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Exploring the HBO App: Benefits and Features

After pleas from the masses, HBO now has a standalone service known as HBO NOW and this is an on-demand service which avails you HBO content on any connected device the moment it is broadcast. And with it comes an incredible app that will completely revolutionize how you use and access HBO. With the app, you have complete control as well as a great deal of convenience with regards to accessing the content, sharing the content, keeping yourself and your kids safe, and just have a great entertainment experience from one of the leading pay television service providers in the country. Here are some of the outstanding HBO app features you need to know about so that you get the most from the service:

The Kids Lock Feature

You will probably have no problem in letting your kid get entertained with your tablet and you won’t mind them accessing Sesame Street from your device. However, you will not wish for them to lay their eyes on content such as the world of Westeros from Game of Thrones.

But with the HBO app, there is a kid’s lock for mobile devices and this is to tame their fingers to not access stuff not appropriate for them. With this function, you can easily hand over your phone or tablet to your little loved ones without worrying about them stumbling on stuff they should not be laying their eyes on just yet.

Watch HBO from your browser

Even though you can access HBO GO and NOW using various mobile apps and OTT applications, you now have an increased ability to get the most from your subscription through any browser by going to and One nice thing you will like about this feature is that you will still have the ability to access the content you had on your playlist or continue watching sections you may have been watching previously.

Continue Watching across platforms

If you had hoped to have a seamless cross platform watching experience, then you now have the ability to do so with the new HBO NOW app. With this feature, it is now possible to start watching a show on your television set then if you have to leave for somewhere and leave the show midway, you may continue watching it on your mobile devices or laptop without having to start afresh. All you have to do is go to your Watchlist section then choose on the “Continue Watching” section and you will pick up from where you had left on the show.

Nice Parental Control feature

If you think the Kid’s Lock feature is not sufficient to keep your kids safe when using your devices, then you can turn to the Parental Control feature on the app for power and security. You may decide to take things a step further by limiting the maximum ratings. For instance, you can decide to set TV scales such as PG-13 or TV – 14 and any content out of these parameters will not be accessed by anyone. In this manner, you are never worried about your kids or children accessing content that don’t suit their viewing.

Sharing your HBO Logins

This is another feature that users have greatly thanked HBO for including in the HBO app. With this feature, you can now share your HBO login details with close friends and family so that they too can access their favorite shows. It may sound a bit strange and prone to misuse, but according to HBO, so long as you don’t share your account details with millions of people such that millions will be watching a live awards show broadcast from your account at the same time, then all is well and you will continue to access HBO content just fine.

Video Playback Options

This option will be gladly welcomed by those who have a habit of exceeding their monthly data limits. If you want to limit the playback to Wi-Fi, simply go to Video Playback setting in the app and toggle the control as you see fit and most convenient to the data plan you have.

See cast and crew amongst other extras

Sometimes you may be interested in getting more information about the cast the crew of the show you are watching. In the past, this was not possible, but currently, the HBO App allows you to get information about the cast, crew and other extras. It is similar to Amazon’s Prime Video’s X-ray feature and with it, you can access a video pre-page that will give a list of the cast and information on the crew. If you are lucky enough, you may get some behind-the-scenes mini docs as well.

See what is coming next

HBO is trying to adopt a Netflix like type of business model and this is evident on the HBO app which now gives information on the upcoming titles, expiration dates, cancelled shows etc. These makes it easy for users to know what is coming up next so that they can get ready to catch on the shows the moment they are available.

HBO Go App: 7 Great Features You Will Enjoy

For a very long time, it seemed as if HBO was reluctant to implement some of the features their fans yearned for and which were present in competitors such as Netflix. Most of these had to do with user experience such as the ability to watch series back to back as is always the case with Netflix.

But now, users have a real reason to smile since this as well as other great features, which not only encourage binging but also take the whole user experience to a new level have been added or enhanced in the HBO Go App.

Here are some of the great features you are likely to enjoy in the HBO Go App-:

A more intuitive Kids Lock

You will probably be comfortable with your kids watching gentrified Sesame Streets, but you wouldn’t wish for them to switch over and watch some episodes from the worlds of Westeros. Well, with the HBO Go app, you don’t have to worry about that since the app includes a very intuitive Childs Lock feature that will give you a lot of ease in controlling what your children watch on HBO. With this feature, you will hand over your phone or tablet to your kid without worrying about them stumbling on stuff you would be embarrassed to know they had access to.

Ability to watch shows from your browser

With the HBO App, you will not just have access to HBO Go through the various mobile apps and OTT, but also it comes with a full set of features which allows you to watch your favorite shows over any browser by accessing or With this feature, you will access all the content in your watchlist or continue watching the various sections you had stopped the shows.

Continue watching shows across various platforms

It is now possible to get seamless watching of your shows across different platforms with the HBO Go app. It has a “Continue Watching” section which will allow you pick up your shows from where you left them on various platforms. It implies that you could be watching a show on your mobile phone as you commute on the train and when you get home, you don’t have to search or start watching the show from the beginning. Simply go to the panel on your TV through Roku and continue watching the show.

Parental Control

If you feel that the Kids Lock feature is not sufficient enough from protecting your children from accessing content they should be watching, then you can use the powerful Parental Control feature to things to a new level. With this feature, you can set the maximum ratings using both TV and movie scales. The feature is accessible anywhere on the HBO GO app and with it comes more power to impose restrictions on what you children can and can’t watch on HBO GO.

Ability to share your HBO Logins

With the HBO GO App, it is now possible to share your login details so that other people can also access your account and watch their favorite shows. This is encouraged for members of a household and perhaps a few close friends. It may sound a bit strange, but HBO Go is perfectly fine with this. May be their concern at the moment is that people are watching HBO.

Awesome Video Playback Options

This feature is for you if are the type who usually surpass their monthly data limits. To limit your playback to Wi-Fi, all you have to do is go to the settings, and choose the playback and toggle options then set them to fit your data usage. Of course, data usage is a big deal for many people and you may as well use this feature eve if you are apt with your data usage.

See the crew, cast and other extras on your show

With this feature, you now have access to the information about the cast, crew and other video extras. This feature is like the Amazon Prime Video’s X-ray feature and it is ideal when you want to dig deeper on the shows you are watching so that you can have more insights about them. In some instances, you may be able to get some behind the scenes mini docs about the shows.