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The DIRECTV NOW App – What Does It Feature?

The demand for instant LIVE entertainment has driven pay TV providers to come with ingenuous ways to enable their subscribers to access content without a lot of hassle. The revolution began with the advent of online streaming, which made it possible for subscribers to access shows easily by simply having an active internet connection and a streaming device.

The companies have taken the game a notch higher by introducing various streaming apps which negates the need for one to be at home so that they can access their favorite shows. With the apps, all you need is a mobile device or a streaming device and an active internet connection and you will be good to go as far accessing your favorite television shows is concerned.

DIRECTV NOW is without a doubt one of the best pay TV providers in the United States and for some time now, fans cried aloud for the company to give them a way of catching up with their favorite shows through a mobile. The company had the cries and the DIRECTV NOW app was launched, to the ululations of the millions that needed it.

The app is great by the very definition of the word and it brings a lot of versatility to the DIRECTV Now clients. It has given them the power to have their entertainment right at the palm of their hands, and with the app, the location or the time is not important since all you need is an active connection to the internet and all your favorite shows will just be a tap away. Below we take a detailed look into the app and some of the great features it offers to it’s users.

Access to Live TV

Live TV has become a real craze in the past few years and if a provider is unable to avail it to its subscribers, then they will certainly lose a good number of the subscribers. There is certain currency in live TV which makes it really admirable to many and with the Directv Now app, you get access to over 120 live channels you can binge on at any time of the day or night. These channels include but are not limited to ABC, History, Comedy Central, Food Network, Discovery Channel, A&E, AMC, The Weather Channel, and much more. With it, you have the ability to catch up with favorite shows such as Chicago Fire, Blindspot, Grey’s Anatomy, and Law & Order in real time.

On Demand Content

There are certain times you may miss a show due to one reason or another but when the show or program is available on demand, then you can always catch up at your convenience. This is another beautiful thing that comes with the DIRECTV Now app since it comes with tens of thousands of movies and shows you can always watch on-demand. With this particular feature, you now have the pleasure of catching up with hit shows such as The Voice, Empire, and This Is Us anytime you feel like.

Access to Premium Channels

Television entertainment, especially pay TV is enjoyable only when you have access to premium channels where you are guaranteed of finding good quality shows and programing. With the DIRECTV Now app, you get a through pass to premium channels such as Cinemax, HBO amongst others without breaking the back for it. With access to such premium channels, you increase your entertainment options to premium shows such as Game of Thrones and Strike Back amongst others.

Versatility to catch up with show everywhere

Since all you need is a mobile device to download and install the app, you will have the awesome versatility of carrying your mobile device and walking with it everywhere, thus ensuring that you have access to your favorite shows at any place and at any time. With the app, you can get streams on your smartphone, tablets, personal computers, and Amazon Fire TV amongst other streaming devices.

Again, you will love the fact that the apps brings you complete television freedom since there are no contracts, credit checks, or equipment leases as is always the case with certain streaming options. With the app, you have a chance to fall in love with your television one more time.

Superior recording capabilities

There are certain times you may not be able to catch up with your favorite shows, and so you may have the need to record such shows so that you can watch them at a time that is most convenient for you. If you have had problems in recording shows in the past, then here is an app you can use to effortlessly record just any show from any place at any time. The DIRECTV App makes it a breeze for you to record your favorite shows and suppose the content was running long, you have the option of adding extra time to the recording so that you don’t miss even a single second of your favorite show.

DirecTV Channel Lineup: 8 Must-Have Channels

DIRECTV happens to be one of the best pay television services you can ever have in the United States. It is nice to know that their packages are solid and give you complete flexibility on what you want to watch. With the basic package, you will have more than enough options for your entertainment, but should you need more channels or specific ones not included in the basic package, you are always free to add the channel as an add-on to your current subscription.

DirecTV AT&T

With all the channels available in DIRECTV, it may be challenging or even confusing to choose which ones to watch, especially if it is going to be your first time using the services. However, you need to have a good grasp of the channels available on offer so that you may be able to choose the ones that will give you the greatest entertainment value from your subscription. It is true that tastes and preferences will always be different and this is why you should be keen on your choices of the channels.

Below is a brief description of some of the channels which you should have on your Direct TV subscription:

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is one of the most watched channels in the history of television in America and whether or not you love to learn and discover new things, you will always find great value and entertainment watching the various on this channel. The shows here are known to be highly educative and informative and most of them are real things happening around the world and in different spheres of live. This is the best place to learn about animals and cultures you never thought exist in this world. Some of the top shows you can always look forward to in Discovery Channel include Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush and Moonshiners amongst others.

Arts & Entertainment

This is another reality powerhouse you will appreciate having in your DIRECTV subscription. Just like the Discovery Channel, it is a channel full of lots of entertaining and informative content based on real shows across different spheres of life. If you love history, then you will find lots and lots of biographies of some great figures in the world, including some which you never knew existed. There are also a plethora of documentaries on almost anything related to arts and entertainment, including documentaries on the works and exploits of some of the greatest artists the world has ever known. Some of the top shows in this channel include Storage Wars, The First 48 amongst others.

Animal Planet

Someone loves some animal and this is your ultimate channel to get a whole loads of entertainment as far as animals are concerned. The beauty of this channel is that a bulk of the shows are real and you see as real people get to interact with real animals in their natural habitats. Whether it is the birds of the Amazon or the deadliest reptiles on the planet, or maybe you love watching bears in the snow, this is where you will be treated to pleasant shows involving all manner of animals.


If you are a sports junky or you love spending your weekends watching sports, then you will be delighted with the awesome collection of programs available here. With ESPN News on DIRECTV, you will have a round the clock sports update on all manner of sports including NFL, NHL, Hockey, NBA, Golf and cricket amongst others. This is the place to get all the updates as well as catch up with the show of various sporting activities happening around the world.

Biography Channel

If you are a fun of documentaries and history, then here comes a channel that will feed your insatiable thirst for such content. Most of the lineups in this channel are composed of classic repeats which you will definitely enjoy watching from time to time. Some of the top shows here currently include I survived, Alien Encounters and Ghost Stories amongst others.

DIY Network

Sometimes we end up spending money on stuff and things we can actually do ourselves if only we had someone to show us how. Many are the times when you seek professional assistance with your gardening or simple things like fixing stuff around the kitchen. DIY Network is a channel dedicated to showing you how you can accomplish most of the things you have always considered too difficult to do. It is a step child of Home and Garden Channel and it includes shows on hands on projects which can be done around the home. Some of the top show here include I Hate My Kitchen, The Vanilla Ice, and Kitchen Crushers amongst others.

Military Channel

If you love stuff to do with wars and you are thrilled with war strategies and other tactics of the battlefield, then you will have a great time enjoying the programs on the Military Channel. Whether it is the skills, equipment or reconnaissance missions, this is the right channel to get glued to for a good doze of all things military.


HBO is definitely the most sought after movie channel in the United States. HBO leads and the rest follow in terms of original programing as well as just-released shows. It is the home to hit series such as Game of Thrones, Baardwalk Empire and Real Time with Bill Maher amongst others. This is definitely another channel you must have when you think about getting DIRECTV subscription.