Top 10 TV Shows on Hulu in 2016

There is no arguing that Hulu has the best show selection compared to any other streaming service online. Though the likes of Amazon and Netflix might heat things up in the world of streaming televisino, Hulu has consistently proven to be the best and now that it has started offering an ad-free version, it is expected that it will cement its position as the top streaming service in the country. And the good news is that it not only avails a wide selection of shows, but also the quality of the shows is also something to be admired, making it be the ultimate choice for all individuals in need of television entertainment. With all the quality and entertaining shows available, here are the top 10 show on Hulu in 2016:

10. Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica can be described simply as a show by flawed people fighting for their survival. This is one of the best sci-fi series you will ever watch on Hulu. With the crew not encountering any aliens during its exodus, it is a show about religion against science, family against conscience, freedom against security and lots of tension with no ready easy answers. Battlestar Galactica is nothing but an epic tale where there are few villains with the number of the heroes being even fewer.

9. Parks and Recreation

When Parks and Recreation first aired, it was like a mirror of The Office, but during the third season, things turned around and the student all of a sudden became the master. Parks and Recreation have flourished over the years due to its blend of unique and interesting characters in modern comedy. The adored comedy achieved the near-impossible and became of the most popular shows on Hulu when the series was almost coming to an end in 2015. But just like other great comedies, the time to take a bow is never definite, and due to this, Leslie Knope together with her crew of friends kept the masses laughing right to the end of the series and still kept millions glued to Hulu in 2016.

8. I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy is one of the most iconic sitcoms of our times and it is a show whose well structure as well as the passion it elicited from the ardent fans keeps it going strong in 2016, despite the fact that the last new episode aired way back in 1957. I Love Lucy was the first show to be inducted into the Television Hall of Fame and it has been named one of the best shows of all times by several publications, including TIME and TV Guide. The wacky adventures of Ricky Ricardo and Lucy have influenced several series that aired after this show and it is also a fact that a huge part of the sitcom genre has drawn most of its staple from I Love Lucy.

7. The Shield

If you were a fan of The Wire, you will agree that The Shield is also at the same level. The Shield is a perfect illustration of what grimdark stuff is like before the world became accustomed to the current definition of grimdark. In this show, you won’t find the normal good guys and the bad guys trying to square it out according to their convictions, but what you find here is just a bunch of good guys who sometimes tend to do bad things and bad guys who sometimes tend to do good things. The television series is full of doom enough to make Bard himself give a cunning smile, and it is also full of dubious morality.

6. Fargo

Fargo was created by Noah Hawley and stars Colin Hanks, Allison Tolman, Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton. During its heydays, the show was a legend, a myth, and a tall tale all bundled up in one. Since every great myth requires a great villain, Fargo had the best villain of the year and this came in the pairing of the antagonist Lorne Malvo Billy Thornton. From the show, it was evident that Malvo was only human, but the fans were fully prepared that the show would reveal something extra ordinary about him. Towards the end of the show, Malvo’s outcome becomes more apparent and fans couldn’t help but expect that he would rise again. For the entire ten episodes of the show the character Malvo, metarmophosized from the unknown to a character larger than life. Perhaps it was the intrigues of such a character which made it become a favorite for the fans, making the show be one of the top shows in Hulu in 2016.

5. The Office

The Office by Ricky Gervais has earned reputation for being a perfect sitcom considering the way it balanced sentimentality and cynicism. It is the story of a comedy that is dark, brutal, heartbreaking, and oppressive. It highlights the heartbreaking abyss of modern capitalism, which for many people implies dreaded white collar jobs which do nothing but eat our time and puts our souls on slow death. During its peak, David Brent, an incompetent and pompous narcissist sees himself as some kind of guru, yet in the actual sense, he is a moron. It was amazing to see how Gervais was able to reach the heartstrings with the slow budding romance between Dawn and Tim which later on turns into a classic soap opera, with the capacity to make the viewers ache. The pudding in the comedy was in its design where it never gave anything quite easily. The difficult settings and the disappointments always ensured that the viewers were kept in constant suspense and anxiety throughout the show.

4. Arrested Development

Arrested Development is the story of a wealthy family that lost everything and a son who had no choice but the keep the whole family all together. The show debuted six weeks after the first episode of Two and Half Men, but unfortunately, it didn’t manage to gather a good fan base necessary to keep it alive. But still, the creator, Mitch Hurwitz added a lot of awesome stuff in the three short seasons. These include stuff such as the chicken dance as well as other twists like “It’s Not Easy Being White”. The design of the show could be somewhat compared to Seinfeld, where every loose thread would perfectly be constructed to lead to the next act. It can be said that Arrested Development elevated self referencing postmodernism to a whole new level, no wonder it remains a darling in the hearts of millions of television show lovers, even years after the last episode aired, and one of the top television show being watched on Hulu in 2016.

3. Cheers

Just like with other long running sitcoms, the Cheers aired during the 90s was fundamentally different from what was aired in the 1980s. It featured less about the dating life of Ted Danson’s Sam and had a lot of what would be considered as ensemble device, with characters who were all loved at that particular moment. It was during the final episodes of the show when the characters got to shine and the final episode received mixed reaction then, however, nostalgia has made it secure a place into the list of the top show on Hulu.

2. Seinfeld

Seinfeld is one of those television shows on Hulu which millions of Americans don’t mind watching every time and again. Since the 76 million viewer finale, the show has been in continual reruns and syndications and this is a further prove of how beloved the show has remained, even in 2016. Though it ended close to 16 years ago, the show is still a moneymaker for most networks. Its adoption of pop culture was on a level of its own and so was its deviation from the typical sitcom conventions. In Seinfeld, love triangles and long term relationships were practically unheard of. Characters never gave apologies to one another and they never learnt from their mistakes. The creators of the show were instead keen on creating a story depicting the everyday lives of people who perceived themselves as average or generally decent.

1. The Simpsons

When it was at its creative peak in the mid 90s, there was no doubt that The Simpsons was the better written show on TV. The density of the jokes was something to be admired. If you were to go back and watch an episode from shows like “Who Shot Mr. Burns,” one thing which you will notice to be standing out is how insanely fast things have been moving. You will notice that there is literally a joke after every second and the jokes have been beautifully crafted. You are also certain to find all of the humor types, ranging from the ubiquitous references to pop culture to wordplay, slapstick, parody and silly iconic characters. You will agree that there is no TV character which has been quoted the number of times as Homer Simpsons has been quoted since the early 90s. It is thus easy to understand why The Simpsons sits pretty at the top of the top 10 shows on Hulu.