Daredevil on Netflix: 10 Greatest Episodes

If you are a fan of Netflix series, then you probably know that Daredevils is one of the most popular series at the moment and if you truly cherish your series, then you have every reason to check it out. Most of the guys who started through the show enjoyed all the 13 hour long episodes and cherished the intensity that came with every season. One thing you will admire about Daredevil is that it comes with lots of great moments. After watching all the seasons, here are some of the greatest episodes you must never miss:

The Hallway Scene Fight

This is in the second episode of the first season. In this scene, Matt Murdock confronts the Russian mob in a single take Hallway fight that will remind of the Korean film, Oldboy. In this scene, you will love the depiction of Matt as an ordinary guy without any supernatural powers or strengths. He gets tired and also receives his fair share of beatings from the gang.

Foggy confronts Marcy at the lobby

Marcy tells Karen Page and Foggy that their client, Mrs. Elena Cardenas and her co-tenants, are free to take a pay off and leave without necessarily taking them. Without mincing her words, Foggy tells of Marcy that they can meet in court where she will dismantle her from top of her salon blowout right to the bottom of her overpriced pumps.

Eating ice cream with stick in the park

Most people became fans of Glenn when they first encountered him in Geese, and in this episode, he is homerun out of the part for this. He has that attitude of Stick down pat and it is like the emergence of Frank Miller from a comic book page. This was an awesome scene where we see Matt heightened senses put into their proper perspectives.

Wilson Fisk kills his father

The first murder committed by Fisk is very different in filmdom as compared to comic continuity. In this scene, Fisk uses a hammer to fight one of the bookies and the sparks lands in a delicate location which sets of other sparks that ends up burning the baddie till death. As Fisk mentioned in the Last Rites, this was some sort of a sequel to Miller’s DD in the Born Again saga where a little blood in one’s hand was considered as success. In this season, Fisk hammers his abusive father who seems to have found a hobby in beating Wilson’s mother.

Jack Murdock’s last fight

Murdock bets heavily on a fixed fight, which he ends up winning, so that he can secure a future for his own son and also prove his own worth. Even while running for his life, Jack stops for a moment to appreciate the crowd cheering him. However, he is unable to outrun the people who paid him for a fall and it is at this point that Matt comes to the realization that his father was a dead man.

The Montage

This is in the first episode of the first season and it is a montage rare enough to get the blood pumping. But the setup of this montage in Daredevil is nicely done as we see him train furiously in an empty gym.

A cold day in Hell’s Kitchen

This may be considered as an imperfect episode in Daredevil, but one with very great moments. Carrie-Ann’s cameo is exceedingly surprising in this episode. Karen and Foggy actually seems to love self-actualization characters finally. The heart to heart of Elektra and Matt is also spot on with both Punisher, Elodie Yung and Charlie Cox pulling a Han Solo for the show.

Guilty as sin

Like most of the 90s kids who were raised during the era of Law & Order reruns, you probably cherish good courtroom drama and characters like Murdock and Nelson are just the right kind of people to evaluate the morality in the case of a Punisher trial. Whether it was the meltdown of Frank in the courtroom, the return of Sticks or the implosion of Matt’s life, this scene was a satisfying conclusion and a worthwhile introduction to the well concealed return of Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

This was the ninth episode of the second season and it can simply be described by three simple words: Punisher prison riot. We see a return of Fisk, who finally get to become a kingpin. You will truly appreciate how the bottle episode relayed a complete story about how Fisk took over the prison and got his nickname. Fisk appeared in three episodes this season and he is a character that threatens to usurp this role. He simply is a tragic monster and a rattle snake. You certainly won’t blame him for the bites, such as the one he delivers when Matt threatens Vanessa’s immigration visa.

New York Finest

This is in the third episode of the first season. In this scene, Matt stops the elevator so that he can save the old vet. One of the great things you will like about this season is seeing the Daredevil in its full costumes. Then there is also the fight scene which extends to the rooftop, without which there wouldn’t be a lot of meaning to the fight. At the rooftop, you are drawn to the debate between morality and vigilantism between Matt and Punisher and it is an awesome two-man play which emphasizes greatly on the stunts and the acrobats. It can simply be described as a marriage of substance and style.

Murdock Vs Nelson

For most parts of the first season, Foggy Nelson as the man considered as the Man in Black and the enemy of the city. But when he was confronted with the possibility that his best buddy was the vigilante, he decided that there was no way Matt was going to off the hook. The breakdown of the friendship between the two was riveting, even though the dissolution of their relationship was rather temporary.