disappoint at some time but the perception can be easily changed with a great season or episode thereafter. With that being said, there are the ten greatest episodes ever of the already aired seasons of Shameless:

  1. The Pilot: Season 1 Episode 1

Very few television series ever have endearing pilots like Shameless. When the first hour was coming to an end, most of the viewers were not only already hooked to the show, but also they felt as if they had known Frank, Lip, Fiona and the crew for years. The pilot didn’t waste a single second in creating high stakes for the characters and the relationships which the fans came to care so much about that most of them formed the basis of the seasons that were to follow. Indeed, this was in befitting introduction for an incredible television series that would later find home in the living rooms of millions across the world.

  1. Frank Gallagher – A loving husband and a devoted father: Season 1 Episode 7

This was without a doubt one of the most memorable and interesting episodes of the first season. We Frank threatened by two thugs over a debt of $60,000 and the Gallagher and their friends comes together to hold a mock funeral for him. Everything is planned to the detail and the family leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that they protect one of their own. This is also the episode which was the development some long term consequences for the relationships the characters have in the rest of the show.

  1. Father Frank Full of Grace: Season 1 Episode 12

The show had received a notice before for including penultimate episodes, but as you watch most of their episodes, you will be punched right in the gut. This is exactly what happened in season one finale when Gallagher and Co. deals with the fallout of some of the happenings in the prior episodes. This is an episode which was played more seriously and it came out so strongly than the usual comedy which the show is known for. In this episode, Karen, Lip and Frank are dealing with Karen’s action of sleeping with Frank and when Eddie finds out, the tension rises considerably throughout the entire hour.

  1. Just Like the Pilgrims Intended: Season 2 Episode 11

This was a one emotional rollercoaster of a season. For the first time, the fans see how the Gallaghers deal with their bipolar mother’s low points firsthand and not through stories or comments. In the episode, we see Monica slit her wrist with the rest of the family is in the middle of Thanks Giving dinner. The tone changes to excitement when Karen goes into labor, but this is short lived as soon it is revealed that the baby has Down syndrome.

  1. The sins of my caretaker: Season 3 Episode 5

This episode is probably one of the best in the entire series. It can simply be compared to a ticking time bomb, as we see the Gallagher family dealing with what they normally deal with, but towards the end, things become a bit thick and they threaten to explode. Chaos descend upon the family and no one really has an idea on how to take back control of everything.

  1. Frank the Plumber: Season 3 Episode 9

Shameless has always revolved around the fact that even adults can sometimes be dysfunctional than kinds. In this episode, Sheila can’t be a good mom to Karen because of her OCD, and Frank is the basis upon which the show exists. But still, this episode is able to prove that though sometimes the kids are left for their own devices, it is always a good thing to have someone looking out for you.

  1. Survival of the Fittest: Season 3 Episode 12

This is another season finale which proved that Shameless is simply epic when it comes to seasons finales. The episode manages to allow characters to coin their own resolutions, even if all of them don’t agree. In this episode, we see Frank wondering in a snowy Chicago when he was given an ultimatum to either stop drinking or die. Fiona on the other hand, has one strong message to Jimmy as we walks presumably to his death.

  1. Iron City: Season 4 Episode 6

There is no denying that the fourth season was the best season ever done for Shameless and a big portion of it has everything to do with Fiona’s storyline. Fiona has always been that one family member whom you go to when things seem to take a turn for the worse. This is a very sobering episode, where Emmy Rossum gives a stellar performance as she gets the realization of her actions as well as the potential ramifications they may have on her.

  1. A Jailbird, Martyr, Retard, Cutter, Invalid and Parasitic Twin: Season 4 Episode 7

This season was a blend of everything that could go wrong in a single television episode. Fiona goes to jail, Liam get addicted to coke and Lip is left to take charge as the Gallagher guardian while he struggles to take care of his baby brother to get through his classes. Ultimately, the siblings are headed for a collision course, a discourse which gives Jeremy Allen and Emmy Rossum a chance to truly shine, which eventually showed the strength of some of the best characters of the show.

  1. Liver I hardly knew: Season 4 Episode 10

In this episode, Frank seems to be on his deathbed, Fiona’s plight continues to be the emotional crucifix of the season. Fiona gets stir crazy and overwhelmed with guilt, she goes on a bender and ends up at a gas station in a middle of nowhere and as usual, she has to call Lip to come to her rescue. Lip could have decided not to offer a helping hand, but she has a good comprehension of what her sister has been going through.

The Bing Bang Theory: 8 Greatest Episodes Ever

The Big Bang Theory has aired close to ten seasons, but there are no indications that the popularity of the show is about to go down any time soon. After more than 200 episodes, the comedy has had hundreds of “bazingas” and Penny’s door has also received thousands of knocks followed by endless arguments focusing on the comic heroes. As you wait for the show to resume with the next episodes, here are some of the episodes which we think are really the very best from the show:

Season 1 Episode 6: The Middle Earth Paradigm

One of the highlights of this episode is when Leonard gets a kiss from Penny, to which he pleasantly replies by saying “That’s how we roll in Shire.” You will also remember the Doppler effects created by Sheldon when he made his way to a fancy dressing party. The episode is a perfect illustration of the struggles that the main four characters in the Big Bang Theory were enduring during the earlier seasons. We also see Penny throw a dress party which leads to everyone showing their affection for dressing up with all manner of reactions.

Season 2 Episode 3: The Barbarian Sublimation

This is another great episode fans enjoyed watching in this show. One of the greatest highlights is when Penny comes to the realization that she will need assistance to discover that she was indeed chatting with Howard online. She is at her lowest, in terms of both love and profession, she finds love in World of War Craft style game by the name of Age of Conan. This makes her bother Conan with how she can improve and become better at the game. This was the episodes when the fans were treated to the perfection in comedy pairing between Penny and Sheldon, which was later to be dubbed as “Shenny”.

Season 2 Episode 7: The Panty Pinata Polarization

In this episode, Penny is banned by Sheldon from the apart following his receipt of the dreaded three strikes for various bouts of bad behavior. The pair then starts quarreling every time about Wi-Fi and laundry codes and things get worse until it reaches a point where Penny has to betray Sheldon by telling him on his mother.

Meanwhile, Raj, Howard and Leonardo becomes obsessed with America’s Next Top Model, with Raj and Howard pretending that they can be handymen         which can then make them infiltrate the mansion.

Season 3 Episode 8: The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

This is the episode when Leonardo, Raj and Howard got stoned in the desert. Penny and Sheldon’s friendship is also seen growing as Sheldon is compelled to break the laws they had created when he rushes Penny to the hospital following an injury she got in the bathroom. The best moment in this episode is when Raj, Leonardo, and Howard get high accidentally as they wait while waiting for a meteor shower in the dessert after they were given special cookies by some middle aged hippies. This is one where you will see the funniest sides of Leonardo in the entire show.

Season 3 Episode 16: The Excelsior Acquisition

One of the greatest highlights of this episode is when Sheldon get a restraining order from Stan Lee when he invited himself to Stan Lee’s house. In some way, Stuart managed to have Stan Lee make a sign at his comic book store, an action that made the entire gang very happy. However, Sheldon had to stay out of sight simply because he had a restraining order. The other highlight of this episode is when Sheldon scripted Penny’s statement in the court room. This was because she was considered too much of a loose cannon, but this later earned him a jail sentence for contempt.

Season 4 Episode 2: The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

In this episode, we see a robotic Sheldon having a talk with Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. Sheldon comes to the realization that he doesn’t have much time to transfer his brain to the robot and decides to lengthen his life by building a mobile virtual presence device as well as changing his diet.

With the mobile virtual presence device, he is hooking an iPad to a roaming mobility program, together with speakers and webcam. It was so funny to see Sheldon’s face as he wheeled himself around and many people wondered why that can’t just be happening all the time.

Season 6 Episode 23: The Love Spell Potential

In this episode, the girls are getting all things set for Vegas while the boys are happy about their board game night. Later on, the girls are unable to leave Vegas after a TSA agent’s nose was broken by Amy and so they decide to join the boys in a night of Dungeons and Dragons. Surprisingly, they find themselves immersed into the game and this can be attributed to the masters impression of Al Pacino and Christopher Walken by Howard.

Amy and Sheldon also decide to take their relationship a little bit further when they simulated PG rated sex using their Dungeon characters, and this was a very huge step for them. Additionally, Raj gets laid with a lady named Lucy, who happens to be shyer than he is.

Season 8 Episode 18: The Leftover Thermolization

One of the best moments you will remember from this episode is when Howard realized that there is no difference in how Bernadette and her overbearing mother sounds. This is was a moving episode after the death of Carol Ann Susi. Carol was the character that played Howard’s mother. After the death of the mother, her fridge get broken then she comes to the realization that she will never taste food cooked by her again. This was truly a rare moment and it was an epic performance by Simon Helberg.

The entire gang comes together and decides to eat up all of Howard’s mother’s food all at ones, and this was seen as a befitting way to bid farewell to the actress and character that played her role. Though the times were tough for the cast and the crew, the episode still managed to bring in some laughs.