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Black Mirror on Netflix: 7 Greatest Episodes

When Black Mirror hit the screens seven years ago, it came with high acclaim and cult status which has followed it up to date. With every new season, it appeared as if the cult burst into the mainstream, making the show the perfect heir to The Twilight Zone for the digital age. It is not just a matter of The Black Mirror being good, but after watching all the thirteen episodes, little doubt is left whether or not the anthology format adopted by the show isn’t one of the best in the current television era. To get you more insights about some of the best highlights of the show, here are the seven greatest episodes you must watch:

Season 3 Episode 6: Hated in the Nation

This is the last episode of the third season and probably the longest episode in the entire show. It is an entertaining thriller about backdoor hacking, media pile-ons, and the extinction of the bees. In this episode, Kelly McDonalds investigate deaths of individuals who were targets of online harassment. The episode eventually turns out to be an epic examination on how justice in the social works.

Season 2 Episode 2: White Bear

This episode was defined by strange presentation of very new circumstances which had very hidden meanings that were not revealed until the key moment. In this episode, a woman runs away from unknown attackers and apparently, she is recorded by everyone around her using their smartphone. Though smartphones can sometimes be annoying with their fast battery drains, but this episode introduces a simplistic twist and if at all Booker was pulling another one of his tricks, then he had probably had a lot.

Season 3 Episode 4: San Junipero

This is one of what is considered as an anomaly in the show where we see a rare installment of elliptical romance which brings warmth to the heart and not the normal poison that normally burgeons the heart to death. Yorkie and Kelly upgrade their relationship from pals to lovers while on a community beach, but there are greater forces out there determined in tearing them apart. For them to stay together, they will have to sacrifice what neither of them may be able to bear, but that will be the cost of their love. The episode is concluded in one of the finest and most unexpectedly poignant manner in the entire series.

Season 1 Episode 3: The Entire History of You

How would you like the experience of receiving a text message from your crush, then you take the next three hours to obsessively go through the text with a fine tooth comb to decipher why it was sent and most importantly what it really means? This is the kind of experience Brooker goes through and it almost turns out to be nightmarish for him. He ends up with unsparing melodrama of insecurity, jealousy and bouts of hot tempers.

Season 1 Episode 1: The National Anthem

This is how the Black Mirror decided to burst out of the screens, with the prime minister having sex with pigs. With this episode, what would otherwise been a dark comedy is turned is turned into a bright depiction on how public opinion can change tides and the speed with which what are normally considered as unthinkable can quickly get into the realms of acceptable.

Season 3 Episode 1: Nosedive

In this episode, a team of top tier talent joins Brooker to further expand the seldom theme of Black Mirror, where we continue to witness the insidious ways through which the human behavior is altered by technology. If there is any episode in Black Mirror make you wish to chuck your phone in the nearest body of water, then it is this particular one.

Season 2 Episode 1: Be Right Back

In this episode, Brooker takes on nothing else but death itself and he decides on a future where a widow would have the ability to adopt the personality of her late husband, which are aggregated from their social media accounts and then uploaded to a new body. But in the same manner as the people we use to replace lost lovers normally disappoint, Brookers’ clones also develop bugs which further demonstrates on the futility of trying to cling on what is already gone. This season comes with a great wisdom about the line between the elemental forces of life and human intervention.

House of Cards on Netflix: 9 Greatest Moments

House of Cards is headed for the fifth season, and so far, fans have enjoyed every bit of the past four seasons. The political intrigues, the betrayals and the scandals all sum up a good power play series, one which will always have fans at the edge of their seats as the seasons unfold. For fans, as well as those intending to start watching this political television series, here are some of the nine greatest shocking moments witnessed so far on show:

Frank becoming the president of the United States

Frank became the most powerful man on earth following the resignation of President Walker due to his connection to China. Though the two had been friend and Frank stayed by the president’s side during some of his tough moments in office, this moment is seen as shocking, not because Frank didn’t want to be in power, but the way he goes about it is rather cold and unconventional. He goes ahead to punish Walker without any remorse and it reminds the viewers that his ascension to power was nothing political but his own machination to achieve his political ambitions.

Frank Spits on the Crucifix – Season 3 Episode 4

Frank is not happy a bishop has told him that there is nothing like absolute power. He then asks to be left alone, after which he proceeds to the crucifix and states, “Love, that’s what you are selling? I don’t buy it,” after which he spits on the crucifix. The act of spitting on the crucifix is rather shocking since we are all taught about God and the power that He is and so it is not common for any man to show total disregard to the point of spitting on the crucifix.

The introduction of Xander Feng – Season 2 Episode 5

Xander Feng, a Chinese businessman got some rather weird introduction in this episode. He appeared strapped to bed with a plastic bag on his head as he gets oral sex from a man and a woman. This was some kind of a strange introduction and an attention grabbing one for a man who would later play a vital role in the downfall of President Walker. Nonetheless, the introduction came with a somewhat shock factor and is still remembered by most of the fans.

Doug is attacked by Rachel – Season 2 Episode 13

Doug Stamper always got weak whenever Rachel was in the equation and this finally led to his downfall. Fearing for her life, Rachel took to the wood and when Doug Stamper came searching for her, she attacked her ferociously with a rock. If someone was to die on the woods that day, then it would have no doubt been Rachel, however, her actions left all of us aghast.

Frank mercy kills a dog – Season 1 Episode 1

During the first scene of the House of Cards series, Steve and Frank run out of the house after hearing an accident, only for them to find a neighbor’s dog injured at the scene. Out of mercy, Frank strangles the dog to death. The following seasons and episodes were to prove that this is perhaps the only act of kindness Frank ever did in the entire show. What the majority found to be strange, however, is the kind of calmness with which he killed the dog. As the dog breathes its last, Frank concludes, “There is no more pain”, and with this, one of the greatest anti-hero characters in a television series was introduced.

Clair and the Interview – Season 2 Episode 4

Clair started by admitting to Frank that General McGinnis raped her, and then she goes ahead to grant a television interview where she reiterates the same and admits to carrying out an abortion as a result of the rape. The strange thing in this episode is that Claire uses a calamitous situation to change the political fortunes of the Underwoods, since we know very well there is no link between her abortion and the rape and yet, she goes ahead and links the two in a very convincing manner.

Corrigan takes his own life – Season 2 Episode 6

Michael Corrigan is arrested in Russia for campaigning for gay rights and the Underwoods take a trip to Russia to try and save him. To get Corrigan to read a statement written in Russia, Claire decides to sleep in his cell, where Corrigan waits for her to sleep and takes her scarf to hang which he uses to hang himself. What is most shocking here is not the scene that Claire wakes up to, (a lifeless body dangling on her scarf), but rather the dramatic impacts of Corrigan’s actions. Consequently, Claire denounces the Russian president publicly and laments making him the president. This is also what ignited the breakdown in Claire’s relationship with Frank.

Claire walks out on Frank – Season 3 Episode 13

Frank and Claire engages in an explosive argument which lead to Claire telling Frank that he was the one who was inadequate then she packs up her stuff and informs Frank that she won’t be with him in New Hampshire, then she walks out of the White House. What strange here is that though the two have had a rocky season, it was not expected that they would split, but when it does, Claire does it with style. No drama or lots of speeches, except for three words – I’m leaving you, then she walk commandingly out of the room.

Rachel is killed by Doug

After recovering from the attack in the woods, Doug tracks down Rachel and finds her in New Mexico where she kidnaps her. Rachel manages to talk him out of the idea of killing her, and he agrees to let her go, only for him to change his mind and turn back and kill her. This was rather shocking as Doug finally did what Frank would have wished he did back in the first season. It is even more shocking that Rachel had to die, though she didn’t deserve it at all.

6 Reasons for Downloading the Netflix App

Netflix has brought a whole new meaning to television entertainment. Gone are the days when you would sit down and wonder what to watch. With Netflix, you always have more than you need at any given time. And with the Netflix app, everyone can now have their entertainment on the go on the various mobile devices, ensuring that you miss none of your favorite shows simply because you are not close to your television set at home.

The Netflix app did not just avail entertainment within reach at all times and in all places, but also it comes with a plethora of benefits which makes it compelling for each and every individual to at least try it out. If you had any doubts about using or downloading the app, here are some of the magnificent benefits you are probably missing and which should convince you to go for the app immediately-:

Brings your entertainment to you

The fact that you can install the app on your various mobile devices implies that you can walk with your entertainment at all times. This gives you the power to watch your shows and favorite television series on the go. Whether you are on a plane, a train, or you taking a break from work, with easy access to the app, you can always follow and stay on top of all your show and programs through the help of the app.

It is a cross platform app

One of the things you will find admirable about the Netflix app is the fact that it can be used across multiple platforms. It is so designed so that whether you have an iOS or android device, you can still download it and use it. This removes the need for you to have a particular device on which to use the app and consequently, your avenues of entertainment just got increased. Whether you have a mobile phone, or a tablet operating on either of the operating systems, you are assured of still getting the most form Netflix.

Great user experience

Great user experience is one of the outstanding features of the app and perhaps this is the only one reason you should consider downloading the app to your devices. The app comes designed with all the features you would need to get the most from your shows. Some of the most notable ones which contribute to an awesome user experience include-:

  • Easy navigation – the app makes it easy for you to browse through the top navigation of each genre of shows it has. You will also find a row showing the shows you watched recently, and you can always pick up a show and continue watching from the last point you stopped. The navigation also features a powerful search tool to let you find your favorite shows you are looking for in a matter of seconds.
  • Subtitles and alternate audio – While a show is playing, all you need is a tap on the screen to reveal the play options which include subtitles and alternate audios. These are very important if you want to get the most from all the shows you are watching.
  • Airplay – with a Wi-Fi connection, the Netflix app allows airplay mirroring. This is however ideal for online viewing, but it will not work with downloaded content.
  • The other notable features for a good user experience that this app comes with include Video Out capabilities and good resolution on all the mobile devices amongst others.

Ease of downloading content

Not all the times will you mange to catch all your shows live and sometimes there is need to download titles that already aired or the ones you might have missed. With the Netflix app, downloading titles is relatively easy. This gives you the versatility to never miss any show since you all you have to do is make a nice list of downloads for offline viewing. In some cases, you may not have good internet connection to support online streaming and it is at such times that downloading will really come handy, and you will find it a breeze with the Netflix app.

Entertainment for kids

If you care about your kids’ entertainment as well and you don’t want to spend a fortune for their own entertainment packages, then you have every reason to go for the Netflix app. This is because the Netflix currently supports lots of Disney shows and movies which your children will love and cherish. With the app, you can access all these Disney content and provide your kids with all the entertainment they so desire.

Intuitive parental control features

You probably are not the parent who wants their kids to watch everything on Netflix. It is always nice to exercise some degree of caution and nothing allows you to do that well than an intuitive parental control. With the parental control feature in the Netflix app, you will never be worried about your kids watching what they should not be watching.