Futurama on Netflix: 11 Greatest Episodes Ever

Futurama debuted in 1999 and over the 140 episodes, it has been a blend of incisive cynicism with disarming sweetness. Being that it has exhibited a wide variety of quality and genres, getting a hold of on the show may be difficult. However, we have done our best to bring you the episodes which we think were teh best based on a number of factors. Even though they may be subjective to some extent, you remain representative of the overall greatness of the show. Here they are:

Hell is the Robot

This is one of the series that was over-enamored of bender-centric episodes, but it remains one of the best series you will ever come across in Futurama. It is rated as one of the best since it was the one that introduced the venerable character of Robot Devil and gave the fans the Dante-inspired Robot Hell.

When Aliens Attack

This is the season which saw the debut of Lrr and his friends from Omicron Persei. This was after the cancellation of the hit Single Female Lawyer. The episodes was cleverly dated back to the 1990s, which made it possible for the producers to play with the various tweaks that science-fiction can have in common parody. The future always seemed like a version of the present and it was always wrapped in various varying degrees.

The Luck of the Fryrish

This season took the fans to an early look into the twentieth century life of Philip. Fry was somehow affected and this helped in the development of a high concept series with small baby steps which prepared the way for future considerations of the character based dramedy.

Roswell and that ends well

Whatever Futurama lacked in the sexy teen alien drama was made up for in the history twisting and the time travel paradoxes as seen in this episode. It was episodes like these that saw Futurama get its first Emmy for outstanding animated program.

Paradise Lost

In this episode, Fry chooses a gas station snack which ends to be not a very bad choice when a group of space worms attacks his body and begins to change him. Allover sudden, he becomes stronger and smarter and begins to appeal more to Leela. But as the worms he begins to wonder if Leela really loves him or if it is the supposed love is instigated by the worms.

The Why of Fry

This was a fantastic follow up of the The Day The Earth Stood Stupid episode and it proved to be a game changer in the path of the Futurama verse. It was amazing to see how the show’s writers were able to cram an entire episode in just few 21 minutes as seen in this episode. Here we see Leela’s continued rejection of Fry, but Fry is not just in any position to give up. He is however blown away when he learns about Nibbler’s true identity and he is consequently taken to Nibblonian Planet where he is debriefed about the activities of the brains from the Day the Earth Stood Stupid and that he was the only person who could combat the brains and so it was entirely up to him to stop their reign.

Leela’s Homeworld

It took almost three years before Leela was able to discover her true origin. Based on a note she was left at the time of birth, she has always believed that she came from a different world. But following and industrial accident, she takes the unpleasant trip in a sewer, where she meets someone who has been watching her grow up. She eventually locates her long lost parent to put the mystery about her past to rest.

The problem with the popplers

This is without a doubt one of the most hilarious episodes in the series. In it we find the Planet Express gang finding themselves on planet that is rich with sweet and seemingly inert animal life. They carry some of them home which they then sell to a fast-food chain and this immediately makes the Popplers to become a hit. But Leela soon discovers that the popplers are nothing but the larvae of the omicron race and she sets out to dismantle a food chain which she had helped to create.

The day the earth stood stupid

For most parts of the series, Futurama is essentially an episodic show. In this episode, however, a little twist is introduced Nibbler, which was Leela’s pet, is discovered to be part of a highly advanced ancient secret organization working to protect the universe. Nibbler attempts to recruit both Leela and Fry to help stop an invading brain species which could suck all the intelligence from anyone it came it close proximity with. It turns out that Fry was immune to the attacks and his mental duel with the brain pawns turn this episode into a particularly interesting one and earning it a place amongst the top episodes of the series.

The Sting

This is one of the darkest episodes of Futurama and the surreal visual styling of the episode made it polarizing for a number of fans. This episode boasts of great skills and risk taking. We see Fry take a dangerous mission to a bee colony where he is stung and he dies. Leela is full of guilt due to how she handled the mission and she embarks on hallucinations during the day but is comforted by Fry’s memories as she sleeps at night. Ultimately, Leela will have to make a choice if she will continue living with the guilt and the misery or if she will take an overdose of honey and go to sleep to never come back.

The Devil hands are idle play things

The fourth season was Futurama’s last before it got cancelled in 2003, and though it came back four years later, The Devil hands are idle play things was the ultimate series finale. In this episode, Fry decided to learn the Holophonor hoping that he will be able to catch Leela’s heart through music. He therefore takes a journey to Robot Hell where he strikes a very lucrative deal with the Robot Devil that sees him take the devils dexterous hands. But the Robot Devil is not one to be short changed and so he plans on how to sabotage Fry’s happiness. The episode thus ends in an extravagant and funny opera parody.

Game of Thrones: 15 Greatest Episodes

Game of Thrones is not over, and there are no doubts it will continue to change over time. But one things which will remain is the passion and the cult following it has achieved over the years. As you gear up for the release of the next season, here is a list of the greatest episodes from what has been watched so far:

Season 6 Episode 3: The Oath breaker

This was not just Jon Snow’s full episode back from the dead, but it was also Bran’s amazing flashback about his dad’s Tower of Joy. This is was a moment that millions of George RR Martins were looking forward ever since the series started. And fortunately, it never disappointed, even though the fans has to wait until the finale to know what happened.

Season 1 Episode 1: Winter is coming

The very first episode of the series happens to be one of the greatest episodes of the entire show. This is where the obsession with the series began for most fans. It was an awesome feat for a pilot that stood the test of times and is still loved with the same passion several series after.

Season 5 Episode 7: The Gift

It is not easy to forget the moment when Daenerys and Tyron first shared the screen, and the intensity was going to be more when they are joined by Jon Snow. All these happens when Jorah gets back to his queen by taking out as many gladiators as he possibly could in an attempt to prove his worth after he was banished in the season before.

Season 5 Episode 10: The death of Jon Snow

Most fans were angered by the way in which season five ended with such a cliffhanger with the death of Jon Snow, though the fans can now forgive the producers since Jon Snow is back on the screens. This is also the episode that saw the death of Stannis, Arya getting blind and Theon helping Sansa to escape from the claws of Ramsey.

Season 1 Episode 10: Fire and Blood

This was the first season’s finale and the biggest takeaway here was the game changing moment when Daenerys didn’t just manage to survive to a huge fire but also managed to come out with three baby dragons. This is the point when fans thought that the show was nuts, only that they couldn’t stop watching it.

Season 4 Episode 10: The children

The season’s finale had lots of action sequences. This is where Brien and Sandor had the epic fight. It is also the episode when Brian’s group had an encounter with the army of skeletons, Stannis fight with the wildings as well as Arya embarking on a journey for an uncertain future with Braavos.

Season 4 Episode 6: The Law of God’s and Men

This is probably one of finest moments out of the many moments when Tyrion was tried against his own family. What followed is Tyrion’s rage with his former lover, father and sister and this is when his ties with the Lannisters got severed for good.

Season 1 Episode 9: The death of Ned Starks

During this scene, all those that hadn’t read the book stood up from their seats then sat back again after realizing that this was just a show and they were in their living rooms. Were they really going to kill Ned Starks, who was obviously the main character in this penultimate episode? Well, they did kill him and that marked some of the greatest highlights in the episode and the show in general.

Season 4 Episode 8: The Mountain and the viper

By this time, the fans thought they had seen enough of killings for Ned Starks and Red Wedding, but here comes another horrific moment when the Mountain and the Viper square it off in a tense and horrific, but epic scene. This is one of the episodes you wouldn’t want to watch twice due to the sheer horror it comes with.

Season 1 Episode 6: A Golden Crown

In this episode, nothing particularly massive happened, but it is full of tiny tidbits which keeps the fans at the edge of their seats. One of the most memorable scenes from this episode was when Lysa Arya’s champion was brutally destroyed by Bronn through the Moon Door. This also when Deanery gets free of her awful brother, Viserrys.

Season 4 Episode 8: The Watchers on the Wall

This is the first of Jon Snow’s huge battles. The battles was not just between the now best buddies and the Night Watch, but also it marked the tragic end of Ygritte.

Season 6 Episode 5: The Door

For many fans, this was a tough episode to watch, but the handling was so brilliantly that many fans didn’t have a lot of troubles watching it. The death of the loveable Hodor at the hands of White Walker was epic. More mesmerizing was the final discovery of why he could only say his name over and over again.

Season 2 Episode 9: Blackwater

This penultimate episode of the second season gave fans the initial glimpse of the kind of scope and power that was invested in the Game of Thrones. The entire episode focused on the battle between Joffre’y’s and Stannis armies, and it was full of incredible and explosive moments. This is also when the fans get treated to the first load of wildfire.

Season 3 Episode 9: The Rains of Castamere

The episode had one of the most shocking moments in Game of Thrones as we watched Talisa, Catelyn and Robb get butchered. This left the fans breathless.

Season 6 Episode 10: The Winds of Winter

This is considered as the best finale in the entire history of the show. A lot happened and so many people found it hard to keep up. In this season, the Cersei massacre happened, Deanery finally headed home, Jon Snow became King of the North and Arya continued with her revenge tour.

Season 6 Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards

Watchers on the Wall, Blackwaters and Hardhome had some incredible battles in the series, but the Battle of the Bastards took things a notch higher and is considered one of the best battle scenes in Hollywood history. Jon Snow’s army squared it off with Ramsey Snow’s army and he finally got the long awaited comeuppance, which everyone thinks he so deserved.

Daredevil on Netflix: 10 Greatest Episodes

If you are a fan of Netflix series, then you probably know that Daredevils is one of the most popular series at the moment and if you truly cherish your series, then you have every reason to check it out. Most of the guys who started through the show enjoyed all the 13 hour long episodes and cherished the intensity that came with every season. One thing you will admire about Daredevil is that it comes with lots of great moments. After watching all the seasons, here are some of the greatest episodes you must never miss:

The Hallway Scene Fight

This is in the second episode of the first season. In this scene, Matt Murdock confronts the Russian mob in a single take Hallway fight that will remind of the Korean film, Oldboy. In this scene, you will love the depiction of Matt as an ordinary guy without any supernatural powers or strengths. He gets tired and also receives his fair share of beatings from the gang.

Foggy confronts Marcy at the lobby

Marcy tells Karen Page and Foggy that their client, Mrs. Elena Cardenas and her co-tenants, are free to take a pay off and leave without necessarily taking them. Without mincing her words, Foggy tells of Marcy that they can meet in court where she will dismantle her from top of her salon blowout right to the bottom of her overpriced pumps.

Eating ice cream with stick in the park

Most people became fans of Glenn when they first encountered him in Geese, and in this episode, he is homerun out of the part for this. He has that attitude of Stick down pat and it is like the emergence of Frank Miller from a comic book page. This was an awesome scene where we see Matt heightened senses put into their proper perspectives.

Wilson Fisk kills his father

The first murder committed by Fisk is very different in filmdom as compared to comic continuity. In this scene, Fisk uses a hammer to fight one of the bookies and the sparks lands in a delicate location which sets of other sparks that ends up burning the baddie till death. As Fisk mentioned in the Last Rites, this was some sort of a sequel to Miller’s DD in the Born Again saga where a little blood in one’s hand was considered as success. In this season, Fisk hammers his abusive father who seems to have found a hobby in beating Wilson’s mother.

Jack Murdock’s last fight

Murdock bets heavily on a fixed fight, which he ends up winning, so that he can secure a future for his own son and also prove his own worth. Even while running for his life, Jack stops for a moment to appreciate the crowd cheering him. However, he is unable to outrun the people who paid him for a fall and it is at this point that Matt comes to the realization that his father was a dead man.

The Montage

This is in the first episode of the first season and it is a montage rare enough to get the blood pumping. But the setup of this montage in Daredevil is nicely done as we see him train furiously in an empty gym.

A cold day in Hell’s Kitchen

This may be considered as an imperfect episode in Daredevil, but one with very great moments. Carrie-Ann’s cameo is exceedingly surprising in this episode. Karen and Foggy actually seems to love self-actualization characters finally. The heart to heart of Elektra and Matt is also spot on with both Punisher, Elodie Yung and Charlie Cox pulling a Han Solo for the show.

Guilty as sin

Like most of the 90s kids who were raised during the era of Law & Order reruns, you probably cherish good courtroom drama and characters like Murdock and Nelson are just the right kind of people to evaluate the morality in the case of a Punisher trial. Whether it was the meltdown of Frank in the courtroom, the return of Sticks or the implosion of Matt’s life, this scene was a satisfying conclusion and a worthwhile introduction to the well concealed return of Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

This was the ninth episode of the second season and it can simply be described by three simple words: Punisher prison riot. We see a return of Fisk, who finally get to become a kingpin. You will truly appreciate how the bottle episode relayed a complete story about how Fisk took over the prison and got his nickname. Fisk appeared in three episodes this season and he is a character that threatens to usurp this role. He simply is a tragic monster and a rattle snake. You certainly won’t blame him for the bites, such as the one he delivers when Matt threatens Vanessa’s immigration visa.

New York Finest

This is in the third episode of the first season. In this scene, Matt stops the elevator so that he can save the old vet. One of the great things you will like about this season is seeing the Daredevil in its full costumes. Then there is also the fight scene which extends to the rooftop, without which there wouldn’t be a lot of meaning to the fight. At the rooftop, you are drawn to the debate between morality and vigilantism between Matt and Punisher and it is an awesome two-man play which emphasizes greatly on the stunts and the acrobats. It can simply be described as a marriage of substance and style.

Murdock Vs Nelson

For most parts of the first season, Foggy Nelson as the man considered as the Man in Black and the enemy of the city. But when he was confronted with the possibility that his best buddy was the vigilante, he decided that there was no way Matt was going to off the hook. The breakdown of the friendship between the two was riveting, even though the dissolution of their relationship was rather temporary.