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Sling TV Channel Lineup: 13 Must-Have Channels

From $20/month, you can get a lot of value from Sling TV, with the option of watching live shows as well as on demand content. But with so many channels available to watch and with all screaming for your attention, it pays to know which ones most suites you or which are particular ones that will give you the greatest entertainment as far as getting value for your money is concerned.

Sling TV

To help you narrow down your options, here is a closer look at some of the channels which are highly recommended for your viewing and which has higher chances of giving you the best value for your money as far as entertainment is concerned:

  1. AMC

The live programming by AMC have proven to be solid over the years, and you are guaranteed of finding some very exciting shows here. Remember, this is where you find shows with cult followings such as The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul. In as much as the majority would appreciate getting much of on-demand content, AMC is a great channel for live programming.

  1. A&E

If you are looking for a suitable channel with more compelling drama, then you have every reason to make friends with A&E. This is the home to some popular shows such as Cold Case Files and Criminal Minds. The streaming from this channel is of decent quality and you will also be delighted to find a decent list of older shows available for streaming as well.

  1. Comedy Central

If you are a fan so South Park, then you will be delighted to have Comedy Central in Sling TV. The channel is reputed for good quality livestreaming with very minor drops and it also comes with a stellar selection of on-demand content. Whether you are a fan of standup specials such as The Daily Show, you will have a more than enough doze at Comedy Central.

  1. CNN

If you love news or you think that you are a new addict, then Sling TV included CNN for people just like you. The streaming quality as well as the live programming of CNN on Sling TV are of stellar quality. It also has a wide selection of on-demand offerings which allows you catch with the major headlines marking the world news events.

  1. E!

The volume of E! content on Sling TV is somewhat mindboggling. Apart from the regular live content, you will have access to some of the network’s best offering such as Total Divas, The Kardashians, and Botched amongst others. Though the livestreaming quality of the channel may not be the best in the world, it will definitely suffice for most of your needs.

  1. ESPN

If you are a fan of sports, then you will be delighted to be using Sling TV. It has a huge range of live sports programming and this is not to mention the already incredibly popular shows like ESPN Films, Sports Center, and 30 for30. The quality of the stream is solid across different platforms and you will be delighted the quantity as well as the quality of what this channel has in store for you.

  1. Disney

You will find a good number of Disney channels on Slling TV, with the major ones being XD and Junior. The Disney Channel on Sling TV comes with a lot of on-demand content and its livestreaming experience is very solid. It also has adequate options for kids as well as families, especially if you are kind that has a special love for Mickey Mouse.

  1. FX

FX is another channel on Sling TV with a very solid experience. The programming are compelling and the quality of the stream is also stellar. It presents a nice collection of movie presentation, with different kinds of movies from all manner of genres. This is where you will find movies such as Captain America, Taboo, Legion and Life of Pie amongst others.

  1. Food Network

If you love food or you simply like to try out different stuff in your kitchen, then you will be delighted to have the Food Network on your Sling TV subscription. Through the network, you will find it easy to stream the latest programming so that you never miss favorite shows such as Guy’s Big Men Bite amongst others. Also if you needed a special recipe or simply a show you had missed in the past, the network has a great deal of on-demand content you will cherish watching on sling TV.

  1. EPIX

EPIX will be available to you at an additional $5/month and if you don’t mind parting with, then you will access the wonderful world of this channel. It comes in various bundles which avails you a variety of shows, including great movies such as Iron Man and Hunger games. The streaming of the channel is also of very good quality across all the various devices.

  1. NFL Network

Even though NFL Network will be more pleasurable when the players are on the gridiron, it comes with a good number of nice shows worth checking out. It would the ultimate channel if you wanted to keep yourself updated about news and teams and players so that you stay on top of everything happening in the league.

  1. NBC On Demand

Though some NBC programs will livestream in certain markets, Sling TV offers a humongous collection of on-demand content from the channel. Whether you are interested in what is happening on in Red’s live in The Blacklist or you love other popular shows by NBC which you would like to catch up with, you will find the collection and the streaming experience offered by NBC to be very good.

  1. HBO

Just like EPIX, you will have to part with additional $15/month to have access to HBO on Sling TV. However, this will be a worthwhile investment as you will have access to very many current and legacy programing, with very good quality livestream experience. This is the channel to have if you love shows like Game of Thrones which have formed some sort of cult following around the world.

Sling TV App: Benefits and Drawbacks

Sling TV is one of the favorite options for individuals who desire a La Carte TV experience – with it, you get the versatility to pick your personalized channel lineup and save it for your viewing pleasure. And with the Sling TV App, you now get more power and versatility as far as your television experience is concerned since you can literally watch your shows on the go and never miss an episode simply because it aired when you were not at home.

But since there are also other similar apps by competing businesses, you should know as much as possible about the various things the Sling TV app has in store so that you are well informed when you decide to make the purchase. To help you out, here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the Sling TV app-:

Sling TV Benefits

Here are some of the awesome benefits you can expect from the Sling TV app-:


One of the reasons why people have continuously fallen in love with Sling TV is the fact that is affordable compared to its peers offering similar packages. You will get a basic subscription from just $20/month and this will come with close to over 30 channels, which for normally viewing, is more than sufficient for your television entertainment. Additionally, it comes with the options to include add-on channels to customize your subscription even further.

Cross platform compatibility

With the Sling TV app, you won’t be restricted to just one platform since the app works on multiple devices and across different platforms. It thus means you can access your content over the internet and to a variety of devices such as Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV amongst others. This will give you far much greater versatility in enjoying your entertainment.

Good collection of shows including sports channels

With the Sling TV app, you will have access to a humongous collection of great shows, including a plethora of sports channels for those of you who love sports. Some of the notable channels you will have access to using the app include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, Golf Channel, NFL Network, NBC Sports channels, and Fox amongst others.

Fast forward, rewind or pause

These features are great for enhancing your viewing experience and ensuring that you get complete immersion when enjoying your shows. With them, you are always free to rewind, fast forward or pause whatever you are watching, based on the show or the channel.

DVR Capabilities

You will also be interested to know that the Sling TV app has DVR capabilities, but this is accessible only if you are willing to part with $5/month. With this feature, you have the ability to record and store up to 50 hours of programming, which you can access later on from the cloud. When you have attained your 50 hours worth of programming, the service will start bumping off some of your older recordings.

Drawbacks of Sling TV app

Just like with everything else, Sling TV comes with certain drawbacks which you may find to be a little bit upsetting, but the overall merits overshadow them. The first drawback is that Sling TV app doesn’t have CBS and for you to access CBS Live, you will need to have either YouTube Live or CBS All Access and these may come at additional costs.

Secondly, you will not be able to create a collection of related channels with the app if you are on the basic subscription. This somehow reduces the user experience you will miss a systematic organization for your favorite shows and television series.