Six Ways to Protect Your Netflix Account from Unauthorized Use

The global expansion of Netflix have seen it receive accolades from millions of people who were in need of solid entertainment, irrespective of their locations around the globe. But this came with a myriad of challenges, with lots of illegal activities as well as unauthorized access to individual accounts being the greatest risk of this expansion.


Though Netflix has tried all it can from its end to ensure their platform and services are as secure as they can be, individual subscribers are still struggling with constant hacking of their accounts and all manner of unauthorized logins. For you to keep your account safe and enjoy the use of the services without worrying about hacking, it is imperative to have a solid knowledge on how you can keep the accounts safe and here are some insights to get you going along-:

Monitor your account closely

The first step towards protecting your Netflix account from unauthorized use is to be very vigilant and keep a close eye on it. You should always be attentive to notice if there are suspicious activities. For instance, you may get a notification telling you to continue watching a movie you had started watching yet in actual sense, you haven’t been watching that particular movie.

This could be a subtle indication that there is someone with access to your account and who is probably watching movies on your subscription. A good idea is to constantly check the “viewing activities link” from your menu to see if all the shows indicated are the ones you have been watching. In case of anything suspicious, be sure to call Netflix and change your login credentials to lock out the unauthorized use.

Take not of your language

Netflix is now available globally, and the language used on the website will reflect the predominant language used in the region you are in unless you decide to change it intentionally. If the language is changed to one you can’t fathom or one which is normally not used in the areas you are in, then someone else could have had access from another location using your credentials. For example, if you are in Canada and you notice that the language used on your Netflix is Arabic yet you didn’t set it to show in Arabic, then it possible that someone in the Middle East must have had access to the account. Basically, your account has been hacked and all you should do now is call Netflix and reset your passwords before you lose the account completely.

Be sure that you are no “pawned”

Hackers targeting Netflix have the habit of checking weak accounts and gaining total control of their accounts. Weak accounts are basically those with very weak passwords that can easily be deciphered by the hackers. If you have such an account and a hacker happens to pass by, then you are likely to get pawned. When you are pawned, you will lose complete control of your account and it will not be possible for you to change your password.

When such happens, the painful solution is to call Netflix and ask for your account to be deactivated. To protect yourself from this kind of misery, be sure to have strong passwords and if you have multiple accounts, be sure not to use similar passwords in all of them. This makes you an easy target because the hacker needs just one password and he will access all your other accounts.

Suspicious things in your recent activities tab

Checking on your recent account activities is also another way you can use to ensure no is accessing your account without your authorization. All you have to do is go to the viewing activities page to discover the kinds of movies or shows which have been watched recently. Additionally, this page will also show you the IP address, the location and the devices used to access the account.

If any of these things should appear fishy to you, then there are higher chances that your account is being accessed by someone who is not authorized to do so. Contact Netflix immediately and change the login details of your account and be sure to use a very strong password that no one will guess easily.

Sharing accounts with non-trusted friends

In some instances, you could share your Netflix account details with friends and families. Though this is not bad, you should ensure that whoever you are allowing access to your account are guys of good reputation and ones who will not give the details to other people without your authorization. In some cases, it is your friend or family members who could give access to your account to other persons not known by you. Vet properly and be sure that whoever you are allowing access to your account are good people.

Always use strong passwords

Most of the unauthorized access Netflix accounts are usually as a result of hacker activity. They will try to find the combination of your username and passwords and use them to gain access to your account. One of the best methods of ensuring this doesn’t happen is to have a very strong password that no one can easily charge.